woobie face is woobie

“First Hug In A Century” - Digital Oil Painting

I love his face here. “GIRL TOUCHING ME. WHAT DO???? UM… GIVE LIBRARY. YES.” He is so adorable. First genuine affection in probably a century, here, have a library. No, I don’t love you, shut up. LOL Oh, Rumple.

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doctorcakeray replied to your post: Your tumblr is so amazing!

You getting all this love is exactly right, because you are awesome! However, I can’t handle all the woobie face gifs. I have an overwhelming urge to find the nearest person and wrap them in a blanket and make them hot cocoa. [falls over from cute]

IT’S. SO. TRUE. James has the woobie face to end all woobie faces. I believe one of my tags is “my gravestone will read ‘death by baby james’ woobie face.’”