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Yongguk,Taewoon and Gray reaction to you sneaking up to him while he's sleeping after hanging out with your friends ! Thanks admin!!!

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Yongguk: He would be asleep, tired of training all day. He would be woken up by your movements on the bed, trying to quietly slipping in. Yongguk opened his sleepy eyes and a smile instantly appeared on his face. “Had fun?” He said in his husky voice. “Yeah.” You grinned and cuddled up against his chest and the two of you fell asleep. 

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Taewoon: He would be sleeping, but the moment you got into bed with him he woke up. “Sorry babe, go to sleep. I’m sorry I woke you.” You would kiss his cheek and stroke his hair. “Did any guys bother you tonight?” He asked sleepily with one eye open. “Nah, babe. You know I can take care of myself.” You cuddled up against his chest. “I know.” He kissed your forehead and you two fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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Gray: He wouldn’t completely fall asleep, because he would be worried about you and he would only be able to rest well when you’re by his side. So when you finally came home and tried to slip into the bed without waking Gray up, he would still be awake. “Oh hey baby, did I wake you up? Sorry.” You would whisper to him. “No, I was already awake.” He’d say, pulling up the sheets for you to get under them. “Always so worried.” You kissed him and he cuddled up to you, spooning you.