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Really goin 2 try and compare obi wan telling storm troopers they dont need to see his identification and another guy to go home and rethink his life to kylo forcing his way into her mind, seeing stuff she clearly didnt want him to while she was visible struggling and physically stressedby his actions. The reaches reylos go to in trying to wipe away the actual character of kylo is amazing. You like a villian. Own it already. Stop woobifying kylo ren and stop demonizing heros 2 make him look good

AHEM. My point [in my last ask here]  was that the reaching antis go to is equivalent to the reach I made there with Obi-Wan. I love Obi-Wan and don’t actually vilify him, that’s absurd. lol Just as absurd as calling Kylo Ren an abuser and r//pist for going into Rey’s mind… just as SHE went into his. This is the force and they are adversaries at war.

I do like Kylo, and he is technically the villain, yes [he’s not doing such a good job at it lol]. But I ain’t the one “woobifying” him, that’s the official text of the film [”I feel it again, the pull to the light,” “I’m being torn apart,” and all comments made by the director and the actor on their perceptions of, and finding the character, Kylo Ren].

Please read more carefully next time [and I hope you understand]. Have a nice day, anon~




Bit of a Rant ahead

No offense but I’m really /REALLY/ tired of seeing Eren portrayed as a woobified cute little innocent baby who can’t do shit in fics. I can understand if he’s a little less intense in modern au’s but it gets really annoying (and fetishy) when all I see is cutesie baby Eren who is constantly crying and needing Levi to come save him.

Eren “Killed three people at the age of nine, canonly stated by his own dad that he was antisocial as a child, watched his future best friend get beat up from around a corner, got top in hand to hand, ranked number 5 in the 104th squad, plugged up the wall TWICE” Jäger is a cynical asshole who doesn’t need to wait for some prince (or princess depending on the ship) to come save him. He’ll fucking stab his captors, take all their shit, and find his own way out while screaming bloody murder.

OC Questions: Meta Edition

4th wall breaking, fandom/creator interpretations, self inserts, etc. As always, I’ll be splitting some of these questions up into separate posts, so don’t worry about answering all of them here (unless, of course, you wanna). Enjoy!

  1. Which OC is the most likely to break the 4th wall?
  2. One OC will protect you, and the others will try to kill you. Which OC would you pick to be your defender?
  3. Would you rather live in your OCs’ universe or this one?
  4. Your OC finds out that you are their creator. How do they react?
  5. What is your noncanon nickname for your OC?
  6. What is/would be the fandom nickname for your story?
  7. What is/would be the nickname for a fan of your OC?
  8. Which OC is most likely to be called “son”/ “daughter” / “child” by fans?
  9. Which OC is most likely to be called “husband” / “wife” / “spouse” by fans?
  10. If you could tell your OC one thing, what would it be?
  11. What kind of advice would your OC give you?
  12. Which OC is/would be “woobified” by the fandom?
  13. What song would you sing to audition for the role of your OC?
  14. Your OC finds themselves in your universe and you are their only contact. How well do they handle the adjustment and how would you try to help/hinder/contain them?
  15. f/m/k: OC edition
  16. Who would you cast to play the part of your OC in a TV show or movie?
  17. If you could choose to meet one of your OCs in person, who would you pick?
  18. Which OC would you absolutely NOT want to be a real person?
  19. What is your dream medium for your story (book series, video game, comic, movie, cartoon/anime, etc)?
  20. Which OC is the most likely to become a “mascot” for your story?
Emma & Rumple: The TRUE main foils & adversaries of OUAT  & how this will predict Season 6′s Finale

It’s long been popular opinion that Regina is Emma’s primary foil and antagonist. That they’re two sides of the same coin. The dark-haired Evil Queen contrasting with the light-tressed Savior. And while Regina may have served that purpose early on, now that we’re reaching the end and can view the overall landscape of the series, it’s become clear that RUMPLE actually has been Emma’s most consistent adversary. 

Regina and Emma haven’t actively opposed each other since season two. However, Rumple has worked against Emma, to differing degrees, every season and has only become increasingly menacing. From setting in motion the original Dark Curse, attempting to steal Emma’s magic, recruiting the Queens of Darkness, releasing his Darkness & trying to rewrite the storybook, willingly becoming Super!Dark!Rumple, & now teaming up with the Ultimate!Evil! in the Final Battle: Rumple creates havoc wherever he goes. And that havoc is most frequently aimed in Emma’s direction. It’s also no mistake that he’s connected to most of our former villains: Cora Mills, Regina Mills, Zelena, Queens of Darkness, The Black Fairy, The Snow Queen, Isaac Heller, etc. This man’s an Antagonist with a capital A. 

But what about a foil? Now a foil and an antagonist don’t necessarily have to be the same person, but in Rumple we got a 2-for-1 deal. One of the main functions of a foil is to form a contrast with the protagonist through opposing traits. And what’s a better contrast than that of The Savior & The Dark One? The yin and the yang. 

In OUAT, not only do Rumple’s inherent personality traits (cowardice, for example) highlight Emma’s (bravery), their stories also parallel. Both were born as saviors, abandoned as children, grew up relatively unloved, became separated from their kids, assumed the Dark One mantle, and constructed mile-high walls to prevent anyone from getting too close. 

These parallels were purposely constructed to contrast Emma and Rumple. Because despite perceived commonalities, the way Emma and Rumple handled & reacted to the above events differed completely. And it’s that REACTION that’s most important. Emma took on the Darkness as a sacrificial gesture. In S5, Rumple did it to acquire power. It’s this differing response in similar situations~their divergent actions~ that provide contrast and separate them as characters. 

Further, the intermingling of Rumple and Emma’s families was also done deliberately. It’s no coincidence that Rumple is Henry’s grandfather. Or that Killian, as Emma’s True Love, was Rumple’s ex-wife’s partner.  Emma and Rumple’s fates and lives were always going to be intertwined. They’re inextricably linked. That’s how this dynamic works. Similar backgrounds rife with betrayal and abandonment, fates and lives that are drawn together, until something, finally has to give.  

And that finally is the Final Battle. It’s of no surprise that the ending is focused on Rumple’s family. It was always going to be this way. No other arc could sufficiently conclude this chapter. It had to be an epic showdown with Emma facing Rumple or a member of his immediate family. And as is the case in all such narrative formats, when the Final Battle arrives, Rumple will need to die in order for Emma (good) to live. Now this death will not necessarily be in service to evil. In fact, Rumple may ultimately truly redeem himself by sacrificing his life akin to 3A. But, he will die. He has to. There’s really no other way for a story of this design to end.

And why will Emma win? Because Rumple’s downfall, his fatal flaw, if you will, is his love of power. And Emma’s strength is the love and support that surrounds her. Rumple has stated multiple times: “True Love is the most powerful magic of all,” but he consistently fails to submit to it. He pushes away everyone who loves him, relegating himself to a solitary existence.  Rumple could’ve followed Young Baelfire to the Land Without Magic, but he chose POWER.  He could’ve forever relinquished the Darkness in S5 and started a Happy Beginning with Belle. But again he chose POWER. 

It’s Rumple’s selfish motives and constant pursuit of power that have driven love away. And it’s those traits–those essential contrasts from Emma–that are the key to why Emma (why good) will always win and Rumple (and/or his biological family) will inevitably lose. Rumple’s thirst for power and cowardice is his undoing, while Emma’s acceptance of love and hope strengthen her.   Because Emma forever chooses LOVE she has people to support her. She has love in her life. A song in her heart. And that’s why, Emma will win. Because despite the fact that The Black Fairy & Rumple contain the strongest Dark Magic ever formed, LOVE will forever be the most powerful magic. And Emma’s got that in SPADES. 

all y'all that kiss the ass of that white girl that played lexa on the cw or whatever let power rangers flop when you are all “we need more lesbian rep in tv and movies!!!!!” and i’m start throwing punches if y'all let black lightning fail just because the lesbian character isn’t some white girl you can woobify

Destroy the idea that Robert would have been a better husband to Lyanna than he was to Cersei. Destroy the idea that Cersei is the reason he was an awful and abusive husband. The abused is not to blame for their own abuse. Putting the responsibility for the abuser’s actions on the abused is actually a tactic used by abusers to justify their actions and to control and subjugate their partners. Do not buy into Robert’s rhetoric because Robert is fundamentally characterized by his inability to bear responsibility for his actions and his tendency to justify his fuckups by putting it on other people.

Destroy the idea that Lyana knew and was absolutely fine with Rhaegar fighting in the name of the mad man who murdered her family, or that she willingly approved of staying in Dorne while he went to war against one of her two surviving brothers and to subjugate the people who rose in defense of the Stark of Winterfell and gave their lives to bring them justice.

Destroy the idea that Elia thought nothing of Rhaegar running with another woman just because she is Dornish or that her potential knowledge of what he planned makes his actions alright or defensible. Destroy the idea that she put his precious prophecy ahead of her own children’s well-being and lives.

Here’s a novel concept: how about we stop woobifying Robert and Rhaegar by scapegoating Cersei, Elia and Lyanna?

I know it’s been the new fandom trend to more and more ostracize and throw hate at people who enjoy villains and morally gray characters (and redemption arcs, or anti-redemption arcs, or complicated characters, etc.) for the past few years, but it still won’t cease to amaze and annoy me.

Like, I get partially why. There was a big woobifying of villains thing going on for a while a few years back. The whole Draco Malloy in leather pants thing as well. Sexy villains was the norm, and people grew tired of that. This I think, is partially a reaction to that. Except of course, now it’s THAT which has taken over in full force instead.

But it feels like it’s more than that and I’d love to read an analysis on how this goes together with recent puritan trends in fandom and general black and white thinking.

However, most of the time I’m just wondering what some of you people have against that people sometime respond and identify with more complicated aspects of humanity. Nowadays you’re not allowed to like or create or write a villain or mortally gray character unless you make sure you condemn their actions loudly and public alt every time you talk about them, or you’re supporting the real life equivalent of their actions. And that’s ridiculous.

Like, sure, I’m not saying you can’t hate a villain, or that you need to appreciate them for being complex characters constantly. But you don’t need a huge well built argument about why or why everyone who does is morally depraved. It’s okay to just not like a character. You don’t have to dress that up in fancy words.

Listen, villains are some of the most fun characters to create and enjoy, and if I want to cheer someone on as they go off to kill hundreds of people (yes, like the Mulan gif, you know the one), I will do that. It doesn’t mean I condone actual mass murder. That’s just common sense, which is something that is clearly lacking from fandom debate.

Just had to rant a bit. Yoyo out.