wood between the worlds


I don’t know if anyone else has done this before but here goes.

The pink dimension that connects Lion’s mane and Lars’ hair reminded me of the Wood between the Worlds in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Magician’s Nephew. It’s a world composed of a forest where you can submerge in the many ponds to be transported to other worlds, while holding a special ring.
The mechanics are different but the basic concept is the same. The imagery is so powerful it stayed with me all these years.

I suppose it’s a much larger, authorless idea though. The Nightmare Before Christmas and Spyro also come to mind. Does anyone remember other examples?

narnia has so much history and potential for side stories that we never talk about. like jadis and her sister?? ALL of charn tbh. Mrs. Lefay!! she is the reason anyone got to narnia. every single pool in the wood between the worlds. there’s just so much to discuss and this is only halfway through the magician’s nephew


Split-Head Crow: One of several species noted to wander outside of the wood, these bird-like creatures are easily mistaken for mundane corvids when their heads are shut.  They have even been observed to co-mingle with mundane species of corvids, and are only easily discerned from their doppelgangers by noting their inability to feed.  Whether keeping their heads clamped shut serves as some variety of deliberate camouflage among mundane creatures or is simply a byproduct of their own internal morphology.  The relationship between the Darkening Wood and the mundane world remains unclear yet.

    Can we take a moment to appreciate Polly Plummer? Have you ever met a little girl who has as much common sense as she does? With the exception of taking taking a ring from Uncle Andrew (which she needed to do in order to get the plot going), Polly never seems to act without thinking. Polly is the one who thinks to mark the home pool in the wood between the worlds, preventing Digory and herself from becoming trapped. Polly doesn’t give into the magic of the bell in the Hall of Images, and tries to stop Digory from hitting it. It’s Polly who remembers the toffee in her pocket. Yet Polly is also brave and kind. She’s always willing to try another adventure, as long as Digory’s game too and she goes with Digory to get the apple, even though she certainly didn’t have to, and is perfectly willing to forgive Digory for the Hall of Images. In short, I want to be friends with Polly Plummer.

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How can I better visualize my headspace? I can never see anything solid, I overthink everything I experience and it changes too rapidly for me to process what I'm seeing/hearing.feeling. I feel like the more I focus on what's going on inside my head, the more I get confused and make stuff up and can't tell the difference between what my soulbond says and what I /want/ my soulbond to say. This ask is kind of all over the place, I'm sorry D:

Lets see here ^^

For visualizing headspace: 

  • Start small, that’s really important, especially if you don’t feel like its coming naturally for you. Don’t try to create something any bigger than the size of a large room at first.
  • Base the first area of your headspace on somewhere you’re already familiar with, whether real or imaginary. Your bedroom, a favorite location in a book or movie works well. The original nucleus of my own headspace was a small green grove clearing, with a natural pool in the center, based on the Wood Between Worlds from the Magician’s Nephew.

  • Details aren’t always important. The ‘front room’ of my personal headspace is simply a dim area with a couch, and a standing lamp on a rug. One circle of light in a dark space. The pattern on the couch shifts continually.

  • Your headspace should be somewhere safe and comfortable. The fixed details that you create should reflect this.

  • Focus on each sense individually. First nail down what the space looks like. After you have that firmly, then work on hearing the ambient sound. After that’s fixed in your mind, work on touch, and then smell. (I leave taste up to your discretion ;) )

  • Don’t worry about ‘making up’ your headspace, unlike your soulbonds, your headspace is completely malleable and can be changed and shifted around to whatever you like.

  • When you’re first visualizing headspace, don’t try to communicate with bonds/headmates at the same time, since the concentration needed might throw off your internal ‘hearing’. Wait until you’ve got a fairly stable headspace to do that.

And for worrying that you’re making up what you want your soulbonds to say, don’t be afraid to ask them more than once. Try to clear your mind. Be on the look out for doubling/overtalking. If you’re not sure you can trust words, reach for the feelings your soulbond is giving off. Those are much harder to mistake.

A man makes it his life work to design and create a bomb such that it would eliminate all those who exploited and oppressed him.  

In order for such work to be safely and clandestinely carried out, he retreats into the deep dark woods between the mountains.  

Cut off from the world, he works day and night, in trial and error developing his craft. 

Unbeknown to him, the revolution he so longed for has come and gone.  His oppressors have been executed or exiled.

Finally, after many years of work, he has perfected his art.  Upon returning to the world, he finds his oppressors are no more and a society wholly alien to him.  


Soy hija de la mujer que transnocha
I am the daughter of La Llorona and
I am La Llorona herself,
I am the monster’s child and monstrous.
Abandoned by my mother culture for being queer,orphaned, I left behind las tierras arenosas and now find myself in a dark wood. Between home and the world…

—  Llorona Coyolxauhqui

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I agree. More hcs on other characters besides the Pevensies. Hmm, let's see. What's some headcanons on Digory and Polly?


- if you don’t think that they had a thing for each other, then you’re lying
- they were that typical old married couple type, even when they were younger
- their crushes developed at a different times, though
- digory started to like polly sometime after their tween years, when he started to see girls as more than just friends
- polly didn’t know when she started to like digory but she knew that she didn’t realize it until after they both had to move away from each other for their university studies
- neither admitted their feelings for each other, though, afraid the other didn’t return the feeling
- they were able to remain the best of friends, however
- they would send each other a letter every day when they were off in their studies
- and spend their holidays together
- when digory inherited the family mansion, he invited polly and her family over to the countryside for holidays
- there, polly would meet digory’s younger cousin, the future mrs. macready
- digory and polly’s friendship remained strong throughout their adulthood, even as digory continued his studies to become a professor and polly went off to explore the world as a pilot in the royal air force
- when they were older, they would constantly visit each other and visit old friends together
- digory has quickly sent a telegram to polly when the pevensie children had told him that they’d visited narnia
- polly had been unable to meet the pevensies at that time but had spent several hours with digory in deep conversation speaking about narnia
- they were both ecstatic to be able to return to narnia even though it meant that they had to die before they could go
- they had both been flattered to be crowned king and queen of narnia alongside the pevensies and eustace and jill but refused
- it was an honor that they didn’t feel they deserved
- after some insistence, they accepted the titles but only the titles
- they didn’t feel themselves fit to rule
- it was in aslan’s country that the two confessed their love for each other
- nobody else was surprised it
- they were only surprised that it hadn’t happened earlier
- the two lived happily together, going through different ponds in the wood between worlds
- discovering new worlds together as they had half a century before

Khruschev, Nikita (1894 - 1971)

Marilyn met the Soviet leader on September 19, 1959, when he visited Twentieth Century-Fox studios as part of his tour of America. She was so keen to take part in the event that she flew in from New York, and despite the customary hours getting made up and coiffed for the luncheon, for once she arrived early at the studios, where the Soviet delegation and many other Hollywood luminaries dined on the set of Can-Can.

When they were introduced, Khruschev squeezed her hand and told her, through a translator, that she was a very lovely young lady. After greeting him in Russian - she had been coached by Natalie Wood - Marilyn expressed her wish for world peace and better relations between the superpowers. She also conveyed her husband Arthur Miller’s greetings. Reportedly Marilyn later told New York maid Lena Pepitone that Khruschev was “fat and ugly and had warts on his face and growled.”

During the meal, studio head Spyros Skouras told Khruschev that America was a land where he had arrived with nothing and became chief of a powerful studio; Khruschev replied that he, the son of a poor coal miner, now ran the entire Soviet Union. Arthur Miller tells us in his autobiography, “Marilyn thought that a fantastic reply; like her, Khruschev was odd man out.”

Khruschev reportedly once said that America could be summed up by baseball, Coca Cola, and Marilyn Monroe.

- The Marilyn Encyclopedia by Adam Victor.

Narnia came to me when I was a bit older, a junior in high school. But I was immediately enthralled with it. It’s been about 8 years since then, and Narnia has stayed with me. A warm breeze will always remind of Aslan’s breath, a silent wood of the Wood Between the Worlds, and lampposts will always fill my heart with magic. I hope all of this stays with me until I’m very, very old.

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Mileven 26

“Ways You Said I Love You” Prompt #26: Broken, as you clutch the sleeve of my jacket and beg me not to leave. 

Dear @eggosanddragons: I’m think you’ll like this. There’s some angst & some, ahem, lost brother business. Cheers! 

It’s been another week of hell; another week of grotesque monsters, some faceless and some with seven heads; another week of children with gifts they shouldn’t have, terrible and dangerous. It’s vividly familiar, except this time, they’re sixteen and their fight has taken them to the Hawkins Public Library. 

Drained and very nearly defeated, Mike rests on his haunches, trying to catch his breath and think up a plan. Ducked between the the R and S shelves in fiction, he’s leaning a good portion of his weight on a familiar baseball bat that is dark with the blood of otherworldly creatures, questionable chunks of fleshy matter oozing from the nails that stick out of the split wood at odd angles. Beside him, Eleven leans against the tall bookshelf, her breathing heavy, a bloody hammer laying discarded by her feet. It’s of no more use to her. Not here.

The remainder of their clan and their improvised weaponry (axes, crowbars, and a particularly handy crossbow) are on the other side of town, in the woods behind Will’s house where the barrier between worlds is exceptionally delicate and mutable. That is where the monsters are, mostly beaten and burning away into the night. But Twelve is here, in the library, where El had tracked him to and where Mike had followed her because he would follow her anywhere.

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Petrified Chromium Wood (Araucarioxylon arizonicum) - From a locality near Winslow, Navajo County, Arizona

From one of the oddest finds of Petrified wood in the world, this Conifer tree existed between 65 and 200 million years ago during the Triassic Era. When the tree died and was becoming petrified, it became exposed to the mineral Chromium (same mineral which colors Emeralds). Native Americans were the first to find the material and used it in jewelry making but kept the location a secret until it was eventually rediscovered and authenticated by the Smithsonian. These specimens are natural hygrometers. When dry they become a very light pale green and when wet or exposed to humidity they turn a deep green.

Free Riding Wood

There is town on the edge of the woods.  In that town, there lives a baker named Jack.  He lives with his young nephew, Gavin, whom he was requested to look after by the boy’s parents.  

Gavin isn’t much like the other boys.  He coveted the pretty dresses and skirts and the pink that the girls would wear, and so they were what he was given.  He wasn’t very much liked after that – the weird British boy in the red skirts who commented on how cute the other boys were.  Gavin quickly learned that other people were awful and would judge you for what you wore and who you liked.

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My interpretation of the 4 walls MV

- In the beginning, the four girls are on their own, all occupying the same space but in different dimensions 

- Everything they do is in sync and that holds the dimensions together

- But then the first deviation or crack in space-time is when Amber freezes and drops the cup that she was supposed to place on the counter 

- In Krystal’s dimension, she did place her cup on her counter there but because Amber went out of sync, the cup that was supposed to be there vanishes when she pours the water. Because it’s broken on Amber’s floor in her dimension. 

- Because the crack in space-time has now reached Krystal, she freezes too and that causes the water that she was pouring to spill onto the floor 

- This causes water to manifest in Vic’s dimension when there was previously none so she slips and falls on it 

- The way I look at it, when the girls go out of sync, they freeze but the world around them continues to move like Amber’s cup that continued to fall and Krystal water that continued to flow 

- Anyway, moving on to the woods 

- The woods is an inter-dimensional space that connects the dimensions together (think The Woods Between The Worlds in Narnia’s The Magician’s Nephew) 

 - This is where they’re able to encounter each other but everything is still just slightly out of sync with each other 

- This is why no one else is moving when they find each other 

- Because they’re looking through the cracks

- When Luna steps on Amber’s broken cup, I think this is when she started to figure it out (imo, Luna was the first to figure things out) 

- I think the pond that Krystal fell in caused some sort of time-space distortion because when Vic/Luna surfaced from the bath, it seems to be the night before (broke down the 4 walls of the dimension barriers) 

- When they wake up, the four dimensions have melded together so they’re all running to catch the cup before it falls to prevent the crack from existing in the first place 

- You can see it’s Luna who starts running but then Amber is also shown running but it’s Vic who is shown to catch the cup from past!Amber 


 - There also seems to be a Vic/Luna and Amber/Krystal mirror where the pairings are more closely connected (like it was speculated when the teasers came out) 

- Amber and Krystal’s cup/water scene directly connects with each other but this deviation had no effect on Luna and Victoria until Vic slipped on the water 

- Luna was not the person who fell, Vic was, but later, it shows Luna frozen while falling when Amber finds her 

- Luna and Vic are also the only two people shown in the bathtub mirroring each other 

- Krystal’s connection is also shown to be weaker with Luna and Vic because she sees this scene in the pond instead of the bathtub

- Mirror. They mirror each other.