wood headboard

i just love the concept of stiles not being aware of his own attractiveness like

doesn’t notice immediately how his body has filled out in all the right places when he finally hits the big 18

doesn’t notice derek almost dropping several plates while they do the dishes at a pack meeting and stiles stretching lazily, arms high up in the air, shirt riding up, exposing his happy trail and sharp hipbones

doesn’t notice derek almost having an aneurism when stiles licks ice cream straight off those god damn fingers on a hot summer day

doesn’t notice the wood of the headboard of derek’s bed splintering under his palm when stiles bends over and down to pick up a college book that he dropped off the bed while doing homework at derek’s loft

doesn’t notice the ridiculous pink colour of the tips of derek’s ears when stiles shucks his shirt full of grime and blood in front of him after getting rid of the monster of the week

he does notice derek getting pissier and more irritated with him, avoiding him a little, clipped off answers and avoiding eye contact, bitching at him even more than usual and stiles just yells right back, “what the fuck is your problem lately, dude?!”, slightly hurt; he thought they were past this, and derek can smell doubt and slight fear on him, and that’s the fucking final straw and derek just backs him up against the door of stiles’ room, grabbing stiles’ face in both of his huge palms, snarling “you, you and your god damn– everything! your stupid forearms -and don’t even get me started on those stupid fingers- and your dumb pretty brown eyes and that god damn mouth of yours and y–”, he doesn’t get much further than that though, too busy being mauled by said mouth. 

not that he’s complaining. not anymore.

Hold On [S]

pairings/characters: pjm x reader

genre: smut

word count: 3.3k

summary: Things get interesting when Jimin shows up to your apartment with a mysterious paper bag.

Toy Sex

Originally posted by 9taefox

“Jagi~” he called out to you in an all to sweet voice. His honey like words slurring off his tongue as they bounced off the walls of your apartment, the desk you were working on suddenly seemed too plain for your liking. Especially when Jimin decides to pay a surprise visit.

You jump off the chair, the loose white shirt on your body being the only article of clothing on you, other than the bright pink sports bra with its neon zipper at the front that was clearly visible under the bright lights of the lit rooms.

“Ahh there you are.”

The moment you step into the room, you see a large paper bag tied together with a flimsy ribbon. It was placed on the glass coffee table that stood in the center of the room, its suspicious appearance making your skin itch with curiosity.

“What’s that Jimin?”

“Oh you don’t have to worry about that now.” The way his lips curve up to a smirk as he nears you has you completely engrossed in his gaze. He was wearing a black shirt that sat loose against his body but nonetheless highlighted every muscle that adorned his body. Bright hair pushed back to frame his face in tantalizing beauty. “Just let me do it how I want”

The last few words he uttered were simply whispers, but being the only two in the room you couldn’t ignore it. His tone had implications hidden under every word and as he walked closer to you, the life was sucked out of your body as you stood gazing into his eyes.

He pushed you against the wall, the moment he felt the both of your skins touching, but his hand at the back of your head only made the collision somewhat bearable. “Tonight you’ll listen to me, and I promise I’ll reward you ok?”

You’re only able to nod your head before you feel his soft lips press against yours, your hands that were thrown beside you reach out to touch him. His lips moving in absolute rhythm against yours, his fingers slowly pushing your hair back to tuck it behind your ears before harshly pulling your hands back down. “No touching”

His little acts of loving mixed with this harsh treatment of your body had pleasure coiling in anticipation. He was rarely in such a mood, and to be honest you craved it. You craved every second of his fingers digging beautiful marks on to your skin. You craved the little bites that he left on your skin in a feeble attempt to control his own moans and you loved the feeling of your fingers threaded through his soft locks, clutching on to it every once in a while as the beautiful pastiche of pleasure and pain takes over you.

But this time, you weren’t allowed to touch.
His animalistic instincts were on full display as he ripped the shirt over your body. Only to ravish the sight in front of him. With only one piece of flimsy cloth hiding you from his hungry gaze. “Bed. Now”

His voice had gotten heavier and his eyes had gotten darker. All the while his teeth grazing the soft flesh of his lips as he commanded you around to another room. He followed you in, carrying the bag that he had in his hands before stopping right in front of the bed.

“Sit down”

He orders, and quickly follow suit. He leans forward pressing a soft kiss. Your heart skips a beat, you look up to him, your mouth slightly ajar, his eyes scan your face for some sort of hint as to how you feel about it.

Sitting down on the bed next to you. He picks your chin up to look at him, for a moment you saw the flash of the loving and caring Jimin, but that thought was shoved to the back of your mind the second you feel the light clink of the metal against the hard wood of the headboard. It’s cool surface glittering the expanse of your skin with goosebumps.

The blushed carmine of the silk stood against your skin and for Jimin the sight in itself was too beautiful to handle and he swore he could’ve come just by the image of you sprawled out like this.

But that would just kill the fun.

He wanted to pleasure you, sure. But he wanted to get his own fun out of it. The black blindfold sat comfortably in the bag beside him, and so did his little surprise.

Slow and sexy, filled with confidence.

That’s what his voice would’ve conveyed to any girl in this world. The way his raspy voiced called out your name every now and then looking for silent confirmation as he fumbled with the fabric. A smirk garnered on his sculptured face, it’s not long before that he brings out the blindfold.

Slowly slipping it over your eyes, his finger tips brushing against your skin as he gently places it down securing it in place.

“Don’t even think of taking it off this time”
The last few times Jimin had blindfolded you, you managed to take it off by the end of it, only to gawk your eyes at his delicious body. So you had to fight against your instincts and keep them on, for the sake of finding relief to the built up tension he caused in a matter of minutes.

Jimins hand cups your cheek as he lays over you, kissing you will full force. His sudden need for dominance turning you on even more, happily submitting to him. His knees bent on either side of you, one hand slides along the side of your body, stopping to give your breast a quick squeeze before lacing his fingers along your side.

You bring your tied hands up in search of Jimins muscular chest. Running gentle hands over his picks, then up to is shoulders, resting looped around his neck. Jimin starts to pull his lips away from yours, but not before he takes your bottom lip between his teeth, giving it a little tug and suckle as warning.

The hand that was sliding down your side now rests between your thighs now completely stood off you. You could sense nothing but emptiness, that is before his fickle touches on the inside of your thighs seemingly woke you up.

“Remember last time darling?”

Hell do you. Last time it was a wreck. The bed actually moving under you as he pounded his way into you loud enough to get the neighbors out and complaining. It was a week of embarrassed blushing as you kept thinking back to it. The both you deciding to keep it down low for the next month but here you were again.

“Don’t make any noise this time..”

You couldn’t see him, the blindfold restricting all of your vision; but you knew for a fact that he got rid of his own shirt which was signified by the small thud against your wooden floors. You could perfectly imagine him in all his glorious beauty. His lightly tan chest that felt so right under your fingertips as blood breeches through its carmine scars.

But instead of feeling his weight over you, you just hear shuffling from the paper bag.

There’s more?

For a good minute you still couldn’t feel anything, but this time you couldn’t hear anything either. Just your breaths mixed with the soft music playing in the background.
That’s before his fingers slip back on to your skin, trailing their way upwards your thighs soon followed by his lips. Your body shivered from his touches but it just wasn’t enough. His hands found abode on your still clothed breasts, slowly zipping the bra off from the front before pushing it aside.

Lace bras were sexy, but Jimin just had a thing in seeing you wrapped up in all the straps and zips that your sports bras had. But you were never one to complain, since he’d always make the best of it. Always taking it off slowly, only to ravish your body completely.

And that’s exactly what he was doing. After a few minutes of just playing around with your mounds, his lips felt a bit out of place and started kissing up and down your body before settling on your already perked nipple. His teeth dragging across it’s soft skin before softly sucking on it. Your back arched off the bed melting into the feeling of his tongue lewdly working on your breasts all the while mumbling how good it felt. But it wasn’t enough. You wanted more and you needed more. But you didn’t want to beg.

So as he would have it, he slipped his hands off your body, letting your right nipple fall from your mouth with a ‘pop’ and at that moment you could feel him stare you down. Your chest was heaving up and down from trying to struggle against the silks that held you down and touch him just once. But your struggle was only in vain.

Minutes passed but he did nothing, absolutely nothing and you swear to god it ticked you off.
“Jimin please do something” you gritted through your teeth.

“Why?” He asks lifting his body from your body. His question got you off guard. You usually didn’t have to do much with Jimin, but he was going to tantalizingly slow. The way he kissed your skin got you riled up, but he didn’t even bother touching your heat.

Your bit down on your lip as he moved one of your thighs over one of his shoulders, murmuring a slew of curses under your breath as you felt him work up your inner thigh with open mouthed kisses and messy licks until his lips closed themselves around your little nub, swollen with arousal and almost making you jump up in sensitivity when he gently sucked on it. He had no issue with, considering how he proceeded to practically bury his face into your heat, his tongue licking stripes up your slit until it curled around your clit again, teasing the hell out of you.

“Does it feel good baby?” He asks, the slow rumble of his words amplifying the pleasure that buried deep itself within you.

But before you could answer, you heard it. The small buzz of a noise which for a second you couldn’t comprehend, but when it rang louder this time your mouth was left hanging open with a little ‘fuck’ you hear his soft chuckle, before his fingers lift your chin to meet his lips half way in the air.

You couldn’t see him, but you could feel him. His lips wet probably from the constant licks that he snuck in from time to time as he watched you squirm. He kisses you again, getting you completely lost in nothing but this feeling and just how much you wanted to touch him. That is before the wind practically gets knocked out of you.

You feel the vibrations skimming against your skin, making your body tremble and your voice whimper. You pull away from his kiss just to reach out for a desperate breath of air letting a wanton moan take over the silence that had inevitably consumed the room.

“I’m going to go easy baby, you just have to hold it in for me. Alright?”

“Jimin.. fuck” you stutter when you feel the vibrations increasing. The slow pace it once adopted soon picked up, more aggressive against your throbbing clit.

“Hmmmm I didn’t hear you right?”

You could’ve broken the head board and knocked that confident air out of him, if you weren’t a moaning mess yourself. The vibrations increased itself slowly and you only moaned louder. The black ties holding you back. But Jimin didn’t even try to stop the grunts that escaped his lips every now and then purely from the sight of seeing you worked up without him actually doing anything. You were dripping with pleasure running down your thighs, possibly staining the sheets of your bed.

You feel him run a finger up your thigh, with a soft ‘tsk’ at hand. “Couldn’t even hold out that long”

“Can- You Stop- Teasing?” You breathe out, completely frustrated and absolutely done with his tactics. He laughs at your anger but doesn’t leave you hanging for long, as he leans down, his lips pressing against yours as he slowly takes control over you. His body over yours, his hands beside your head and all you can feel is his clothed thighs rubbing your exposed heat. He set to teasing again, and if you weren’t so preoccupied with kissing him and struggling against the ties you surely would’ve given him a piece of your mind.

But there’s still a way you can have your fun. Instead of letting Jimin take lead, his lips brushing against yours as he tries to devour you in rough and raw desire. You bite down on his lower lip, giving it a gentle tug, possibly taking him surprise. There’s a short click of disapproval and you know, you’ve probably reached his last straw.

He had absolutely no patience and that’s what you’re going to use against him.

“What’s wrong Jimin?” You breathe out trying to sound as confident as possible. Trying your best to get him to actually just give in and fuck you senseless. But other than a sigh of frustration there was absolutely nothing. Again.

“It’s not going to be so easy” he whispers

beside your ear, possibly having leaning forward but your lack of vision made it difficult to guess. You could feel his hardened length on your thighs and all you could wonder was how had he managed to hold out so long. “I am going to need you to stop this.”

“Do as I say, or I promise darling I can make it torturous” as he uttered those words there was the soft thud of something hitting the floor. If you hadn’t dealt with this situation before you would’ve been clueless. But that was him stripping down before your blacked out sight and lord would you kill to see it.

But you got what you wanted.

Without a warning, he pounced on top of you, lips attacking the already charted skin of your neck in beautiful blooms of crimson crescents. You couldn’t help but moan louder as he kept on suckling at that one spot that drove you crazy, along with his fingers that rubbed circles on your throbbing clit. You felt the way his cock twitched in between your thighs, but you knew that he was trying to test you and himself. But how much longer?

“Jimin, I swear to god if you don’t fuck me now and leave this- act. I am not going to–”
“Not going to?” He challenges almost, still continuing with his ministrations that has your body squirming under him. With your little squeaks and long drawn out moans the room consumed itself in what Jimin presumed to be the sweetest of musical pieces. He didn’t even start pounding you into daylight and you were already a moaning mess.

Today was not your day, usually by threatening him you could’ve had your way. But he just wouldn’t budge. Jimin wanted to hear you beg. He wanted your ego to crumble in his hands. He wanted you to submit under his will. If tying you up and denying you from sweet relief is what it takes, looks like Jimin got there.

“Jimin. Please– fuck. I” you muttered trying to push yourself further down the bed, which obviously wasn’t well accepted by Jimin, considering his hand held you down by your waist not minutes after rendering you motionless.

“Say it again” he demands, and with a small click it started again. The vibrations suddenly picking speed, after only coming to a stop a while ago. Your body squirmed from sensitivity. Your breathing staggered and you could feel heat rush to your cheek. Not a while longer and you would’ve come under.

“Please… Jimin don’t.”

“Be - more - specific” he growled.
“Jimin, just fuck me please” you manage to squeak out.

That’s all it took him. He just wanted to hear you beg for him. The fact that you had so easily given into him only stroked his ego. But before you could comprehend anything, he thrusted into you, all the while biting down on the skin. The bruises were smeared with streaks of violets the red fading to a soft burgundy almost. His thick cock stretched with absolute deliciousness. The beautiful miscellany of pleasure with a sting of pain that felt oh-so-right. The way he slowly pushed through you, before pulling away as if starting with the teasing all over again.

But instead his hands grip on to your waist, well one hand. The other moving to fiddle with something on the bed. But all you care about is the deep thrusts that seem to be hitting you in just the right spot. Your body letting itself unravel under his sudden moves, each time your legs threatening to close shut but one strong hand held you down.

Your throat hurt from all the loud groans that you tried to hold back, each syllable of incomprehensible words you tried to stutter only mixing in with Jimins own grunts.

He picked pace, having dropped low enough to brush his lips over yours but just not kissing them. Rather, deciding to softly breathe over your lips as he rocks his body back and forth. The combined pleasure from the vibrator that was still pressed up against your clit, making it throb from oversensitivity and his thick dick that fucked you just hard enough to make it feel good.

You lost sense of everything around you, all you could feel was Jimin and how amazing it felt with the little toy doing its work on your body all the while as Jimin takes his time. But even the breaching blood from your assaulted lips couldn’t drag you back to reality, as you little specks of white covered the blank expanse of your vision, your body pulsing from the sensation of euphoria as you squeeze around Jimin as he tries to ride you through your high. The feeling was too intense, leaving you completely breathless and knocked out. But the pain didn’t subside, over stimulation swimming through every vein in your body as Jimin tries to reach his own high.

Their was a soft tinge of pain but it felt oh so delicious as he bit down on your skin again. You knew he would last long, but you couldn’t help but still grunt with every thrust. This pain that had settled tasted bittersweet and although you wanted it to stop, you reveled in its bliss.
“Y/N..” he moaned not long after. As his cock twisted within your already tight heat; you couldn’t feel your body all sensations having been drawn out. You could only feel Jimin, and hear his growls as he thrusts a few more times. His hit come filling you up deliciously against your sore body. As he pulls out gently, switching off the toy at the same time.

Your body relaxes, still tied up. Chest heaving up and down your eyes still shut close. Both of you breathless and exhausted from this impromptu work out.

“You were on the pill weren’t you?” He asks out of nowhere, causing you to open your eyes with a soft giggle. He reached forward to untie you, letting your hands fall against his small palms, completely limp from too much “work”

“Don’t worry, I’m definitely not risking a mini Jimin running around the house anytime soon” you whisper as he pulls you against his body, before softly laying down on the soft pillows.

“We can’t have a mini me if you’re going to be screaming so loud” He replies curtly, only after snuggling next to you a split second later.

“The neighbours are sooo complaining this week”

Fast-Forward: Part 2

Find part one: HERE.

Bright light flickered above her as she shifted underneath the heavy quilt. Claire was hot, warmer than she’d ever been in her life. The heat stifled her as she tried to dig her way out.

Seeing her distress, Jamie gently pried the duvet from the sides where Jenny had tucked it in tight. He’d been with her all night, watching and waiting as if to assure himself that she was safe.

Jenny and Ian had been raging when he’d driven home, his sister’s face alight with fury as he’d pulled his car to a stop in the drive. Rushing from the porch, Ian had tried to pull her backwards, his gaze apologetic as she’d waggled her finger at her wayward brother.

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A Haunting

Prompt: After being brutally murdered at the young age of twenty- one and stuck on Earth, Harry has been searching to find a way to heaven for almost a hundred years. One day, a family and their autistic, seventeen year old, daughter, Heaven, moves into his home. Maybe this was the Heaven he was searching for all along.



Heaven sighs heavily, biting her nails lightly, as she enters the musty smelling, older, abandoned home that her parents had suddenly decided one day to move into on a whim. The larger scale home still held beauty after so many years and was somehow still in almost pristine condition, sitting in the middle of the woods on the far side of their little town.

One morning, Heaven’s parents went for a jog and stumbled upon the old mansion, immediately falling in love with it. Becoming practically obsessed, they found a realtor and bought the house in just a few days, not even speaking a word to Heaven until they burst into her room and told her to pack.

Heaven panicked, of course, as she hated change. When she was young, she was diagnosed with autism and her parents made sure she was always happy and comfortable. They lived in the same house, used the same tutors, drove the same car, and ate the same foods to insure that she didn’t have a tantrum. So this was a major change, but eventually, with much coaxing, they got her to pack and get in the car.

When they drove up the tree lined driveway and the Victorian era house came into view, Heaven immediately understood why her parents were so in love. It was absolutely breathtaking and something about it made her want to never leave. Maybe this change will be good.

“Heaven, don’t bite your nails, darling. Go choose your room!” Her mother calls as she places a box down in the kitchen, snapping Heaven out of her thoughts.

“Okay, mama! Okay… Okay, mama,” She clutches her small teddy bear that she’s had since she was a kid to her chest as she takes a step up the rickety stairs. The steps groan under the forgotten weight of someone walking up them as she makes her way up them slowly.

As she steps foot onto the second floor, she freezes as she hears quiet whispering coming from down the dark hallway. “Mama?” She calls quietly, clutching her teddy tighter as she takes a step towards the voices. The hairs on the back of her neck involuntarily stand up as she suddenly feels the intense feeling of being watched after she speaks.

As soon as she takes another step, the voice and the feelings halt and everything seems normal again. Hearing foot steps, Heaven looks down and sees her mother and father walking back outside to the moving truck. Turning towards the dark hallway again, Heaven’s eyebrows furrow.

“Not mama. That’s not mama,” she mumbles as she makes her way down the hall, not caring about it too much. She peers into each room, shaking her head each time she didn’t like them.

Coming to the end of the hall, Heaven begins to frown as she doesn’t find a bedroom she likes. Her eyes tear up in frustration as she lets out a tiny whimper.

As she gives up and begins to walk down the hall, the whispers begin again, louder than before. Heaven gasps, turning towards the voices and before her eyes, a door she hadn’t seen creaks open slowly.

Curiously growing in her, she wipes her tears and slowly walks towards the open door. Peeking into the room, she lets out a happy squeal as she sees the dark red walls, her favorite color. The bed was large, the bed spread a muted red from all the dust accumulated on it. In the corner, a small nook was made by the window so someone could sit and read. The ceilings were high and in the middle hung a giant chandelier that glittered and sparkled in the sunlight.

“Mine,” she states to herself mesmerized and in a trance as the whispers slowly die down.

“Yes,” a deep, raspy voice behind her croons as she feels a hand on the bottom of her spine. The touch was calming and warm, sending slight sparks up her spine as she didn’t flinch away like she normally did to touch.

“Yes,” she mimics as she walks in and the door slowly creaks shut behind her.


“So, I was doing some research,” Heaven’s mother starts as they quietly eat dinner in their new dining room. Heaven’s father hums in response as he gives the love of his life all his attention after he helps Heaven cut up some of her chicken and places her a small kiss on her forehead.

“It’s quite spooky actually. Apparently, the original owners were murdered here almost a hundred years ago,” she states fascinated as she takes a bite of her carrots and peas.

“Wow! That’s interesting. How sad. What happened? Do they know?” Her father speaks as Heaven pokes her chicken with her fork, in a daze as she stares fixated at the pattern on the plate.

“They say the killer snuck in in the middle
of the night and stabbed them in their beds. The son tried to find help after he had been stabbed but he only made it to the hallway where he, sadly, passed. That’s why you can see blood stains on the floorboards upstairs. They are buried in the somewhere in the woods out back, I think. There was Anne, the mom, Desmond, the dad, Gemma, the daughter, and the son was named-”

“Harry,” Heaven suddenly states, making her parents turn to her in shock.

“H-How’d you know that, sweetheart?” Her mom asks softly, her mind reeling in the scary possibilities on how her daughter, who has no way to get on the Internet, knew the name of the dead boy who once lived here.

“He wrote it. Wrote it on my bed,” Heaven states what she had found earlier. Carved on the dark wood on the bed’s headboard was a name. A little worn from the years but still visible, Harry was written in neat handwriting and, captivated, Heaven spent hours tracing the name with her fingertips.

“Oh,” her mom laughs it off lightly, relieved that their new house wasn’t haunted by its past residents. “We will get your bed up there soon, sweetheart. Sorry you have to sleep in that old thing,” she says, making Heaven frown.

“I like it, mama. I like Harry’s bed,” Heaven protests, wanting the old, soft bed that made her feel safe and calm to stay in her room.

“Heaven, a boy was killed there. I don’t want you sleeping in it,” her father says, making her eyes water.

“I want it!” She slams her fork down and just as she feels a full blown tantrum coming on, she hears the whispers.

She freezes as it feels like arms wrap around her from behind and a warm chest against her back, calming her instantly. “Don’t cry, sweet Heaven. It’s okay,” she hears the raspy, deep voice, that sounded like smooth honey, coo in her ear.

“Okay, Harry. Okay… Okay, Harry,” she mumbles as she picks up her fork and takes a bite of her chicken, completely relaxed as her parents stare at her wide eyed.

“Good girl,” she hears just as the feeling of the arms disappear and the whispers cease, but leave behind the feeling of warmth and calm.

“Heaven, w-who are you talking to?” Her mother asks, fear gripping at her heart once again. She had never seen Heaven calm down that quickly before.

“Harry say don’t cry so Heaven no cry,” Heaven mumbles as she finishes her food. “Bed time,” she states, standing and placing a kiss on her stunned parents cheeks. They were so in shock that they didn’t even protest as she make her way up the stairs to her new bedroom.


Harry smiles as he watches the beautiful, innocent girl twirl around in her bedroom as she dances with her teddy bear. He stands propped against the wall, transparent so she can’t see him just yet. He didn’t want to scare her, but with her reactions to him earlier he didn’t think she’d be too petrified.

When Harry first watched the family move in, he was livid. This was his house, his family’s house. He left and died here. How dare they just move in and take over his home of over a hundred years.

But, when he heard it, all his anger dissipated. “Heaven! Come inside!” He heard as a gorgeous girl walked though the door, lightly biting her fingernails with a dazed look in her eyes.

Heaven. Something he had been searching for for decades was right in front of him. On his tombstone, the words Find your way to Heaven were written, but Heaven found its way to him. This wasn’t what he expected but, to him, this was even better. His own personal Heaven.

He had studied her so much since she arrived he could now remember where each of her freckles were with his eyes closed. They dotted her rosy cheeks and nose like the stars in the night sky. Her hair was like spun gold with a slight reddish tint, shining in the light from the window, captivating him and making him feel like he was now one of the richest men. Her lips were like two, perfect, pink rose petals and he fought the urge to kiss them relentlessly. Her ocean green-blue eyes sparkled with innocence and were normally stuck in a daze as she focuses on something sparkly. Earlier, she had spent almost an hour just staring at the chandelier in the middle of the ceiling as he stared at her.

That’s when he figured something was…special about his Heaven. Listening in to her parents conversation, he quickly found out she had autism. He didn’t care. He actually fell more in adoration of the small, special girl with the gleam in her eyes.

Hearing a small shriek and a crash, Harry is knocked out of his thoughts. He panics as he sees Heaven on the floor with tears in her eyes as she clutches her ankle. Not caring any longer about transparency, he rushes over to her and appears right next to her.

His hand reaches out, laying on top of hers that clutched her ankle. She gasps lightly and the whole world seems to slow down as she turns her head and their eyes connect.

“Harry,” she whispers as he smiles gently, reaching out for her hair and tucking a strand behind her ear.

“Careful, sweetheart. Can’t have my Heaven getting hurt right after I find her.”

Hope you enjoyed! Please tell me if you want the part two!!! x -E

Undeniable Heat  Chapter 3: Separate

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1400 Words

Chapter Summary: Settling into your apartment, hoping to run into your new neighbor. But he just flew to Austin.

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

That first night you hadn’t payed too much attention to your new home. After the drive up to Vancouver, and the meeting at the office, you had wanted nothing more than to crash and sleep for a couple of hours. Especially after you had literally run into Jensen Ackles, the man who had kept you awake the night before, and a guy you would be in close contact with every day.

He was even more handsome up close than in his pictures. You had been shell shocked at first, especially with his hand on your arm. You shook your head, frustrated at yourself, knowing you had probably been incredibly stupid in front of him. It wasn’t the best way to meet, and you hadn’t even introduced yourself.

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Genre: Smutty Smut 

Pairing: Reader X Chaerin (CL)  [Girl x Girl]

Word Count: 1.5k-ish 

Originally posted by secondleadclub

You walked into the living room, your favorite mug of tea in hand accompanied by a book in the other to read as you sat down on the couch, pulling the blanket on yourself. You sighed comfortably at the soft fabric of your kitty jumpsuit. 

Well, technically it was your girlfriend’s but she wasn’t supposed to home for another hour, so what harm could it do?

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gercan -- so i keep you in my mind

Gilbert calls right as Ludwig is measuring out detergent. It’s not a task that needs his full attention, much to his despair, so Ludwig cannot, in good conscience, simply ignore Gilbert’s call. Moreover, he can’t fully sink into his task of laundry knowing Gilbert is calling him. Not just because Gilbert will leave him voicemail after voicemail listing, in great detail, the number of sacrifices he made for Ludwig (“You’re my nation-state and baby brother,” Gilbert reminds him frequently, in a tone of voice that Ludwig secretly thinks all the former empires perfected during one of their knitting circles. It’s not as though Gilbert does that often–because he associates that kind of behavior–“uncool weak shit, Ludwig”–with Roderich or Arthur or Francis. But he’s not above it, and he has used that beleaguered self-sacrificing older brother act on Ludwig for things like not responding quickly enough to calls and/or texts or not drinking the next next round of drinks that Gilbert decided to get on a Tuesday), but also because–

“Damn it,” Ludwig sighs, looking at the detergent dribbling steadily over the rim of the little plastic cup onto his fingers. He pours some back, pours the rest in the machine, wipes his fingers on one of the sheet corners in the machine, puts down the detergent tub, and then winces because his cell phone starts ringing again.

–because Gilbert will just keep calling.  

And there’s a little notification that tells him that his brother has also left a message.

He answers. “This is a bad time,” Ludwig says, “I’m doing laundry.”

“It’s not Sunday,” comes his brother’s response. Gilbert doesn’t laugh, but his voice does kick a little higher as he teases. “First you go out with the North Americans on a weeknight, now you’re doing laundry on a Thursday–”

Ludwig sighs and turns the washing machine on. Leaning against it, he’s torn between hanging up on Gilbert or just hiding out in his kitchen and rearranging his pantry until he has to arrive at today’s afternoon session.

“And what are you doing up this early?” Gilbert sounds downright gleeful. “Did you just not go to bed? Are you still drunk? Tell me everything, Luddy. Did you help Canada steal another stop sign?”

“I made him put it back.”

“Look, Ludwig. I always encouraged you to be a leader. But sometimes you have to be a follower. Like when you don’t have any friends. When you don’t have any friends–”

“I have friends–”

“Three of them are dogs, and they’re with me in our ancestral home.” Ludwig starts rearranging his pantry and chooses not to have Gilbert elaborate because their ancestral home changes on Gilbert’s mood. Sometimes it’s a cottage, sometimes it’s a park, sometimes it’s a bar. It occurs to him, unfortunately, only later, that maybe Ludwig should have changed the subject and asked just where Gilbert was just to avoid this entire conversation and–

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Flickers of Gold - Part 2

Uhhhh. Yeah this is… This is just straight up, werewolf smut. Yup. It’s a dirty birdy. And it’s all about my hubby.  So uh. NSFW warning. Like major. NSFW warning. IT’S GONNA GET DIRTY FOLKS.

Meh, the ending isn’t the best but uh. YEah.

Taggin the usual suspects @hardcorewwetrash @fuckyeahbulletclub @omgmissmillie @darlingkatrina and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… YUP. :D Thank you for helping me proofread and such and things, I REALLY APPRECIATE ALL OF YOU ;-;

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Scared of Pretty Girls and Starting Conversations [Robb Stark x Reader]

Author’s Note: At this point, basically all the titles to my imagines are lyrics that may or may not be relevant to the content of the imagine. I choose them because they sound nice and I’m not stuck thinking of a title for five billion years but that’s kind of it lol. Anyway, who else is pumped for season six of GoT? Gah. Can’t believe it’s that time again. 

Word Count: 1,317

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Story belongs to @alainaprana
Fatal_Error belongs to @xedramon

Seven. Seven days. That’s how much backlog I had for comic material.
Six. That’s how many times I had to redraw this page.
Because I was never happy with it.
And also because my laptop was dead for a couple of days and I was really concerned I’d have to replace it. ._.

Daddy Kink Series: Park Jimin

Jung Hoseok  Kim Namjoon  Kim Taehyung  Min Yoongi  Jeon Jungkook  Kim Seokjin

Cho nibbled on her bottom lip as she scrolled through notes on her laptop. Finals were just a few weeks shy, and she needed all the information she needed to get her diploma. Her nails scratched at her scalp as her eyes scanned the hundreds of words from her psychology online textbook, trying to rack it in her brain.

Sitting down next to her, Jimin laid down and stared at the ceiling. Occasionally, he’d look over at her face and smile. He loved the way she frowned at something she didn’t understand, how she’d roll her eyes when she typed the wrong letter, she was just so perfect to him. 

A long sigh came from Cho’s direction, making Jimin’s eyes flicker towards her. “I hate this, I have a headache and I’m tired.” Cho slammed her laptop shut and rubbed her eyes, fighting back tears of frustration.

Jimin put out his bottom lip as he looked at his girlfriend suffer from the stress. He instinctively sat up and enclosed her in his arms, kissing her cheek. “It’s okay, baby.“ 

Cho immediately melted into his arms, her head resting on his chest. "Take the tests for me, Jimine.” Her hands played with his shirt, his scent filling her. 

“I can’t do that baby, but I can take your mind off of things.” He cooed, hinting how he could help her by running his fingers dropping on her bare thigh.

Cho rolled her eyes and laughed. “Really?” However she shifted so she could look up at him, smiling gently. 

Nodding, Jimin smiled at her and placed his lips upon hers. As she started to kiss back, his fingers rubbed her thigh as his body dominated hers. His hands pressed her body into the mattress as his tongue slipped into her mouth, massaging hers. 

Smiling into the kiss, Cho moaned softly. Her hands went under Jimin’s shirt, feeling his soft skin with her nimble fingers. His abs had vanished, but Cho secretly preferred his squishy body. She loved how soft he was, and always wanted him to be happy and healthy. 

Jimin detached himself from her and lowered himself. His hot breath made her tingle as he rested himself just below Cho’s legs, his smile breaking through. His soft hands spread her legs apart, seeing the small damp spot on her panties. “Wet?" 

Cho rolled her eyes but couldn’t help feel excited. "Undress yourself, fool.” She was already tearing off her tank top, revealing her plump breasts. Her body leaned back into the pillows as she watched Jimin take off his shirt and boxers, her teeth nibbling on her bottom lip in anticipation. 

As soon as Jimin threw down his boxers to the floor, his attention went straight back to Cho. He dropped down, his fingers dragging across her inner thigh. Teasing her, he blew cold air onto her clothed cunt, his eyes trained on her face. His fingers rubbed over her panties softly as his lips tenderly kissed her thighs. 

Closing her eyes, Cho enjoyed the pleasure. She felt Jimin slip off her panties and kiss over her center, mumbling compliments as he pleasured her. Cho’s breath hitched when his tongue swept over her folds before he started to eat her out. “Mmm, daddy." 

The words had slipped from Cho’s mouth, making her eyes snap open and her heart drop. "Oh my god, I’m so sorry.” A hot blush crept up on her cheeks, her eyes refusing to look at Jimin now that her secret kink had been exposed. 

Jimin blushed lightly, but he smiled. “I like it. Say it again.” He raised his hand and slipped two fingers into her dripping cunt, waiting for her to say it. “Be a good girl and call me daddy.” He was almost as embarrassed to say it, but deep down it only made his dick get harder.

Cho let out a whimper, almost a moan as his fingers started to pump into her. “Daddy…” She could hear Jimin groan at her words, his fingers going faster in and out of her. Cho was so turned on she was already on the verge of cumming on his fingers, but she wanted to hold on a little longer. 

Jimin decided he wanted to have fun with this even though his cock was aching to be inside her. “Does if feel good?" 

Cho moaned in response, words were almost impossible to formulate. Her legs seemed to spread wider and wider for him. 

"Do you want more?” A sharp flick of his wrist made her squirm.

“Yes, daddy.” She gasped and arched her back when he curled his fingers, hitting her g-spot. 

“What do you want, baby girl? Tell daddy.” Jimin’s tongue teased her clit, swirling in small circles around it. 

“I want daddy’s cock.” A knot was on the edge of bursting when Jimin pulled away his fingers, making her whine in disappointment. 

Jimin’s dick was practically dripping with pre-cum. His arms wrapped around Cho and picked her up, pushing her against the headboard. His tongue circled around his lips, wetting them as he pushed his cock into her. His groan dragged out, his eyes disappearing behind his eyelids. 

Cho wrapped her arms around his neck as her body chilled against the hard wood of the headboard. Her head fell back slightly as she let out a small moan, her nails pressed into his skin softly. Just as she was about to ask for Jimin to move, she felt his cock slowly start to slide back and forth. 

Leaning down slightly, Jimin’s lips latched onto Cho’s, kissing her deeply as he started to fuck her at a steady speed. His grip on her ass cheeks tightened as he started to go faster, his knees pushing into the plush mattress under them. Before pulling back his lips, they lingered centimeters apart from Cho’s. “Who am I?”

“Daddy.” Her words were barely a whisper, but it made her whole body tingle. She started to get lost in the pleasure, slurred words left her as Jimin started to fuck her with everything he had in him. The feeling of his dick grinding against her g-spot already had her seeing stars. 

Jimin closed his eyes once again and focused on the clench her cunt had around his cock and her words. His ears were filled the the melody of their skin slapping against each other, her grunts and cries that he was causing. 

“Oh yes, daddy…daddy…fuck me harder.” Cho’s head flew back when suddenly she cummed hard, nearly squirting on the sheets. She pulled him right up against her with her legs as her nails dragged down his milky back. 

Jimin came right after, his face contorted and turned red. He groaned softly as his hips occasionally twitched. He smirked, exhausted. “Daddy is satisfied." 

Cho shook her head and laughed. "Shut up and help me down, I can’t feel my legs.”