wood campers

The Signs as Pixies
  • Aries: Red feathery wings, extremely fast. Lives deep in the woods and when campers have a fire they will appear and dance in the flames and sparks in front of them. Sometimes they are the source of wildfires.
  • Taurus: Small, thin feathers that start dark green on the end and start to get lighter as it nears the pixies body. Lives in the trees and rarely comes to the ground so is never seen by humans. Protects birds from hunters and likes to fly with groups of birds.
  • Gemini: Very colorful, delicate, big wings that usually have at least 3 colors on them. Stay in Tall grass and are constantly moving around, enjoys playing tricks. the fastest out of all the pixies, if you ever feel a sudden gust of wind this pixie most likely just flew past you.
  • Cancer: Soft, gentle white wings, slightly resemble angel wings. Live in colder places and are only ever seen by children due to their fear of adults. Appear when children are crying to comfort them or if animals are hurt to heal them.
  • Leo: Large and wide gold wings. Stays in bright places, often seen right outside of small open areas. Leaves trails of silver for people they deem worthy that lead to cool places such as a hidden flower meadow deep in a forest, a waterfall, or a beautiful view.
  • Virgo: Clear wings with a line design in grey. Only come out in the mornings and when it is extremely foggy or misty. Live behind water falls and keep water clean. It is said that if a human stands in a foggy meadow at 5 AM this pixie will appear. It is otherwise never seen as it hides in the mist, fog, and behind its waterfall.
  • Libra: Small petal shaped wings that are either pink or purple. When born finds a garden to live in and takes care of the flowers. It is every gardeners dream to have this pixie choose their garden and is called the garden guardian.
  • Scorpio: The most magnificent wings, they look like a dark shimmering star filled sky. It only comes out at night and lives in the mountains. If it catches a human wandering around during night times it will hypnotize them and lead them deep into caves.
  • Capricorn: Thin, pale yellow oval shaped wings. Most evolved out of all pixies. Lives in tree holes and has a large set of its own tools. Rides on deers and fawns' backs and fends off ticks with its sword.
  • Sagittarius: Bright glowing wings that fade into clear as it gets closer to the body. Does not have a specific home since it always ventures into human territory and goes from city to city to explore. At night it races through parks with its glowing wings playing with the fireflies.
  • Aquarius: Sea green round flat wings with scales to help them float and swim in water. Live by the beach and digs holes in the sand to sleep. Loves to swim and glide just above the water and is extremely fast at flying. If you are ever at the beach and see dolphins it is probably because the led them there to play.
  • Pisces: Small, pale pink and blue pointed wings with scales. Live in tiny ponds and sleep in water lilies. It can hold its breath for 7 minutes and is often under water playing with the minnows. Otherwise it can be seen sunbathing or jumping on lily pads.