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Irving, Washington. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Hyattsville, MD, Rebecca Press, 1983. 2 7/8" x 2 ¼". 120 pp.

COLOPHON: Published on October 31, 1983 in the bicentennial year of the birth of Washington Irving. Set in 6 pt Fairfield Lintoype with initial caps in Fry’s Ornamented. Printed on Curtis Colophon paper. Illustrated by Sarah Chamberlain. Printed by Jane Pomeroy at the Burntcoat Press. Bound at the Green Dragon Bindery. Endpapers for the deluxe edition marbled by Christopher Weimann. Designed by Rebecca Saady Bingham. Of an edition of 150, numbers 1-35 are deluxe copies. This is number 4. Signed by Rebecca Saady Bingham. Featuring original wood engravings and fore-edged painting by Sarah Chamberlain. The book is printed letterpress in two colors. Some pages are in three colors. In addition to wood engravings by Sarah Chamberlain and photoengraved details used as decorations, a ten-cent Legend of Sleepy Hollow postage stamp is tipped in as an illustration. Full Oasis leather binding with leather onlay and raised bands on spine in two-color leather box, a Sarah Chamberlain illustration stamped on the cover, special endpapers marbled in miniature by Christopher Wiemann