wood ladder

Midday/Maeday/MaeBea in Deep Hollow Possum Springs ~

Thank you so much to everyone who shares in these experiences with me and enjoys looking at my work, whether it be my inspirations as a fan or some of my own, you’re appreciation means the whole world to me. xx

After a while, I found it refreshing to wade through Night in the Woods, having first played it all the way back in April, and took a real adoration for the town itself. After a good while of experimentation and retreading into my own knowledge perspective and asymmetry, I’ve had one more shot at articulating my love for this universe in the form of a big environmental project overlooking a humble impression of what other parts of the horizon Could look like had the game looked a little more 3-dimensional. 

The image is large in scope, therefore I found it challenging to bring attention to the most important aspects of the image, such as Mae and Bea sitting rigid against one of the brick struts. There was so much that I wanted to depict that I may have allowed myself to get carried off into the project itself. Looking back at it now, it was a major test of patience and careful planning which I value most of all and hope to learn from in future work. 

My last  converted set was a while back (January in fact :S), so I am happy to finally share a set with you guys.
Since then I’ve handed in my dissertation, presented my final year project, sat and passed all my final year exams and graduated from university with a shiny BSc in Biology. I have also moved back to Norway and gotten a (temporary) job while I try to find something in my field.

So, on to the download!
This is the Next Door set by MarcusSims91; it includes book cart, book case, ceiling light, sofa, loveseat, rolling ladder and bar, and the chalkboard.

The sofa and loveseat comes in one original recolour and seven by me. The book case and cart both have ten wood recolours by me, as do the wood of the ladder. The metal of the ladder and the bar comes in Shasta’s metals. The ceiling light comes in nine recolours (six plus Shasta’s old brass, cast iron and verdigris). The chalkboard is one tile and has two subsets. The ceiling light was raised, as one of my main pet peeves are (extremely) low light that pose a risk of being walked into.

The folder contains swatches and a collection file for the set. There is also a resources folder, which has overlays and multipliers, as well as .PSDs ready for use.


Thanks to:
Shasta for metals
Goat for wood textures and Pooklet for colours
The cheering squad of Wabadebadoo


10 Aneurin Barnard Performances

“When I was a kid it was just something that I did automatically. I used to irritate the hell out of my family pretending to be different characters – cowboys, indians, James Bond. So, I guess I accidentally figured it out but, as a child, I didn’t really know that acting existed as a real profession. Even when I got a bit older and realised I could actually do it for a living, it was still untouchable, because I grew up in a small valley in South Wales. I had no connections to the business whatsoever. Then by chance, when I was 11 years old, I heard about a local youth theatre. That was what really got the ball rolling”

(*will update as more roles have footage)