wood candles

This right here? This is perfect container for spells.

Is cheap (as little as 2 cents) or even free
Can be written/painted on
Is inconspicuous
Is easily accessible
Can be lit on fire
Is biodegradable

Budget witches, secret witches, all us witches.

Plain. white. envelopes.

You can even recycle old ones. But don’t use the ones with plastic windows to burn or bury.

It’s not a weird thing to have in your house

They can even be tied around candles if you don’t fill them to much.

Envelopes are amazing


My current main altar setup. It’s a work in progress as I’m fairly new to witchcraft.

I DIYed a lot of this. I made the pentacle myself, carved the symbols on the candles, dried the herbs and collected all the tree parts.

Our tree recently lost a huge section of its upper branches thanks to 90mph winds. So I gathered a lot of branches, bark, and twigs from the downed portion. I gave offerings to the tree to thank it and ease its recovery.

Dollar store candles are super easy to spruce up. Mechanical pencils work great for carving sigils or runes into candles.

Everything I didn’t make myself was most likely an eBay purchase. You can get great deals on witch supplies there.