wood painting


Jean-Paul Mallozzi

“We Come Here Often”

Oil on Panel on Cradled Wood

36" x 24"

“It’s been a strange year with the relocation and build out of my new studio and some personal issues I’ve been quietly dealing with. That being said, I’m excited to show this as part of my solo exhibition at the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, FL coming up April 8th. Since this is a museum institution, they’ve given a room to do whatever I want to do and to make work that I can finally talk about without the concerns that a traditional gallery would have expressed in regards to sales and content. The subject of the male narrative and queer narrative is personally important to me and I haven’t been able to really talk about until now. Whatever happens after this, I’m satisfied to know I was able to get some of these pieces out of my head. I’ll post more details about it later on, but for now thanks for listening to me babble on. 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👍🏻”


Floating Planets Of Crystal Painted On Wood Panels

Artist Nicole Gustafsson sets her sites on uncharted galaxies, where suspended crystalline worlds with jutting cliffs and ledges are lit up with imagination and starry wonder. Inspired by a deep fascination with space and mineral studies, the artist has featured the artwork from two previous art series titled, “Celestial Spaces” and “Fantastic Spaces,” and they can be made into prints and postcards on her Etsy shop called Nimasprout.  

Pastel and psychedelic shades dominate the art, with a tone reminiscent of the 80s sci fi and video games era, and these paintings are far from a futuristic reinvention of comic worlds but a classic tribute to the dreamy landscape of our imagination. Gustafsson paints directly onto wood panelling using  Acryla Gouache which lends it a vintage and kaleidoscopic effect. The crystal platforms are lush with extraterrestrial plant life, shimmering mineral formations and the surface acts as a prism reflecting the colorful rays from neighbouring stars. Find Gustafsson’s work in her Etsy shop.

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Beautifully Painted Wood Statement Jewelry 

Baku Forest Studios run by designer Fran is an Etsy shop which handcrafts stunning illustrated wood and acrylic statement jewellery. The studio specializes in creating pendants and necklaces that are inspired by nature and wildlife, and have a series of decorative and colorful marine creatures and birds. 

Transforming two-dimensional paintings and fragments of her imagination into handcrafted jewellery is the secret passion behind making the alluring accessories.  Using laser cut wood and acrylic, her illustrated necklaces bring an intimate touch of an artist, and each design has been conceived from a deep love for the delight which nature brings to people. An element of folklore can be seen in her work, and bold colors and detailed paintwork are consistent themes. The pieces are unique, and while most  jewellery tends to lean towards fashionable or casual trends, this special series highlights an artist’s passion and handiwork. Find them in their Etsy shop.

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