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Title: Flying without wings 

Fandom: Harry Potter

Character(s): Oliver Wood, Reader

Warning(s): None

Requested by: Anonymous

A/N: Firstly, I apologise for the cheesy title, I just couldn’t resist ^.^ I took the liberty of sorting you into Gryffindor, as it worked better for some aspects of the story. I’m sorry if that’s not your usual placement. I hope you all enjoy the fic. Feel free to let me know if you do :) Enjoy ~Dixon

As you stood out on the Quidditch pitch the cold morning air left the faintest hint of clouds with each breath you exhaled. Dew drops still clung to the grass of the field and the toes of your boots had been dampened on the walk from the castle. You nestled your face deeper into your red and yellow striped scarf, casting your gaze over the jewelled blades of green at your feet. On mornings like this you often paid a lot of attention to the lower lying aspects of your surroundings, as it meant not having to look at the dizzying heights your boyfriend reached on his broomstick.

As the other half (or better half, according to the Weasley twins) of the Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team, you often spent the early hours of most days supporting Oliver while he practiced. This was however, a difficult task for you. Your fear of heights meant that even though you kept your feet firmly on the ground, watching Oliver darting through the air could leave you dizzy and slightly nauseous. However this didn’t stop you from stealing quick, skywards glances to check how his practice was going. As long as you didn’t follow him for too long, you could get away with seeing him up there for a few seconds.

When you looked up to check on him today the scene was no different from many other mornings. His figure coursed through the ice grey skies like some kind of demon, almost blurred by the speed he travelled at. You knew from the twists and turns he was executing that new strategies were forming in his mind, and it wouldn’t be long before he returned to land to scribble them down. At that thought your mitten clad hands began to toy with the parchment and quill held within them that he would be using to frantically jot down his thoughts. One of the things you loved most about Oliver was how passionate he became about things, which was particularly evident when it came to his favourite sport and his role as team Captain.

It was his becoming Captain lead to the two of you finally starting a relationship. You had been friends from the moment he stumbled into your carriage on the train on your first day at Hogwarts. The two of you had stuck by each other ever since, becoming the best of friends. As you had grown older, feelings had began to manifest between you. In the heat of the moment when he was announced as the new team Captain he had turned and kissed you.

That had been the official start of your relationship, and the beginning of much ribbing for Oliver from the rest of his team. Fred and George being the worst culprits. You were that lost in these memories that you barely noticed your boyfriend land and stride over to where you stood. His Scottish accent brought you back to the present.

“What’s got you smiling, Love?”

“Just happy to see you back on planet Earth.”

You joked, blushing against the cold when he leant in and kissed your cheek while taking the parchment and quill from you. He muttered something almost inaudible, and when you turned to ask him to repeat it you noticed a mischievous sparkle in his brown eyes.


Your voice was slow, cautious and questioning. The corner of his mouth twitched as he tried to control a smile, but his eyes never left his writing, as though pretending not to have heard. He had crouched to lean on the box that housed the Snitch, Quaffle and Bludger. The latter of which was thankfully remaining still, allowing Oliver to write unhindered upon the container. You walked over to where he was jotting down the last of his thoughts and tapped him on the head with your mitten encased fingers.

“Oliver Wood, there’s something going on in that head of yours other than game strategies, and I want to know what.”

Once his notes and quill were tucked safely away in his bag, Oliver stood and took one of your hands in his. Leaning down he reached for his broom that had been resting on the damp grass. He straightened himself, then placed the wooden handle into your free grasp. Your gaze dropped to see your F/C mitten wrapped around the rich brown of the wood, then returned to Olivers beaming expression.

“You….want me to carry your broom?”

“No. I want you to fly on it.”

At that comment you began laughing. Oliver knew about your fears, so you presumed he was joking.

“Of course, Dear. I’ll just hop on it and soar back to the castle shall I?”

“I’m being serious, Y/N. I want to help you be able to ride a broomstick. I want you to be able to fly with me.”

Your laughter stopped, but a smile remained on your lips. You shook your head softly and squeezed his hand. It had always upset Oliver that flying was the one thing the two of you couldn’t share together. Ever since he had discovered how afriad of heights you are he had made it his mission to help you overcome your fear. He had spent the past five years working to get you into the stands so that you could watch the Quidditch matches with him, or support the Gryffindor team when they played.

You looked down to the broom in your hand, sighing deeply. It was inevitable that he would one day try to get you back onto a broom. You had barely touched one since your first flying lesson. It had ended up with you having a panic attack, during which Oliver held your hand and helped you calm down, while Madam Hooch had declared that you would be excused from her lesson until you felt ready to try again. As brisk as she was, she would always do what was best for her students. Especially the ones with such strong fears of her subject. Your boyfriend began speaking before you had chance to reply to his previous statement.

“I know you’re going to say that you can’t, but that’s just not true. You were up in that stand with me for ten whole minutes during the last match. You’re stronger than you give yourself credit for.”

“But that was with me smack bang in the middle of the stand, and you holding my hand the whole time! And I saw more of my own feet than the match. Not to mention the fact that it’s taken years to achieve even a few minutes up there.”

Your protests fell on deaf ears. Oliver’s free hand came up and rested along your jaw, his thumb stroking your cheek. While he spoke you slowly closed your eyes, leaning into his touch.

“Y/N I know this is going to take a lot of work, but I also know this is something you can do. You support me through all my matches and pratices, and you’ve always helped me with everything at school too. Please, let me be the one to support you in doing this.”

Opening your eyes, your heart melted at his expression. You could see how much this meant to him, and how desperate he was to help. Leaning forward you placed a kiss on his lips, causing them to curl into a smile.

“Is that a yes then?”

You freed the hand that was held by his and used it to swot playfully against his chest.

“I swear you’ll be the death of me, Mister. Let’s just get this over with.”

You walked a little way out into the pitch, closely followed by Oliver. You deemed it best to move away from the wooden crate that housed the Quidditch balls. If this ended badly, landing on the grass would be much more preferable to ending up sprawled across the box. You both decided that the best approach would be to treat this like a flying lesson, so you placed the broomstick next to your feet. Oliver stood in front of you, watching as you extended your arm and tried to keep your feelings of trepidation from showing when you spoke.


To your amazement the broom rose into your grasp. Oliver was beaming like a Cheshire Cat at this, declaring that you were a natural - apart from the whole fear of heights part at least. After taking a deep breath of the chilly morning air you positioned yourself over the broom. Your hands began shaking, so you closed your eyes and tried to fill your mind with positive thoughts. You were about to tell Oliver that you couldn’t do this when you felt his hand wrap over yours around the handle. When you opened your eyes, you realised that hadn’t just been a reassuring gesture.

Oliver’s hand was level with his face, as was the broom, while you towered over him. Without realising you had pulled back enough to start rising into the air.

“I thought I’d better stop you before you drifted off.”

Oliver laughed, tilting his head to meet your gaze. Amazingly you felt almost calm, that was until you stopped looking into his brown eyes. As soon as you saw how far away the ground was a dizziness washed over you, almost causing you to loose balance. This was noted by Oliver, who pulled his hand down above yours to bring the broom steadily back down, letting your feet rest on the ground.

“Y/N that was fantastic! I knew you’d be brilliant at this.”

You stepped away from the broom and into your boyfriend’s open arms. Your arms wrapped around his neck and you squealed when he lifted you and turned with you in his arms.

“Put me down, I’ve spent enough time in the air for one day!”

His breath was warm against your skin as he laughed, saying something about ‘exposure therapy’. When he placed you down, the castle turrets came into view over his shoulder. Your high spirits began to drop as the worries that had been plaguing your thoughts recently returned. You moved back slightly, trying to hide your face in your scarf. This was the last year before you both left Hogwarts. It was starting to worry you what would happen to your relationship with Oliver when you weren’t here together.

As always, Oliver sensed that something was wrong. Then he saw your dismayed expression, not quite hidden behind the knitted red and yellow wrapped around your neck. He tucked his finger under your chin and tilted your head until your E/C eyes met his own.

“What’s wrong? You should be smiling, that went so well-”

Your slightly shaking voice cut across his speech.

“It did go well. But Oliver, we’ve only got this year left at Hogwarts. What happens after that, when we won’t be together everyday?”

“Y/N, don’t you dare think like that. Nothing will change between us. I’m going to spend as long as it takes until you conquer this fear, then I’m going to spend the rest of my life flying next to you! I love you, and the end of school will only mean the start of something new for us.”

With that he pulled you flush against him, his hand disappearing into your H/C locks to bring your lips to meet his. When you finally pulled apart for air your foreheads rested together, and you whispered words he had longed to hear since the moment he realised he was falling head over heels for you.

“I love you too, Oliver.”

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Now for a happier one! :) What would the Nordics do for their s/o for their first Valentine's Day together and vice versa?

Happy Valentines Day guys! <3 

Norway: Nor would present you with a single rose and a small kiss on the cheek. After that, he’d take you out to a cafe for some morning coffee, and spend the morning walking along the city just the two of you. When you got home later that night, he’d have a beautiful dinner laid out for both of you. Once you both had finished eating he’d take you out into the back yard to slow dance under the stars.

Denmark: Den would surprise you with chocolates, flowers, and a big bear hug. He’d want to spend the entire day with you, going out to the beach or movie theater and a fancy dinner. He’d also walk you along the shoreline at sunset and cuddle with you on the sand until it got dark out where you two would look up at the thousands of stars.

Iceland: Ice isn’t too romantic so he wouldn’t really know what to do. He’d get the normal stuff like chocolate and would even attempt a small kiss. You two would spend the day wrapped up in blankets watching movies and making snacks to eat for a casual and sincere valentines day.

Sweden: Sve has a hard time expressing his feelings, so he’d write everything he loved about you down on small post-it notes and leave them throughout the house as the day went on. He’d make you dinner and you two would go out for a nice walk in the woods.

Finland: Fin would totally go all out. He’d surprise you with breakfast in bed as well as a stuffed animal or two. You and him would go out for a walk with hanatomago after that, enjoying each other’s company and having a good time. When the day was over he’d pull you in close for a warm hug and lots of cuddling.