wood between the worlds

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Polly Plummer? Have you ever met a little girl who has as much common sense as she does? With the exception of taking taking a ring from Uncle Andrew (which she needed to do in order to get the plot going), Polly never seems to act without thinking. Polly is the one who thinks to mark the home pool in the wood between the worlds, preventing Digory and herself from becoming trapped. Polly doesn’t give into the magic of the bell in the Hall of Images, and tries to stop Digory from hitting it. It’s Polly who remembers the toffee in her pocket. Yet Polly is also brave and kind. She’s always willing to try another adventure, as long as Digory’s game too and she goes with Digory to get the apple, even though she certainly didn’t have to, and is perfectly willing to forgive Digory for the Hall of Images. In short, I want to be friends with Polly Plummer.


Split-Head Crow: One of several species noted to wander outside of the wood, these bird-like creatures are easily mistaken for mundane corvids when their heads are shut.  They have even been observed to co-mingle with mundane species of corvids, and are only easily discerned from their doppelgangers by noting their inability to feed.  Whether keeping their heads clamped shut serves as some variety of deliberate camouflage among mundane creatures or is simply a byproduct of their own internal morphology.  The relationship between the Darkening Wood and the mundane world remains unclear yet.


Petrified Chromium Wood (Araucarioxylon arizonicum) - From a locality near Winslow, Navajo County, Arizona

From one of the oddest finds of Petrified wood in the world, this Conifer tree existed between 65 and 200 million years ago during the Triassic Era. When the tree died and was becoming petrified, it became exposed to the mineral Chromium (same mineral which colors Emeralds). Native Americans were the first to find the material and used it in jewelry making but kept the location a secret until it was eventually rediscovered and authenticated by the Smithsonian. These specimens are natural hygrometers. When dry they become a very light pale green and when wet or exposed to humidity they turn a deep green.

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prologue- ace attorney:justice for all| k.k. dirge- animal crossing new leaf| dark palace- legend of zelda: a link between worlds| giygas battle- earthbound| ghost house- super mario 3d world| irene’s theme- legend of zelda: a link between worlds| ikana valley- legend of zelda: majora’s mask| lost woods- legend of zelda: a link between worlds| luigi’s mansion theme- super smash bros brawl| haunted house- super mario 64| torn world- pokemon diamond and pearl| ghostly galaxy- super mario galaxy| shadow temple- legend of zelda: ocarina of time| cave- terranigma| marble gallery- castlevania: symphony of the night| 

Khruschev, Nikita (1894 - 1971)

Marilyn met the Soviet leader on September 19, 1959, when he visited Twentieth Century-Fox studios as part of his tour of America. She was so keen to take part in the event that she flew in from New York, and despite the customary hours getting made up and coiffed for the luncheon, for once she arrived early at the studios, where the Soviet delegation and many other Hollywood luminaries dined on the set of Can-Can.

When they were introduced, Khruschev squeezed her hand and told her, through a translator, that she was a very lovely young lady. After greeting him in Russian - she had been coached by Natalie Wood - Marilyn expressed her wish for world peace and better relations between the superpowers. She also conveyed her husband Arthur Miller’s greetings. Reportedly Marilyn later told New York maid Lena Pepitone that Khruschev was “fat and ugly and had warts on his face and growled.”

During the meal, studio head Spyros Skouras told Khruschev that America was a land where he had arrived with nothing and became chief of a powerful studio; Khruschev replied that he, the son of a poor coal miner, now ran the entire Soviet Union. Arthur Miller tells us in his autobiography, “Marilyn thought that a fantastic reply; like her, Khruschev was odd man out.”

Khruschev reportedly once said that America could be summed up by baseball, Coca Cola, and Marilyn Monroe.

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.

inspired by pixlokita‘s lovely design for Shira Mori as a kitsune! <3

headcanon time: Shira Mori is also a kitsune and was actually assigned to be Mystery’s guardian. which is also why she is the one to hunt him down after he escapes. :v (i got the kitsune thing from the lotus she holds in her hand, actually. I like to imagine it’s her hoshi no tama when she’s in that human-like form we see her in, and that the nine petals represent her nine tails. could be way off on this, but it’s just a headcanon)

she governs a forest that is sort of an in-between realms type of place (like the Wood Between the Worlds in Narnia); a central point giving access to all realms, and a place for lost souls to go when they die, where they are then directed to their respective afterlives.

there is a lot more to this headcanon oh god. i will spare you the details here, but i guess if you want to know the rest you could just message me or something