wood frame

Number 365, if this weren’t a leap year. I would be writing tonight about my experiences with this project. How I have changed as a photographer and what I would change about my photos. Things that I have absolutely hated about this year, and what I have loved.

There is so much to ponder, why I feel compelled to continue even when my brain is telling me to stop. And once again, just like last year. I sit here at my computer, scanning and uploading and scanning and uploading thinking to myself… will I continue? Will I go on for a third year, and will I make it to the at least 5 year goal that now seems within reach?

All of these are serious questions that I must answer within the next 48 hours. I would feel a grave disappointment within myself if I were to start a third year and not finish. But there are still projects from this year that need to be wrapped up. A video, a final image, a book. It feels like I don’t even know where to begin.

Tomorrow will be a long day…


We had this tiny little mirror in our bathroom. I’ve been wanting to replace it for awhile, but Kati wouldn’t let me just stick a mirror to the wall. It had to be in a frame she said.

I got some mahogany and was just gonna throw together a simple frame.

Apparently that wasn’t good enough either.

So, I stuck some strips of red oak between the mahogany for the sides, top and bottom. Than I made some oak squares with mahogany running through them at a 45° angle.

It turned out ok. I’m not very happy with the finish. So I might pull it down, yank the mirror out and redo it. We’ll see how motivated I get.