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Durincest Mini-fiction ~ Do you think she could have loved me?

I had this scene in my mind when I saw the movie for the first time and somehow it didn’t let me go so I had to write it. It contains slight mention of Fili/Kili (although it can be read as brotherly love as well I think - and they are not a couple yet) and Tauriel (but no Kiliel, only a little confused Kili - because I have my own idea why he has a slight crush on Tauriel ;) )

Hope you’ll like it.


Do you think she could have loved me?

Suddenly there is no air left to breath in the small room that is Bard’s house. His heart stops for a second before is starts to hurt with every beat as if someone has stabbed him. The room becomes too small, too crowded and Fili murmurs something about looking for Bard before he leaves the tiny house, stumbles out of the front door and catches himself on the handrail that surrounds the small platform that lies before the door.

The cold air hits him and makes his head spin, but he isn’t really sure if it’s really the cold or the pain in his chest.

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