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DIY Green Witch Portable Altar

If you’re like me, and like to bring your earthy witchcraft with you this is the DIY for you.

cost breakdown and materials:

✨ Wood box - $2.99 from craft store (but most stores have coupons)

✨ Stain - $4.99 (a small bottle will last you forever)

✨ Moss - $5 from a craft store (I’m sure you can fine it somewhere cheaper)

(side note: I don’t recommend getting it from the ground. It can lead to mold/bugs/allergy issues)

✨ Hot glue 

✨ Acrylic Paint and brushes

Prep your box by sanding down any rough edges, removing any stickers, as well as making sure it’s dry and clean.

Stain your box. You can use a rag or brush to apply stain. Read the directions on your stain bottle, and wipe off extra stain. I love wood stain.

The latch has an eagle on it :)

After your stain is dry prep for the sky. You can prep with gesso or just white acrylic paint. This will make your colors pop more. I just dove in with painting, but if you want really crisp border lines use masking tape.

While waiting for the white to dry I hot glued in some moss. It takes the glue really well, but retains its fluffiness.

Add your night sky. To avoid having to paint tons of layers because your paint is transparent, ad a little white in. For the sky I mixed white, black, and blue, and left it a little unblended for a foggy feel.

Ad stars. I chose Cassiopeia, Polaris, and the Big Dipper. Use a tooth pic to get small dots.

Add in your items. I didn’t have a tea candle so I made a temporary candle from a shell. I also added some jars for herbs and a couple of crystals.

Witch Tip #7 - Cloves Hack

When I was in the 3rd grade, my class read “Little House in the Big Woods” by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Once we finished, we had a Laura Ingalls Wilder day where we dressed up as her and acted her daily life. I remember making corn husk dolls and eating vension soup (yuck 🤢). One hack I learned from that day was how to make a clove apple (aka an apple pomander). 

First you grab an apple and some cloves. Make sure your cloves have the ends jutting out from them. Then you start poking the cloves into the apple. You can make them form a heart or make rows or whatever else you might want to do. Once you’re done, you can stick up on a shelf and let it’s enticing scent fill the air. 

Generally, I keep the apple until it begins to rot and deflate (3-4 months after making it).

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Unique handmade antique birdhouse
with peonies flowers By @FD_FOREVER 🐦🎶🏡
من الزمن الجميل 🎼
و الألحان القديمة لكوكب الشرق ام كلثوم 📻🎶 ,
من الصباحات الهادئة ☁️🌿
و رائحة القهوة التي تملئ المكان ☕
مع باقة فواحة من الأزهار و تغريد العصافير 💐🐦
استوحينا تفاصيل هذه التحفة الفنية !
وصنعناها لكم بكل اهتمام وشغف 💕

تتضمن :
بيت خشبي للعصفور بطابع فيكتوري عتيق 🏡
مزين بِأزهار الفاوانيا البهية 🌼🌸🍃
مع عصفور صغير مصنوع يدوياً من قماش الجوخ 🐦
والخط العربي بأنامل الفنانة @fardous_alhasan 👩‍🎨 .
يأتي بداخل صندوق كبير مزين بالأزهار 📦🌸
ومعه ظرف رسالة صغير ✉
يكتب بداخله الإهداء ✒  

* متوفر بكمية محدودة !
( Limted Addiction )
ونتيح شحن منتجاتنا
لجميع مدن المملكة والدول العربية ✈🚚
نستقبل طلباتكم وإستفساراتكم على ايميلنا :
EMAIL📬 fd_forever@windowslive.com


My super shelter completed - Survival Lilly - 4 minutes

ONJU - Lord Khierzeizi

Today, i feel determined to draw a detailed masterpiece as an experimental, a practice before working on my school assignment for bunting, banner and poster for my wood craft company.
At first i wasnt too happy when i started the shading, im glad the colour balance layers  adjustment has made me please, spent my 4 hours drawing this while wathing tons of Netflix movies.

DIY shadowbox: step by step

✨ Here’s how I put together the shadowbox form my crystals ✨ 

✨ Wood box - $8.99 from craft store (but most stores have coupons)

✨ Stain - $4.99

✨ Faux fur - (I can’t remember.. not to much tho probably like $3-4)

✨ Hot glue or super glue for fur

(side note you can make your own box too, I didn’t because 1. wood is expensive and 2. I don’t currently have access to shop tools)


✨  Just a plain wooden box with glass.  ✨ 

✨  I stained it a dark reddish brown. I didn’t worry about the particle board because I was covering that up.  ✨ 

✨  I lined it with a faux fur fabric. Something soft for my crystals to rest on.  ✨ 

✨  With crystals and such in it  ✨

Common Magickal Tools & Their Uses

Athame - Fire - Traditionally, a black-handled blade (much like a dagger) used to invoke entities, cast circles, and channel energy. Modern uses include trimming herbs, cutting cords for knot magick, and carving symbols into candles.

Bell - Air - Traditionally silver in color; used for cleansing, banishing negative energy from a space, or designating the beginning and end of a spell.

Broom - Air - Crafted from wood and twigs or feathers; used for both physical and magickal cleansing.

Cauldron - Water - Traditionally cast-iron; commonly used for brewing potions, burning herbs/incense/oils, or even holding candles.

Candle - Fire - Traditionally placed on an altar to represent deities but can be used to represent intent or to channel a specific energy based on color or scent. 

Censer - Air - Used to hold and dispense burning incense.

Chalice - Water - Traditionally used to hold wine but can be used to hold any liquid to be consumed during a ritual or spell.

Pentacle - Earth - Commonly seen as the center-piece on some altars; said to give the space increased magickal energy.

Staff - Air - Can be crafted from wood, ivory, and various metals, and adorned with an orb or crystal at the top to accent its inherent power; used to direct/channel energy; a larger version of the wand.

Sword - Fire - The larger version of an athame; used to direct/channel energy on a greater scale.

Wand - Air - Can be crafted from any material and decorated with various crystals and metals to accent its power; used to direct/channel energy.

compiled from my personal grimoire - not for redistribution