wood block house


“Welcome To My Humble Abode…”

Took me a little while to build, trying to get the colors to blend and all that. This photoset shows the exterior during the day as well as my downstairs kitchen, my upstairs bedroom, and my attic storage. The final shot shows the hatch that will lead down to my basement–which we’ll get to in the second part of this post.

(Screenshots by JohnTreeBlogz - “My Life in the Woods”)

P.S. Sorry for not posting much yesterday, will be posting much more today though!


The printing room at Ganden Monastery

One of the upper buildings of Ganden Monastery (Tibet’s first Gelugpa monastery, founded by Tsongkhapa) holds the engraved wood blocks used to print the pecha - religious texts - used in Ganden and other Gelugpa sect monasteries around Lhasa. 

Because the blocks are carved with scriptures they are held sacred by Tibetans, who stick money in between them and touch their heads reverently to the blocks.

It is a library of single wooden pages, that read individually would mean little - a whole wall-full of blocks are needed to create a single text. 

Seeing this room made me truly appreciate the effort it must have taken to recreate such wood-blocks and texts following the cultural revolution, during which many were destroyed or stolen. This printing house is one of the few that still exists and functions these days.