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Safe (Harry Hook imagine)

Safe (Harry Hook imagine)

Pairing: Harry Hook x female!reader



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“Guys!” Gil ran into the chip shop, looking rather excited. You noticed Uma ignored him, still mad about the “shrimpy” thing and Harry was busing harassing some pirates. You stood up and walked over him, flashing him a smile.

“What is Gil?” You asked him.

“King Ben is here!” He exclaimed, making your eyes widened.

“Are you sure he’s here? It could’ve been someone else” you pointed out, not really believing him.

“I’m telling the truth! I saw him close to Mal’s loft” he assured you. “I can take you there.”

“Take you where?” Harry questioned, suddenly standing next you. He had a warning look on his face.

“To look for King Ben” Gil told him and he chuckled.

“Such a coincidence. Mal is here as well” you gasped.

“What? Where did you see her?”

“She was at Dizzy’s” Harry answered, with a glint of mischief in his eyes. “We should give Beasty boy a little visit.”


“Uma?” You scream out for her, walking around the ship.

“In here!” She screamed back, her voice echoing out of the captain’s cabin. You walked towards it and stood by the door. “What’s up?”

“Look… I still have doubts about tomorrow” you confessed, making her look at you with an arched brow.

“You scared or something?” She laughed loudly and you flinched. “Ha, you are.”

“No, I am not” you defended yourself. “Mal isn’t going to give you that wand you so desperately want.”

“What did you just say?” Uma growled, walking towards you. You pulled out your sword and pointed it at her and she stopped. “You won’t kill me.”

“Of course I won’t, but if you try to even touch me I will cut you and it won’t be pretty” you hissed and Uma backed up. She knew you were serious, you have done it before.

“Just say what you want to say and leave” Uma told you, annoyance noticeable in her voice.

“After that fiasco at Beasty’s coronation, you think she will give it to you? You’re wrong. Mal already has a trick up her sleeve.”

Suddenly, Uma ran towards you and pushed you out of the doorway with extreme force. You flew back and fell on the main deck. You were about to pick up your sword but she put her foot on your hand. “Listen very carefully Y/N. If you’re thinking of betraying us I will throw you off the plank along with him, do you understand me? I don’t care if you’re Harry girlfriend. You will never disrespect me ag-”

“Uma!” Someone screamed, then you heard loud footsteps. In a blink of an eye, she was pulled back by some pirates and Gil was helping you up. Your back was on fire, it would most likely have a huge bruise.

“What is going on here?” Harry asked, standing in the middle. He looked rather pissed.

“Ask your girlfriend” Uma was fuming. She pushed the pirates away and walked off the ship to calm down. Harry turned to look at you but you looked away.

“Explain” he ordered you, grabbing your arm and taking you to a lonely part of the ship. “Uma was about to cut your face open, what did you do?”

“I just told her Mal wasn’t going to give her the wand” you shrugged and rolled your eyes. “It’s the truth.”

“You shouldn’t have said that to her” Harry scolded you.

“Okay, fine. When it happens tomorrow, I will look at her and say “I told you so, shrimpy.” And I won’t care if she gets pissed” you barked at him, turning to go back home. You felt his hook pulling you back by one of your belt loops.

“I’m sorry love. I just don’t want her to hurt you” he confessed, wrapping his arms around you. You sighed, melting into his touch. “You’re so important to me, I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t lose me, I promise” you assured him. He leaned down and kissed you with passion.


When Mal gave Uma the wand, she turned to look at you with a smirk. You kept a straight face. Everyone stood around her, everyone excited to finally get off the isle. Uma did her spell but nothing happen, the wand was fake. You bit your lip to stop a chuckle. Smoke bombs exploded around the ship. When the smoke disappeared, Harry, Uma and Gil were already fighting Mal, Jay and Carlos.

You were about to go get Beasty but the Auradon girl intercepted you before you could get close to him. She was very skilled with sword fighting but nothing compared to you. The girl cornered you and your sword flew off towards the water. You gasped, watching as your sword sank. You looked at the girl, but she was already heading towards the tunnel. You took out a dagger from your pocket, running after her.

There were pirates on the small bridge that connected the dock to the tunnel and you placed a foot on it when Mal pushed it off. The pirates fell in the water and before you could give a step back to save yourself, you were pushed.

You let out an ear-splitting scream. Somehow, you managed to hold one of the wood pillars under the handrail. “Harry!” You sobbed. In less than a second, your hand slipped off.

“Y/N!” Harry screamed, throwing himself on the floor to hold your hand just in time. Any trace of craziness disappeared from his face, he looked terrified. “I got you, baby.” Uma was standing behind him, she was looking down at you. She was the one that pushed you off.

He pulled you up, holding you close to his body. You hid your face on his neck, sobbing loudly. Harry was rocking you back and forth, rubbing your back. His heartbeat was out of control. 

“You’re safe now, baby girl” Harry whispered, kissing your head. “I will always be there to save you.”

Durincest Mini-fiction ~ Do you think she could have loved me?

I had this scene in my mind when I saw the movie for the first time and somehow it didn’t let me go so I had to write it. It contains slight mention of Fili/Kili (although it can be read as brotherly love as well I think - and they are not a couple yet) and Tauriel (but no Kiliel, only a little confused Kili - because I have my own idea why he has a slight crush on Tauriel ;) )

Hope you’ll like it.


Do you think she could have loved me?

Suddenly there is no air left to breath in the small room that is Bard’s house. His heart stops for a second before is starts to hurt with every beat as if someone has stabbed him. The room becomes too small, too crowded and Fili murmurs something about looking for Bard before he leaves the tiny house, stumbles out of the front door and catches himself on the handrail that surrounds the small platform that lies before the door.

The cold air hits him and makes his head spin, but he isn’t really sure if it’s really the cold or the pain in his chest.

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