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Races of The Elder Scrolls as dogs and cats

Imperial - Weimaraner

Breton - Scottish Deerhound

Redguard - Rhodesian Ridgeback

Nord - Jämthund

Altmer (High Elf) - Oriental Shorthair

Bosmer (Wood Elf) - Abyssinian

Dunmer (Dark Elves) - Ukrainian Levkoy

Orsimer (Orcs) - Pallas’s Cat

Khajiit - This Cat

Argonian - ???

Dear Mr. President

Mr. President how do you feel about the women’s march in
Gold Canyon
Green Valley
Little Rock


Beverly Hills
Borrego Springs
Fort Bragg
June Lake
Kings Beach
Laguna Beach
Los Angeles
Mt. Shasta
Redondo Beach
San Clemente
San Diego
San Francisco
San Jose
San Leandro
San Luis Obispo
San Marcos
Santa Ana
Santa Barbara
Santa Cruz
Santa Rosa
Walnut Creek

Colorado Springs
Glenwood Springs
Grand Junction
Steamboat Springs

East Haddam
Old Saybrook


Daytona Beach
Fernandina Beach
Key West
Miami Beach
New Smyrna Beach
Panama City
Saint Petersburg
St. Augustine
West Palm Beach




Idaho Falls


Fort Wayne
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods
South Bend

Des Moines
Iowa City



New Orleans

Ocean City
Ann Arbor
Grand Rapids
Grosse Pointe
Traverse City

St. Paul

Kansas City
St. Louis

Miles City

Loup City

Las Vegas


Asbury Park
Pompton Plains

Fort Sumner
Las Cruces
Santa Fe
Truth or Consequences

Glens Falls
New York
Port Jefferson Station
Port Jervis
Sag Harbor
Seneca Falls

Black Mountain
New Bern
New Bern
West Jefferson

Grand Forks


Oklahoma City

Coos Bay
La Grande


San Juan



Rapid City
Sioux Falls

Oak Ridge

Corpus Christi, Texas
Eagle Pass
El Paso
Fort Worth
San Antonio
Wichita Falls

Park City
Salt Lake City
St George


St. John

Bainbridge Island
Friday Harbor
Mount Vernon
Port Townsend
Walla Walla


Eau Claire






Mexico City


Washington D.C. On your front door

And many, many more

2.6 million people took part in 673 marches in all 50 states and 32 countries, from Belarus to New Zealand.

Dear Mr. President,

Welcome to the revolution, you are not welcome here.

Kitchen Table

You’re drunk and horny and Harry just wants to get home before you get it on but you need it now

The bar was loud; you were pretty sure it was louder now than what it was when you first got there. Or maybe it was just the alcohol making your head throb slightly and every sound seemed intensified. Although this sound sensitivity was applicable to the music playing, it also affected how easily you heard Harry’s small groans in your ear as you danced. Your ass was pressed harshly against his front as you moved your hips, not caring that Harry was struggling to move his with the same, unsteady rhythm you were dancing to.

You weren’t plastered drunk, no, but the couple drinks built up your confidence just enough so that you could temporarily put aside your usually nagging insecurities. Instead, you felt less afraid to dance like this with Harry. Less afraid of telling him what you really want. This mix of being just drunk enough to really know what you’re doing and not stumbling all over the place, and being just tipsy enough to let your anxiety fade was a beautiful mix. And you had plans to make tonight as fun as you could.

The song changed, and Harry leaned in to put his lips by your ear and speak,

“Your rhythm is terrible.” He chuckled, and you spun around dramatically.

“My rhythm? No way! I’m a great dancer.” You laughed loudly, smiling up at him. He was quick to return the smile.

“Maybe you just think that ‘cause you’re drunk.” Harry was the designated driver, but he didn’t mind. Seeing you tipsy was always so entertaining to him.

“I’m not drunk.” You pouted, a little drunk.

“Yeah, sure babe. You’re completely sober.”

The smile on his face momentarily surprised you by how beautiful it was. Whenever you drank, he seemed that much more attractive, if that was even possible. You matched his smile and daringly ran your pointer finger down the expanse of his chest.

“Don’t make fun of me!” You demanded playfully as your finger now made its way to his hard abdomen. His eyes slightly widened as you kept the movement downward, and once your finger brushed against the button on his jeans his large hand moved to grab yours.

“We’re in public, pet.”

You could tell he was trying his best to maintain the playful mood from earlier, but the lust in his eyes was threatening to take over.

“I want you now, Harry.” You spoke as you looked up at him through your lashes and brought your bottom lip between your teeth. His eyes widened for a moment as he processed what you said. Instead of taking your request seriously, as you’d anticipated, he instead laughed loudly. It only caused you to pout more and yank your hand from his grip that he had on it.

“Is it funny to you that I want my boyfriend? Is it funny that all I want is for you to bend me over and fu-“

His hand quickly covered your mouth and you continued your filthy speech into his hand. His gaze was serious, and you smiled into his hand at the response you were finally getting. Now that your hand was free again, you wasted no time moving it to palm him through his jeans. It didn’t take long before the hand that wasn’t covering your mouth moved to roughly pull your hand from the crotch of his jeans.

“Stop it.” He ordered, and the tone of his voice made you quiver and press your thighs together. Tonight, all you wanted was this Harry. The Harry that told you what to do instead of asked. You gave him the best puppy dog eyes you could as his fiery green ones stared into yours harshly.

“We’re leaving.” He demanded, and removed his hand from your mouth to start to pull you through the crowd and outside. His hold on your hand was soft enough that you knew he was being careful not to hurt you, but hard enough that there was no way you could escape it had you wanted to. But you didn’t want to.

Once outside, his free hand ran through the curls on his head and he let out a deep breath. The parking lot wasn’t large, so it was easy to find the car.

He opened the door and pushed you in, buckling the seatbelt over you. You felt like you were getting punished for something, but it didn’t bother you. Instead, you giggled to yourself as he made his way to the driver’s side and got in. Before he started the car, he looked over at you and shook his head.

“Why do you have to do things like that when we’re out?” He questioned, although his stern demeanor from earlier was long gone. In its place was a smirk, an angelic smirk that put his dimples on full display. For the second time that night, you had to press your thighs together to relieve some of the pressure building inside you. He was just so perfect, that it blew your mind he was with you. Before you responded, you took your sweet time looking from his face down to his chest, clad in a plain black tee shirt, and down to the growing bulge in his jeans. Involuntarily, you bit your lip and slowly moved your eyes back up to his waiting gaze.

“It’s just ‘cause I want you inside me is all.” You tried to act innocent as you spoke, but you knew it failed miserably. Without responding, he started the car.

“Waaaiiitttt” you slurred, and he halted his actions to allow you to speak, “I need you now.” You finished, looking up at him hopefully. Unfortunately, he didn’t look to be interested in your offer.

“I’m not fucking you in the car in this shitty parking lot.” He grumbled, but the growing hardness in his jeans told you otherwise. He shifted the car into drive and began to drive from the parking lot as you frowned at him. You were certain he could sense the frown you were giving him as he drove.

“If you aren’t gonna touch me, maybe I’ll just get myself off.” You huffed loudly, hoping to get a reaction from him. Yet, he didn’t even look over when he responded.

“We’re like ten minutes from home, can’t you wait?”

The alcohol in your veins definitely was what allowed you to prop your right leg up on the dashboard. The dress you were wearing quickly rode up to your hips and left both of your legs bare, and your black lacy underwear on full display for both you and Harry.

His head turned to look at you, his gaze lingering a little longer on the panties you were wearing, before he moved his eyes back to the road.

“Don’t even think about it.” He spoke harshly, and you smiled to yourself. He finally was understanding just how bad you wanted him. The whole night, all you could think about was how good it would feel to have him bend you over the bar counter and pound into you until you couldn’t remember how to walk. The thought drove you to move your finger to the wetness between your legs.

Without bothering to move the fabric, your finger began to circle your clit in a motion similar to the way Harry normally does it. He didn’t realize you disobeyed his order until his wide eyes abruptly looked over to you. Your eyes were closed, but you knew he struggled to keep his eyes on the road. The quiet car was now filled with your breathy moans. You pressed harder into your clit and it elicited a drawn out whimper from your throat.

“Oh, Harry.” You breathed out his name loudly. By now, your hips were moving up to meet your fingers with each circle.

You opened your eyes to see his grip on the steering wheel so tight his knuckles were turning white. His jaw was clenched. Outside, you noticed you were no farther than a couple minutes from home. This is when you had to make it count.

Moving your panties aside just enough to press one finger into your throbbing heat, you began to repeat his name over and over with a string of curses connecting them.

“Stop it. Now.” He barked the order at you, and instead of continuing the prior rebellious attitude you had, you obeyed. Once your legs were back where they should be, he visibly relaxed.

“I’m dripping for you, Harry.” You turned to face him and run your finger across his forearm.

“Are you gonna take good care of me when we get home?”

He gulped loudly. Now, the driveway was only about a hundred yards away.

He didn’t answer as you pulled into the driveway. He took his time shutting the car off and getting out. You didn’t have time to think before he opened your door, unbuckled your seatbelt, and helped you out of the car. His wrapped his arm around your waist as he unlocked the door and walked you both inside. You stood in the hallway awkwardly, not sure what exactly to expect from him tonight. Normally, he would’ve fucked you by now, either up against the wall or in the bathroom stall at the bar. Instead, he kicked his boots off and went into the kitchen to fill up a glass with water from the faucet. You gulped, now nervous.

“A-are you mad at me? I’m sorry I d-“ you began to ramble, but the look on his face stopped your speech.

“You want to be bent over, huh?” He said it casually, almost as if you were talking about what your favorite color was. You coughed, not sure what to say to him now.

“Uhm, well yeah.”

The confidence from earlier was now wearing off, and you didn’t like it.

“You want me to bend you over and fuck you from behind, that it? Is that why you had to put on that little show in the car?”

You didn’t respond as he finished his water, put the glass in the sink, and walked over to stand in front of you. You nodded shyly.

His thumb and forefinger gripped your chin to force you to look up at him; his eyes were dark.

“Does my baby girl want me to fuck her so good that she’ll feel me for days?” He questioned, his tone softening ever so slightly. You took a deep breath and tried to muster some of the confidence from earlier.

“All night I’ve been thinking about how good your cock stretches me out.”

At that, his grip on your chin only tightened, and you would’ve flinched had you not been positively aching for him.

He didn’t answer but instead led the both of you into the dining room. The only light was from the hallway, and it barely illuminated the dark wood of the table.

“Bend over.”

Him saying it now, with the rasp in his voice he only got when he was ready to fuck you, made you let out a heavy breath. His words alone made your insides clench.

You were quick to do what he asked, and you bet at the hips to lay your stomach flat against the table. From this position, you couldn’t see what he was doing behind you. But the vulnerability of it all made you shiver in anticipation.

“Good girl.” He murmured, and moved to pull your dress up around your hips and pull your panties down your legs, letting them pool at your feet. You couldn’t help but squirm under his gaze.

“You weren’t lying. You’re actually dripping for me.” He spoke in awe, and he trailed his hands up the middle of your thighs to brush against the pooling wetness. He hadn’t even touched you, and you were already ready to explode. His large fingers now brushed against your folds and the soft touch was enough to make your knees buckle. It took a moment before you could straighten them again.

Now, his fingers began to run up and down your slit, not yet pressing into your clit or entering you. He was teasing. And even though he was hardly touching you, you were practically panting against the table beneath you. You squirmed and attempted to move your hips against his fingers.

At this, his thick finger pressed inside you. You let out a prolonged moan at the sensation, and your thighs began to tremble. His finger began to leisurely move in and out of you.

“Is this what you wanted, baby girl? Wanted my fingers knuckle deep in you? I can feel you clenching around me already.” His voice was incredibly husky, and you knew how much restraint it took him to not just pull out his cock and fuck you already. Instead, he wanted to tease you just like you teased him in the car.

His words made you clench harder around him and a loud “please, Harry” to escape from your lips. Your hands were now stretched above your head to grip onto the edge of the table to keep you from collapsing.

Without warning, his other hand moved to put pressure on your throbbing clit. You gasped loudly, back arching. The combination of his two hands moving in synch was too much for you and you immediately neared your orgasm. He was watching you closely, however, watching for the tell-tale signs you were about to come. Once your thighs began to shake and your grip on the edge of the table tightened, he suddenly stopped. At the loss of contact, you let out a guttural groan of disappointment.

“Shhh. Patience, baby girl.”

You heard the sound of fabric hitting the floor and the sound of a zipper. You didn’t dare look back at him, it was too risky that he would tease you again. Instead, you waited for him, and it wasn’t long before you felt his thickness pressing against your opening.

Without entering you, he moved his head up and down your slit, collecting your wetness on the tip.

“H-harry, I need you inside me.” You breathed out heavily, desperate.

“Are you gonna be a good girl and take all of me?”

You let a string of yes’s fall from your lips. That was all the answer he needed as he pressed into you. His cock stretched you out so much better than his finger, and the sensation made the muscles in your stomach flex.

“You’re so fucking tight.” He gasped. The new position allowed him to thrust deeply into you, reaching spots that made your vision blurry. His hips harshly rammed into yours as he gripped onto your hips to guide himself. You were certain you would be able to see his fingers on your flesh tomorrow due to the strength of his hold.

His pace only seemed to quicken, and you couldn’t hold back your whimpers for him. One of his hands moved to grip the hair at the back of your head and pull. You gasped at the uncomfortable position you were put in, but the overwhelming sensation of him throbbing inside of you occupied your senses instead.

“You take me so well, fuck.” He groaned loudly behind you. His words made you clench around him. His breathing sped up as a result. Although the position you were in was amazing, you couldn’t help but wish you could see his face. You knew his jaw would be clenched, and that little wrinkle would be prominent between his eyebrows.

As your climax edged closer, your moans got louder and louder with each thrust. When he moved a hand around your hips to press a rough finger against your clit, you pressed your thighs together and screamed his name. He pulled out so just his tip was inside you before pushing in again, seemingly deeper than before. He kept at this pace for a few more thrusts as you felt your orgasm building in the pit of your stomach.

“Be a good girl and come around my cock.” His voice was tense, and you could sense he was nearing his high as well.

With a final thrust of his hips, you finally came hard around him. Your eyes squeezed shut as you tensed around him, raising up on your tip toes as you rode out your high. His thick cock inside you was positively pulsating as your walls clenched around him and his fingers rubbed you through your climax, dragging the sensation on for an incredible amount of time. Above you, you heard a loud groan as he came inside you. It took a couple seconds before either of you were down from your high enough to move from the position you were in.

After he pulled out of you and helped you stand up straight, he yanked his boxers back up his legs. His jeans were at the floor with his shirt and your panties. Before he could so much as speak, you wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into a kiss. The fire behind it was undeniable, and although it wasn’t meant to lead to anything, the real love behind it made you shiver. You really did love him so much.

The kiss deepened and it was cut off when you began to smile against his lips. He pulled back, a similar smile on his face.

“What?” He laughed, moving to push some stray hairs behind your ear.

In that moment, looking deep into his happy eyes, you had never been more content.

“I just love you is all.”

“You’re just saying that ‘cause I fuck you good.” He laughed loudly and pressed a kiss against your nose. “But yeah, I love you too.”

We were attempting to quietly get inside a castle to kill they're psychotic king and save a dragonborn princess...

DM: The door is locked and cannot be picked. 

Paladin (Half-Orc): I choose to break the door open quietly.

DM: You can’t just…break a door quietly.

Fighter (Human): What if he bends the door from the top?


Fighter: Well we know that, but does the door know that?

DM: You can’t be serious.

Cleric (Harpy): Yeah who says the door knows it can’t bend!

DM: For fuck sake fine I’ll roll for the DOOR’S intelligence.

(rolls a 1)

DM: Oh my fucking god.

Paladin: Hell yeah! All right so I quietly bend the door open…

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Here's a dumb idea: Mighty Ranger Danger opens for Pop Superstar Tommy Oliver

A typical backstage encounter while Ranger Danger is touring with Tommy Is A Girl’s Name:

“Found it!” Zack announces triumphantly, holding up his phone. “Our Article Title of The Week. I know it’s only Wednesday, but I’m calling it now.” 

This has become a Thing that Zack does.

Turns out, the boy has a gift for finding the absolute worst tweets/posts/articles that reference one or more of them (either in Ranger Danger or Power Ranger form), to the delight of pretty much no one but Zack himself. It’s caused some real trauma; none of the Rangers are sure they’ve recovered from a particularly disturbing tweet involving Jason’s abs and an ice cream sundae. (Jason had hit the ‘block’ button with enough force to break the computer mouse.) 

And yet Zack persists. He even clears his throat. 

“Popstar Lesbian Love Triangle? Tommy Oliver Spotted Cozying Up with Ranger Danger Ladies!”

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Mike and El (!!!) and 6 for the asks, please, I'm in dire need of more Mileven (but literally when am I not)

The first time he hugs her, it’s brief and chaste and she’s sobbing in his arms — as a matter of fact, it’s not really a hug so much as holding her up to keep her from falling; week kneed and blurry eyed she sags against his body for the shortest of moments, and then pulls back, because for whatever reason she fears breaking him, and he needs to see her — really see her, because Jesus Christ, she’s back. She’s not dead. And it’s not how he imagined it at all, the contact, but it’s enough. Because she’s real.

Their first real hug — warm, loving, desperate — comes later. They’re fourteen, and it’s late. Eleven is curled up in her fort alone, sketching the way Will’s been teaching her. That’s when Mike storms down into the basement. His feet slam against the rickety wood, which bends beneath his exaggerated weight. Within seconds he’s ripped off his coat, and plopped facedown into the couch.

Eleven leans forward, setting aside her papers, and stares at him. “Mike? Are you okay?”

He jumps, and rounds on her. “El! What are you—?”

“Nancy let me in,” Eleven explains, slipping out of the fort. She walks over to him, sits beside him, and takes his hand (in that moment, they both vaguely recall the day she killed the demogorgon, when she lay on the table in the science classroom, and he made her promises he couldn’t keep). “Mike?”

She’s pressing and she knows it, but she can’t help it. He’s on the verge of tears and she needs to know why. She can’t help if she doesn’t know why.

“It’s nothing,” he whispers, curling up into a ball and closing his eyes. “Just nothing.”

“Nothing doesn’t make you hurt,” she argues.

Mike is stubbornly silent, but El is patient. She waits, beginning to accept the fact that he just doesn’t want to tell her, or talk about it, when he speaks.

“I didn’t think you were here,” he confesses. “I didn’t know…”

He looks away, biting his lip, tears beginning to form in his eyes. “Lucas was getting on my case about something. It’s fine — I’ll get over it, I promise.”

He wants to cap it at that, and she knows it. El almost let’s him; he looks so pitiful laying there like that. She gently, gently runs a hand through his hair. The touch is so light it shouldn’t even be considered touch, but their eyes lock. It’s innocent, but it’s bordering on territory they’ve not crossed since November two years ago.


“El,” he replies, with just a hint of deadpan. It’s in his nature, he can’t help it. He squeezes her hand, and then withdraws his own.

El purses her lips. She knows he’s leaving something out — probably the major source of his discomfort. If it were anyone else, she would let them be. She knows very well, painfully well, what it feels like to be trapped within yourself. But she knows that Mike will only keep it to himself, add it to the pile of pain in his chest, until it all explodes with the lightest feather weight.

She leans over him, determined. When Mike turns, they’re so close their noses touch. She thinks nothing of it, but for some reason his cheeks redden dramatically. “Please tell me?”

“I-I… El—” he breaks off, gathering a breath. “I just… Lucas wants to know when I’m gonna ask you out, okay? But you probably don’t even know what that means, though, do you?”

El sits back up, frowning in frustration at the limitations of her vocabulary. “No,” she admits, folding her arms over her chest. “What does it mean?”

“Go on a date,” Mike chokes out, averting his eyes.

El frowns. She knows what that means, at least. “Oh,” she whispers. “Wh-why would Lucas…?”

“He didn’t mean anything by it,” Mike insists. “He just knows how much I like you and—”

They both stop breathing for a whole minute. Eleven’s face burns. Two years ago, she wouldn’t have thought anything of this comment, but now, after countless conversations in regards to Steve, Jonathan, and Nancy (not to mention Max and Lucas), she knows very well that there are multiple ways to use the word ‘like’. And she knows it means more than friends.

“I’m sorry,” Mike says, quickly. He sits up. “I’m sorry — I don’t want to ruin anything, I want us to be friends, okay? Always. I’m sorry—”

“Mike,” she says. And then she tackles him; throws her arms around his neck and pulls him close. He draws in a sharp breath, surprised, and then he’s hugging her back. Hugging. She knows hugging. Joyce hugs her all of the time, Will does, too. Sometimes Hopper, even. But this is… more.

This is need. This is every moment spent not touching but staring instead all rolled into one. This is crushed lungs and fallen tears and pounding hearts. This is… this is an embrace.

“El,” says Mike, quiet, and still holding on. “Do you wanna go to the movies with me? On Saturday?”

“Yes, you dork!” She buries her face in the crook of his neck to hide her smile. “I do. Of course I do.”

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So I've read many posts and treatises that claim Zayn pined unrequitedly for Liam in the beginning of their relationship until Liam "figured it out," but I swear when I watch fetus footage of them (and I've watched A LOT) it sure looks like Liam was giving as good as he got, right from the start. What do you think, voice of Ziam reason?


I am completely flattered that you’ve stopped in my corner of the Tumblr webs!

 So I actually don’t buy the fandom lore that Liam was unaware as Zayn pined unrequitedly, listening to Dashboard Confessional and writing emo lyrics in his LiveJournal and wistfully looking at that photo of Liam with his top off from the 1D book that he loved:

I think they have a really beautiful friendship and seem to wholly understand each other in a rare way most people don’t. 

That said, a hoe knows another hoe, and I fully believe Liam employed the use of hoe tricks in the early days (and thereafter, but for the sake of this post not being 812 pages long, we’ll keep to the early days).

 Liam plotted and planned and giggled and shrugged.  Liam set out a lure and waited for poor, thirsty Pokemon Zayn to come to him  (he wanted to throw balls at him -  AMIRIGHT GUYS? GET IT?). 

*clears throat* Ok. I’m done now. Where was I? Ah yes!

Liam Payne’s Hoe Tricks Masterclass

Lesson 1: Seize Hoepportunities

Some say that local dogs as far as 100 miles away could hear Zayn’s internal screaming that day. 


That was totally a premeditated ass grab. 

Lesson 2: Play Coy

Liam J. Payne, with his innocent lamb face and patented Giggle Shrug™ knows how to play coy with a sharpness and cunning not to be messed with. Behold a master in his element, a Leonardo HoeVinci. 

There’s no scientific evidence to support my case, but I would put down my hard earned tuppence that Liam has used the Elle Woods  “Bend & Snap”. 

Liam is employing a hoe trick that has been used by masterful hoes for centuries: the lap squirm, a hoe trick that Liam would use dozens and dozens of times through Ziam history. 

Zayn, being pummeled by the waves of his own thirst, helpless against Liam’s masterful hoe tricks. 

Lesson 3: Go Big or Go Ho(e)me

In short, I fully believe that Liam knew exactly what he was doing. Liam Payne is not just top notch entertainer, a talented songwriter, and good human being. Liam is also a Masterful Hoe. 


When she had been a girl the woman in robes of gray and salt waves told her that green eyes were the gift and curse of her life. Sakura hadn’t understood what the old woman meant at the time, but before too many months passed, she began to suspect it had something to do with what she could see while others couldn’t.

Plenty of children claimed to see the faeries, to follow the flickering lights of miniature bodies into the forest where toadstools and flower rings marked the blessed places. It was common to indulge the children in their age of fairytales. Sakura was no exception, not even when she woke up in the middle of the night, pulled by an unsourced urge to trace out rings in chalk around the beds of her parents and her own, or sleep walk to the hawthorn trees and rest the last half of the night there, protected by their coverage. Her parents thought her odd at times, but children were meant to be odd.

Ino’s father, a man more superstitious than her own, told Sakura it was because she had been born under the stars on a old, open night when no clouds invaded the heavens-a rare treat indeed. He remembered because he was there to keep Sakura’s father from stressing into oblivion while her mother battled the labor pains with screams that could chill the dead.  

‘What does that have to do with anything?” Ino asked in a tone that betrayed her nonchalance. She was too grown up for fae stories.

‘Why, people born in the morning cannot see spirits or the fae world; but those born at night have power over ghosts, and can see the spirits of the dead. Fae love these sort of people, especially when they’re born with green eyes that see the unseen.’

Ino had no reason to be jealous of Sakura’s green eyes when her own were cold and blue like a naked sky. How rare was it to see the blue of the sky on their small island off the mainland! Sakura envied Ino for her beauty, but secretly, she envied her friend for what she didn’t see.

One day a rooster walked through their open doorway and crowed. Sakura began to set the table for an extra person while her parents eyed each other over her head in a knowing manner. They indulged their daughter in her childhood, but she was nearing the threshold age where girls became woman in body. Soon the indulgences would need to run out.

After sitting down to eat a knock bade her father to the door where a traveler asked for shelter. He was a man her father had done business with while on the mainland. He sat at the place meant for him and before the supper was gone he had convinced Sakura’s father to come to the mainland for more work. Families were leaving all the islands in droves for modern work on the mainland, even the larger ones like theirs with forests and castles from an age long ago. The only people left behind were the superstitious and sentimental.

Sakura remembered her parents fighting about it that night after the traveler had moved on to the guest house for sleep. The life her family lived was modest, but it could be better. They tried to hush their voices, but Sakura stole out in the night to curl up under a hawthorn tree and listen for the songs of the fae from far beyond. The mainland had such dull songs, their fae were strong, but forgotten. Sakura would wither if she had to leave her old loud island and all her fae.

In the morning her parents discussed it in front of her and asked Sakura what she thought. She told them she had no wish to leave. Her mother seemed proud until Sakura went on to explain why.

Her father left the next month and but came back for the rest of the family.

Sakura’s mother died of what some assumed to be heartache a year later.

They buried the two in twin plots by the old church. It was the first time Sakura saw a fae turn away from her in shame. The headless one had a face hidden from view, but by the way her shoulders sank, Sakura could read her just as well.  

“Still, you can’t stay here alone.”

Sakura looked up at her aunt, the old woman with hazel eyes who had traveled so far, from an island even more remote than Sakura’s. She and Sakura’s mother hadn’t been in contact since Sakura was a baby. Sakura had no memory of ever meeting the woman, but the familial resemblance was uncanny.

Across the churchyard Sakura continued to stare at the headless Dullahan fae from the unseelie courts.

Her aunt watched her, searching the empty street for what she assumed Sakura was staring at. A shiver touched her spine and she lowered her eyes.

Sakura caught this and sighed. “Don’t bother, dullahan hate to be stared at, you’ll be covered in a bucket of blood if you dare.” Sakura lowered her own eyes, knowing she was in no such danger, but wished to avoid the disrespect she knew she would be committing if she continued on with her bad behavior any longer.  “I won’t go with you to the mainland.”

Her aunt hummed, risking a glance at the empty way once more before responding. “No, you won’t. Their schools will teach you nothing, but your fate is to learn.” The old woman smiled down. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen someone even remotely suited to being a fairy doctor.”

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Dark Paradise

Rated M (for Violence and NSFW)
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 Chapter 13
                                           Chapter 14

“Heimdall. What is it?”

“The girl.” he paused. “She’s…” Heimdall swallowed. He was not looking forward to this.

“She’s what? Spit it out!” Odin growled.

“She is with child.” Heimdall blurted before he had the chance to chicken out again. He had no idea how the Alfather was going to react to this news and he had planned on keeping it from him a little longer, but he hadn’t had a choice.
Octavia needed help. She needed to see Eir.

Odin’s eyes grew wide. “You are certain of this!”

“Yes, my King.” Well, it was now or never.
“She needs our help.” Odin furrowed his brows. “She has been sick for weeks. She needs medical treatment, Sire, or I believe she…” She wouldn’t make it. Octavia was too sick and even with the aid of Loki’s magic, she had yet to really keep any food down. “She will perish if we do nothing.”

Odin sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. “It is not my responsibility.” Heimdall wanted to scream. Was he seriously just going to let Loki watch her die? Watch his child DIE? Again…
The look on Heimdall’s face must have said it all, because Odin narrowed his eyes and snarled, “You question my decision?”

“Yes.” Did he seriously just say that; out loud?! Heimdall inhaled in a sharp breath. “He is your son….”

“HE IS A DISGRACE!” Odin roared. “Now, even more so. He is having a child out of wedlock!”

“Then do something about it.” Odin glared at him. “My King.” Heimdall was beyond done. If Odin was going to do something, really do something, he needed to do it now.

“Fine.” Odin smirked. “Then I will.”

“Darling, drink.” Loki lifted Octavia’s head to assist her with getting a drink of water.

“Thank you.” she whimpered. “Will this morning sickness ever go away?”

Loki looked at her sadly. She hadn’t been able to keep anything down almost all month.
Octavia was so weak and frail.

“Soon, my love.” He lied.

“Loki, I don’t know how much longer I can do this.” she cried. “I’m so tired.”

Loki’s chest hurt. He was going to lose her. He was going to have to watch her die and it was all his fault. Loki had done this to her and he had no way of getting her to a real Doctor. “Please, hold on.” he almost sobbed, but he held back. “Please, my love. Don’t leave me.”

It was the middle of the night when Loki was startled awake by a loud bang outside. He hadn’t even remembered falling asleep and was still sitting on the couch. He shook off the sleep from his eyes and glanced out the window and his heart dropped when he saw what was outside.

Fire Giants.

At least fifty of them, and they were just standing there, smirking in the direction of the cottage. Could they see them? Did they know they were here? Loki didn’t move. He stood there for what felt like an eternity just watching them. They did nothing but stand there and smile for a long time until one snapped its head in Loki’s direction and looked right at him, and the creature began laughing.

That’s when Loki knew they had been spotted.
His ward… Why had it suddenly failed?

The creatures suddenly charged for the cottage and Loki quickly cast a protection spell to keep them from getting inside. They were banging on the windows, the doors, the walls; they were everywhere. Loki ran into the bedroom where Octavia had already woken up in a panic. “What’s happening, Loki!”

“They’ve found us! I don’t know how, but they’ve found us!” He tried to remain calm, but he couldn’t.
If his spell failed and they got into the house there was nothing Loki could do. Not with that many of them. Not with Octavia as sick and weak as she was. If they got into the house, it was over. They were both done.
If Loki had to watch the woman he loved and his unborn child die, he was done.

“Loki!” Octavia was scared. It was all coming back to her where they really were. How much danger they were really in. They had never been safe; they had been lucky.

“Shh, it’s okay.” Loki crawled beside her and pulled her against him. “Shh. Don’t cry, love.”
Loki sat there rocking Octavia back and forth, holding her as tightly as he could without hurting her. He jumped when he heard glass shatter. He could hear the wood bending. The Fire Giants were almost inside.

His magic…what was wrong with his magic?!

“MY KING!” Heimdall exclaimed in a panic.

“Not yet.”


“I SAID, not yet.” The Alfather growled. “I will say when.”

Loki was holding the bedroom door closed as the fire giants beat on it, cracking the wood every time they would hit it. They were inside the cottage now. Loki was strong, but it wouldn’t be long before even he was overpowered. “Can you run?!” Loki shouted to Octavia, who nodded and attempted to get up, only to collapse beside the bed. She had resorted to crawling, but Loki knew it was useless.

She was just too weak. He couldn’t save her.

“I’m so sorry.” Loki choked, his feet dragging the ground as the door was being pushed open. “I love you, O. Never forget that I love you!” Octavia was sobbing. She felt so useless, so utterly useless. “It isn’t your fault. None of this is your fault!”

Then the entire house began to shake. What the Hel? Wait, Loki knew what that sound was. The Bitfrost. Heimdall! Loki lunged towards Octavia the moment the bedroom door flew open and gripped her tightly. Then suddenly, they were surrounded by familiar light and Loki could have cried at that moment and as a Fire Giant leaped towards them, they were shot into the sky before the monster even had a chance to realize what was happening.

Octavia felt like she was being sucked into space, which technically she guessed she was, and she wasn’t sure how long it lasted. Maybe seconds, maybe minutes. She couldn’t tell. Finally, they landed and Loki caught her before she kissed the ground. Apparently, she wasn’t very graceful when it came to space travel. When she finally collected her surroundings, she realized they weren’t in Muspelheim anymore. They were in a large, golden room and she could see the start of a…wait, was that a RAINBOW bridge??

“Where are we, Loki?” she finally managed to ask, but it was an old man who answered her. The man towered over her, and glared at her with his one good eye. He wore a crown and held a large staff in his hands.
Octavia gasped when she realized who she was standing in front of.


“You are in Asgard, child.” he replied. “And I hear you are carrying my grandchild.”

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Let me love you long and well
Long pass passion’s prime
For love begins as passion
but becomes far more than time
Let me dream with you 
beyond the woods than line time’s bend
and see not just a lover
but a mate, companion, friend
So let me love you long and well
Though for now we wait
for life to catch up with what 
I would like to be our fate