wood bros

  • me on the outside: I'm fine.
  • me on the inside: Legally blonde the musical was a romantic master piece. Elle Woods and Emmett Forrest were mean't to be together. The character development and chemistry on stage between them is so pure and untouched and beautiful. I am completely and totally devoted to their relationship and one day hope to find a love like that. Elle and Emmett became best friends who fell in love and that is the purest fucking thing. I refuse to let anyone tell me any different. It is the only thing that mattered then, matters now, and will matter forever into the future. Elle and Emmett's relationship will never die.

Happy belated Over the Garden Wall 6 month anniversary~!!! @u@/

After stealing my bro’s pc and some pointers from him and JohnYume, I FINALLY got this thing finished! This pic was inspired by Skimingmilk’s fanfiction called Two Reads in the Woods And if you haven’t read it yet and like OTGW then I highly recommend it~! 

This pic started off as a sketch I doodled up and wanted to color. I was going to go traditionally at first, but I felt like I could get the feel I wanted better digitally. So after 3-4 ish nights this is the end result! The background was digitally done and I must say I’m really proud of it. *u*

You can shoot me now for putting off human turtles. But in my defense my bro had a trip and I just couldn’t pass up using his pc! plz don’t kill meh…!

anti bonkai:why do people  ship bonkai?? he’s a sociopath !!

Chris Brochu :Waww Guys !! everyone chill the fuck out. Bonnie is one bad witch she can handle  herself .

anti bonkai:How do people still ship bonkai???

Chris Wood: Bro I wanna sip my bonkai please don’t kill my  vibe.

julie plec:Kai can’t be redeemed.

chris wood: Maam if damon could turn good, why not kai!!

Chris and Chris be like hey anti bonkai stay….

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New Angles for Roman Reigns Masterpost
  • He misses his family and tries to be everyone’s dad. He gets in a rivalry with Chris Jericho where they try to out-dad each other. Dean acts out because he’s sick of Roman telling him he isn’t allowed to stay out past 11
  • He’s intimidatingly handsome and all the other wrestlers feel self conscious around him. Brock Lesnar wants to destroy him because he’s afraid of beautiful things like early man witnessing fire for the first time
  • He is an actual literal werewolf. The Wyatt family wants to catch him and use him in some dark ritual. Tyler Breeze wants a werewolf pelt to make more fuzzy boots
  • Accidentally beats Xavier Woods at Super Smash Bros, refuses to give him a rematch because as long as he never plays again he has a 100% success rate, kicks off a whole beef with New Day that Dean gets dragged into.
  • Dean starts farming possums, every time he gets knocked over possums spill out of his hoodie pockets. Roman jumps in to distract his opponent, giving Dean time to collect his possums and carry them to safety. This happens so many times. Tells Dean to stop bringing his possums to every show, Dean does not take this advice well and lashes out.