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Aren’t these salvaged/recycled greenhouses lovely?!

I’d collected some very old sash windows here in Brighton with the intent of making cold frames; however this was of course prior to myself and my love deciding to move back to my home country of Ireland to build ourselves a Tiny House and practice a little more self-reliance.

I have saved these images in folders on my computer, and unfortunately not retained sources for them - however a little reverse-image searching via Le Search Engines of your preference should throw up the sources!

Modern cabin located at 14 km from Bariloche City, Province of Rio Negro, Patagonia, Argentina. The main structure was built in the center of Bariloche , and then it was transported to the final place. The target was a small house with a low ambient impact and little maintenance, without gas, just electricity, good insulation, convection heating, optimized spaces.

The materials were selected with great dedication. 

Outside: we used Galvanized plate abjected, burned wood with a Japanese technique “Shou – Sugi – Ban” en japonés (焼 杉 板)  and not much more. The windows were made with thermal panels of glass, this way guarantees good thermal insulation

Inside: pine, recycled wood, the floor was made with phenolic boards.

Layout: 15 sq meteres + Mezzanine 7.5 sq meters

Architecture: Alejandro Amengual 
Design: Alejandro Amengual and Federico Rizzo 
Materials: Federico Rizzo and Alejandro Amengual  
Decoration: Federico Rizzo

Lil Something

In which you haven’t been in a relationship for a WHILE and there seems to be something going on between you and Chen (your work colleague) but you are v awkward and he tries to help you get over this awkward state and actually starting the relationship.

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2536

“You and I, we have a lil something” [🎵 ]



“What about Baekhyun?”


“Oh, what about the new guy, Sehun?”

“Anyone that attractive definitely has a girlfriend”

Soohyun sighed in exasperation and theatrically banged her head against the table to convey her frustration. “Why are you so picky? Just find someone, anyone to date so you can stop complaining about being single.”

You scoffed and narrowed your eyes. “I’m not just going to pick anyone,” you scolded. “I don’t want a repeat of last time.”

“You need to let go of the past,” pressed Soohyun. “It’s what’s holding you back from putting yourself out there.”

“I know,” you breathed in defeat, leaning down to rest your head in the bend of your elbow and laying on top of the table. “It’s just been so long, I don’t know how to do that anymore.”

Soohyun rose from her position and turned her head, spotting someone across the company cafeteria whom you couldn’t see. Her lips ticked upwards before turning back to you and asking, “What about Jongdae?”

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Rat Care Cheat Sheet

As someone who has owned a lot of rats over the years - and who has made mistakes in the past - here are some things you should know!

Rats do not belong in an aquarium. 10 gallon aquariums are really popular for keeping rats, but they do not nearly meet their needs for space. A 10 gal is much too small and because it is glass on 4 sides, it doesn’t ventilate well. People also like to put rats on wood chip bedding, but since they are prone to respiratory issues and bedding makes dust, it’s best to have a wire cage with a pan underneath, and that way the rats aren’t directly on the bedding. Even so I like to use a brand called Care Fresh because it’s made from natural wood and recycled paper, has no odor, is nearly dust-free, and is biodegradable. 

Rats are not simple creatures. They are intelligent, curious, and social. You should never keep one rat alone by itself and they do much better in groups. Additionally if you cannot provide bonding time with your rats outside the cage EVERY DAY, they probably aren’t the right pet for you. On the same note they should have a multi-level cage that allows them to climb and exercise with various things to do - a digging box, chews, and other toys to play with for example. Rats need something to do.

They also feel safest if there are multiple hides so provide them with hammocks, tunnels, dens, and the like. Since the bars of a wire cage are harsh on their feet and can cause a condition called bumblefoot, make sure they have lots of other surfaces to walk and rest on. I like to put fleece, cardboard, etc.

Don’t feed them the first random cheap rodent food you find at the store. Their nutrition matters! Rats need a whole, well rounded diet just like any other mammal so do some research. Oxbow is a fantastic brand of rat food that has 15% protein, 4% fat, and all essential vitamins and minerals that are ideal for rats which is why it’s recommended by vets.

You can also supplement a rat’s diet with food from your own kitchen since they have a diverse diet, but do a google search before giving them things. For example, meat or other animal proteins should be carefully limited since a diet too high in protein will cause the rat to itch and get sores. Foods too high in fat should be limited because it’s easy to have a rat that’s obese which leads to other health problems. Some foods are toxic. Just look it up.

As I said rats are prone to respiratory infections. This is easy to identify if the rat has red discharge that looks like a bloody nose, or their breathing sounds sticky. If the rat is visibly gasping for air they need to be rushed to a vet so please don’t let it get to that point. I lost too many rats - particularly young ones fresh from the pet store - in the past because I didn’t know you could treat RIs. If the vet says, “It’s just a rat not a dog, we don’t really treat them,” FIND A NEW VET! Doing a course of antibiotics - our vet prescribed orbax - saved Basil’s life when he was just a few weeks old.

Rats are inherently not aggressive and generally only bite if they are afraid for their life or in pain. It doesn’t happen often but it has happened to me two or three times over the years particularly with rats that hadn’t been handled well or that had a neurological disorder. It’s not a big deal but since they have lots of bacteria in their mouth - like any animal - you need to wash the bite out really well. Rubbing alcohol obviously burns but it’ll kill bacteria, then you can follow up with antibiotic ointment and a bandage. With this method I’ve never had a bite become infected.

If you adopt a rat that was handled poorly you can most likely rehabilitate it. Our rat Sesame was living in terrible conditions and was dangled by the tail before we brought him home. It took time and patience but he is now a very sweet boy who is not difficult to handle and loves attention. The way to a rat’s heart is truly through their stomach so you can build trust by offering tasty treats in exchange for the rat letting you touch and handle them. Don’t expect it to happen overnight though, it took about four months before Sesame calmed down and became easy to handle.

I hope I’ve covered everything, but I know it’s easy to forget one detail or another so if you are experienced with rats, please feel free to add!