wood bowl


How to make a segmented bowl. 

1) Glue up long strips of scrap wood.

2) Cut them into short equal segments with 15-degree miters (a table saw jig makes this easier and safer).

3) Glue them into rings (hose clamps work well).

4) Glue the rings into stacks. At the base of the ring stack, glue a solid piece for the bottom of the bowl and a sacrificial piece of wood that you can screw to your lathe.

5) Mount to lathe and turn it smooth.

6) Sand and finish. Voila - you have a bowl.


“Spent a good few hours chainsawing up the giant slabs today into bowl blanks. Wasn’t sure what i was going to get due to all the voids, and spaces in the timber, but ended up with a really good yield. 5 or 6 really big 12 inch plus blanks, and a heap of mailer bits. Grain is unreal, swirly, puppy, and the most intense colour. Going to get these roughed out as soon as possible, hopefully ready to finish by summer!…..”


“Finishing of the bottom of a large 18 inch sycamore shallow bowl. The base is turned in a design that makes use of the aesthetic of the groove that must be cut to accept the chuck, as once the inside of the bowl is completed , i have no good way of re-attaching such a large bowl to finish the underside as I do on smaller bowls. Its sanded, taken off the lathe, branded, then put back on the lathe for a final sand and oil!…..”