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into the woods au! Usnavi and Vanessa and the baker and the bakers wife (respectively), maybe Daniella as the witch, Nina as Cinderella, Sonny as either rapunzel or little red? I just really like usnavi and Vanessa as the baker and the bakers wife (I can actually see usnavi as the bakers wife in act 2 for yknow fun things)

Oooooh! I like this! For some reason I have a feeling that someone suggested this once but I couldn’t find it so must just be my imagination :P

So yes, give me bakers Usnavi and Vanessa. And I like the idea of Sonny as Little Red and maybe he could be going to see Abuela or his mom, and Usnavi just being TOTALLY grossed out when he cuts the wolf open and taking Sonny’s red hood and making him have a mental breakdown XD and Pete could be Jack! And I also like the idea of Nina as Cinderella cause that means Benny can be her prince and NOT cheat on her (this ain’t the workshop version of Benny XD) and could we have maybe a few less deaths in this version please? I mean, the Baker’s wife went out in a pretty lame way (in the play she got crushed by a tree, and in the movie she fell off a cliff; not how I expected her to go in a fantasy story) Maybe Carla could be Rapunzel and Daniela takes care of her but instead of getting rescued by a prince she could just escape or Daniela could let her go if we want her to have a kind of redemption arc. And yes, Act 2 can have ALL the fun times for vansnavi (and maybe for benina and sonny/pete too :3c ) And everyone lives happily ever after.