wood craft

Fire Wood Properties

Almond - Divination, clairvoyance, money, loans, business.

Apple - Healing, prosperity, love, perpetual, youth.

Ash - Protection, sea magick, spirit communication, good fortune.

Apricot - Love.

Aspen - Protection.

Birch - Protection, purification, fertility, conjuring, new beginnings.

Cedar - Longevity, protection, exorcism, prosperity.

Coconut - Purity, chastity, healing.

Cypress - Past life working, protection.

Elder - Healing, wisdom, protection, friendship, wealth.

Elm - Fae magick, protection, nature.

Eucalyptus - Health and healing, dreams, meditation.

Fig - Strength, fertility, energy, health, lust.

Hazel - Divination, psychic ability, marriage, trust.

Lemon - Purification, chastity, neutrality, divination.

Linden - Protection, insight.

Maple - Love, luck, divination.

Oak - Strength, longevity, cleansing, keeping evil at bay.

Olive - Fruitfulness, peace, security, fidelity, love, marriage, demonic protection.

Orange - Wealth, beauty, friendship, love.

Palm - Wisdom, happiness, sea realm.

Pine - Purification, health, fertility, clairvoyance, third eye.

Walnut - Healing, home security and blessings, instinct.

Willow - Wishes, enchantments, clarity, courage.



Artist Fixed Lamp by Jakkapun Charinrattana of Studio 248

Dimension: L.22 x D.8 x H. 8 cm

The idea is to make a lamp for an artist or a designer to use while working on his pieces. The design derives from the fixing light of the car mechanic. Adapting from the original one, this lamp is a made of solid teak wood and is handmade. It’s a work of wood craftsmanship with attention to every detail, truly a tool of an artist or a designer. Practically, the magnetic frame can be removed to change the light bulb.