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I really enjoy your little "mom life" tidbits and how the baby wrap has become your saving grace. your last fic was brilliant and I can't help but think that Gendry would proudly wear the baby wrap as he goes about his day and now I want a fic about Gendry shopping or at his job while having his baby strapped to his front lol. sorry I keep requesting baby related fics and I hope your little one is well and letting you sleep :D

Thank you! I’m having a lot of fun writing this, so it’s no problem. I am literally wearing my baby right now. lmao Plus, writing Gendry as a dad is both sweet and sad and I love writing him anyways.

It was his one day off, which usually meant lounging around the house with Ryder, but there was too much to be done. Arya had been stuck with mid-terms all week, which wouldn’t have been bad if she wasn’t also knee-deep in her senior thesis research project. In between late night feedings and pulling near all-nighters alongside of it to finish her homework, she wasn’t getting any sleep. She wasn’t going to admit to being exhausted, but the dark bags under her eyes and her sluggish movements around the house told another story.

Being a mom was tiring enough, but combine that with the last semester of college, along with helping her sister plan her wedding, and it was a nightmare. Arya was tired and too stubborn to admit it.

Luckily, Gendry had learned how to be sneaky about helping her back when they were still just friends. After she’d come home from class, they ate dinner, although hers had been interrupted by Ryder wanting to eat. Gendry cleaned up and patiently waited while she feed Ryder until he heard what he’d been waiting for. Arya would also never admit to snoring, but she did so when she was dead tired. When he peered into the living room, there was Arya passed out on the couch, her head tipped back, her arms protectively around their son, while he slept nestled against her on the boppy pillow.

Knowing he only had a few minutes to get everything done, Gendry went into rush mode. First, he put on the baby wrap, which he’d gotten a lot more familiar with since his first attempt. It wasn’t nearly as terrifying now, but the trick was getting him in it at the right time. After carefully picking up Ryder and placing him in his swing, Gendry scooped Arya up from the couch. She mumbled in her sleep against his chest, but when he laid her in bed, she curled up, grasped hold of a pillow, and snuggled under the blanket he laid over her. He shut the bedroom door and returned to pick up Ryder, who was starting to squirm in his swing upon realizing he wasn’t being held. Hastily Gendry slipped his son inside and then walked around the apartment, bouncing up and down on his heels, until Ryder was asleep again.

Gendry breathed a sigh in relief. The ticking time bomb had been defused.

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The Knights of Kwantiko

-Part 3-

This was absurd. He should be out there with them, fighting alongside the knights to rescue his beloved. Not sitting here, stuck inside this infernal castle, waiting for news to come his way. It wasn’t that he didn’t have faith in the Three Brave Knights—he knew that Ser Derek would do everything in his power to bring the princess back home—but they were to be married within the next month. He should be the one going to get her. He should be the one bringing her home to the kingdom.

But then there was the fact that his skills with a sword were…how shall we put this…less than ideal. He’d never had the best coordination as a child and, despite the fact that his parents had the Master at Arms work tirelessly with him on his swordplay (he was the son of a lord after all), he never had been able to pick up the skills quite as well as the other boys. Now, his insane level of strategy made up for the fact that he wasn’t that good of a fighter, and it certainly accounted for the fact that their army was an unrelenting force to be reckoned with. But he couldn’t help but think about how badly he wanted to be the one to ensure his beloved Penelope was returned home safely.

A knock sounded at his chamber door. Kevin pulled himself away from the window, rubbing his tired eyes, as he crossed the room and pulled the door open to reveal Anderson, the castle’s lookout, standing on the other end.

“My lord,” he said, bowing quickly out of respect. “I have been sent on behalf of the king and queen. They request your presence in the throne room.”

“Any word on the princess?” Kevin asked. Though it had only been several days since the Three Brave Knights had set out, every day that passed without news weighed heavily on the lord’s shoulders. He’d heard stories about the dark sorcerer from the North. And the fact that his precious princess was in that monster’s clutches made his insides clench in fear. Penelope was too good to be in a place so evil.

Anderson sadly shook his head. “I’m afraid not, my lord,” he said. “But we may have a bigger problem on our hands.”

Kevin narrowed his eyes. “What are you talking about?”

“It’s not my place to say,” Anderson began. “But there have been rumors circulating of destruction rising in the east. Destruction that may or may not be connected with the sorcerer.”

Kevin felt his heart sink slightly. “With all due respect to his and her majesty, my sole concern is the safe return of the princess. Until then, I can’t burden myself with other threats.”

“The king and queen understand your concerns,” Anderson replied. “Rest assured, the safety of the princess is the most important thing right now, but if these rumors are discovered to be true, the princess and the Three Brave Knights may not have a kingdom to return to.”

Just as Kevin was about to dismiss the lookout, he paused, his eyes widening slightly as he analyzed the meaning behind these words. “Anderson, what are you saying?” he asked.

Anderson took a deep breath, unable to stop his voice from fully trembling. “I’m saying…we think it might be back…”


As the sun began to sink lower in the sky, three horses emerged from the depths of the twisted wood, their riders slumped on their backs, nearly dead with exhaustion. Despite his best efforts to navigate his small party out of the dark, enchanted forest, Ser Spencer and his companions had found themselves surrounded by trees for what felt like an eternity. Their supplies had all but run out, and even Allyson hadn’t been able to catch anything as they crossed through the heart of the forest. As a result, it was with great relief when they finally came to the outskirts of a small village.

“Hey, kid. Do me a favor,” Derek said, fighting a losing battle against his growing exhaustion. “Next time your maps tell us to go through an Enchanted Forest, find us an alternate route.”

“For the last time, I didn’t know that the wood was so unpredictable,” Spencer replied, running a hand through his curly hair, making it look even more unkempt than before. “It’s been years since anyone from the kingdom has traveled this far. The records haven’t been updated.”

“If the two of you do not stop your bickering, I will nail your hides to these trees and leave you both here,” Allyson said, rubbing the sides of her aching head. “The point is, we’re out of that godforsaken wood and we are all tired and hungry. So why don’t we stop here for the night, get some food in our bellies and a warm bed to sleep in, and tomorrow morning, we’ll have a fresh start for our quest.”

“Until Ser Pretty Boy’s map here sends us on another useless week-long trek,” Derek said with a smirk as Spencer shook his head in disappointment.

“Allyson is right, though,” Spencer said with a nod towards his sister. “We do need to replenish our supplies if we hope to get to the sorcerer’s lair and back. Not to mention the fact that our horses are about to drop dead from exhaustion.”

As they entered the town, the three knights dismounted their horses, hoping that the decrease in weight might provide the tired animals with some relief. They made their way through the streets, eventually coming to a small inn in the center of the village. The beautiful blonde woman behind the bar gave them three pints of mead as well as three heaping plates of bread and chicken which the hungry knights happily devoured.

“I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything as good as this in my life,” Allyson said, closing her eyes as she savored the way the warm bread seemed to melt in her mouth.

“While I won’t deny that the food here is satisfactory, the idea you have of it being the best thing you’ve ever eaten is most likely due to your increased hunger and low-level of satisfaction at this current time,” Spencer began, but he was silenced by a hearty belch from Derek as he slammed his empty tankard of mead down on the table.

“I will say this,” he began, ignoring Spencer’s wide-eyed look of disgust or Allyson’s subtly shaking head as she cleaned off one of her chicken bones. “I don’t think I’ve had mead quite that good before. And that has nothing to do with my ‘low-level of satisfaction’ or whatever you called it. That has to do with that bartender knowing exactly what she’s doing.” As if sensing his compliment, the woman suddenly locked eyes with Derek from across the room as she filled another tankard.

“Derek, don’t tell me you’re going to—” But Allyson was cut off as Derek scraped his chair across the floor and headed towards the bar, standing in a way to ensure that she could see the magnificent sword sitting on his hip.

“And…we won’t be seeing him anymore tonight,” Allyson said, rolling his eyes.

“We will once she realizes that his fondness for his sword is just an over-compensation,” Spencer added, causing Allyson to inhale half her mead up her nose.

While Derek continued his efforts to woo the bar wench and Spencer buried his face in one of the books he had brought with him, Allyson’s attention was diverted by several travelers sitting in the corner, the hoods of their traveling cloaks up over their heads, smoke puffing from the pipes that sat between their teeth. She had been half-listening to their conversation for several minutes, but instantly became more interested as a certain phrase was uttered.

“…band of robbers was found beaten within an inch of their lives outside the county courthouse several mornings ago.”

“But is there any proof that he actually did it?”

“Ah, you know it’s impossible to ever catch sight of him. Dark as the night and quiet as a shadow, that one. But who else could it be? Who else could have effortlessly taken down that troublesome band like that?”

“Are you all talking about the Black Knight?”

The hooded travelers stopped their talking at once, turning to face Allyson. She noticed one of them eye her bow and quiver, looking as though he wanted to make a comment about her ability to accurately use the weapon (Oh please do it, she challenged in her mind), while the other two continued to puff on their pipes.

“You know about the Black Knight then?” asked the first traveler, the lower half of his face hidden by a thick and bushy beard.

“Only the rumors I’ve heard,” Allyson replied. “Is it true that no one knows his real identity?”

“The only ones who do have never lived to tell the tale,” the second traveler said, his dark eyes peering through the smoke billowing from his pipe. “But they say he can’t be killed by any man.”

“They say he was trained by a wise and powerful wizard upon a mountaintop with a sword fashioned by the god of thunder himself,” the third traveler said, though the smirk on his face made it difficult to tell if he was being serious or not.

“Oh please, we all know Excalibur is just a myth,” Allyson said, rolling her eyes.

“While that may be true, m’lady, the tale of the Black Knight is very true,” the first traveler said. “That I can assure you.”

“What, you saying you’ve seen him?” the second traveler scoffed.

“Even if I had, do you really think I would tell the likes of you?” the first traveler said, shaking his head before turning back to Allyson. “What is it you are seeking, m’lady?”

“Just the safe return of someone very near and dear to my heart,” Allyson replied, not wanting to disclose too much information until she knew for sure who these travelers were.

“Well, if you need someone to help you use that there weapon slung across your back,” the third traveler began, but Allyson hastily cut him off.

“Rest assured, my good sir, if my skills with this bow were at all like your skills at speaking to a lady, then I wouldn’t see myself fit to wield it,” she finished with a smile as the first traveler choked slightly on his pipe smoke and the smirk flew off of the third traveler’s face.


She turned to see her brother beckoning her back over to their table. She bid the three travelers farewell (the first two wishing her luck on her quest while the third one seemed unable to meet her eyes) before heading back to him.

“Well, Derek has disappeared,” Spencer said. Allyson looked towards the bar where, sure enough, Derek and the blonde girl were nowhere to be found. “And I think it’s about time we turned in.”

Allyson instantly recognized the tone in her brother’s voice. He had a bad feeling about this place. And now that she heard it, she noticed an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach as well. The sooner they could get some sleep, the sooner they could be back on the road towards their quest. She didn’t like the thought of poor Princess Penelope spending more time in a cold and dark dungeon than she had to.

However, though the twins were shown to a rather nice and comfortable room upstairs in the inn, and though the beds were some of the softest and most comfortable beds they had ever lain in, it was clear that their guts were trying to tell them something. Several hours after they had put their heads to their pillows, they were awakened by the sound of the door opening. Before either of them could reach for a weapon, half a dozen swords were instantly drawn and pointed straight at their chests.

“Well, this is less than ideal,” Allyson said under her breath as she and Spencer both raised their hands in surrender.


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Context: in our group we have a half-orc barbarian/fighter who is literally a wall because he has a AC of 20,an int and wis of 7 and 8 respectively, and a charisma modifier of +4.

Barbarian: (trying to woo a bar wench and rolls a 19) YOURE PRETTY
Dm: you woo her so hard she gives you her panties as a token of her affection.
Barbarian: I eat them…


Request:  A fluffy snarky sarcastic imagine of Leonard Snart being adorable as he confesses his love for you in the most smooth way possible. And you being straight forward that you love him to. Then some kisses and fluff and yeah 😂 Thank you soooo much 😘😘😘

“So,” you start, smoothing the surprisingly fancy napkin across your lap. “Is there a reason we’re at such a upscale place?”

The corner of Leonard’s lips turned up into the smallest of hints of a smile as he remained silent, pulling his attention towards the menu in his hands as he avoided your question.

“Come on, Len,” you push, leaning forwards in the hopes of inciting a response from your date. “This is not a first date, and it’s not an anniversary. Why have we suddenly found ourselves at such a fancy place?”

“Are you saying I can’t treat you to a nice dinner?” Leonard replies playfully.

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🍫 Woo blue dinosaur bars arrived. I ate the lamington one for my afternoon snack and it was 👌🏻. Excited to try the rest over the coming week. A bit high in calories but I like the fact they only have 5 ingredients.

😴 I’m taking a rest day today after gymming the last 3 days. My muscles are sore and I’m tired. Going to do a bit of foam rolling and stretching instead.

🥗 going to try and stick to around maintenance calories for the day.

🍹 I managed to cancel drinks tomorrow night. None of us were that keen so we decided to catch up in a couple of weeks instead. This means I can hopefully have a weekend without massive alcohol consumption 🤞🏻. I don’t mind a couple here and there but when you are taking in 1000+ calories in booze in one sitting, not to mention the hangover foods, you have no chance changing your body.

How Evil Masterminds Pass Their Time

Ok so I think I have a sore throat so I ain’t feelin’ so good but I only have three weeks until finals and I have to start hitting the books so I’m gonna try to squeeze in as many fics I can before then. Requests are still open.

This particular oneshot was based on this headcanon. A special thank you to my friend @rhaedarofworlds for reminding me (twice) to write this as I asked. (Go follow her. She’s awesome).

So here it is. (I have no idea how to be funny while writing or funny in general so pretend this made you cry tears of laughter okay ?) :

Being Hawkmoth was tiring. It wasn’t the stress of having to control over emotional teenagers. Thinking about it Hawkmoth had no idea why he kept choosing teenagers for capturing the Miraculous. They obviously had little respect for his authority (or any other adult’s for that matter). They thought they knew what they were doing and outright disobeyed his orders. In the end they got what they wanted, once Ladybug freed them they felt loads better having destressed themselves and Hawkmoth was left pinching the bridgr of his nose and shaking his head while angrily cursing Ladybug and Chat Noir while yelling his own variation of ‘Curse You Perry The Platypus’ in a far more dignified manner than Doofensmirtz. (Sue him if he looked to other cartoonish evil masterminds to get his creative villainous juices flowing).

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Say hello to Damien, the 1670′s Chat Noir of Salem, Massachusetts

His parents went missing when he was 5 years old and he was raised by a very prestigious family, giving him a status that people deemed “his type” shouldn’t have. Despite the prejudice that he gets, he is a very warm, charming and polite young gentleman that was easily wooed by the beautiful bar maiden, Felicity upon first words spoken.

They married in secret, and not long after, their miraculous were gifted to them in the dead of night. Damien essentially becomes a “were-cat” in appearance, making people quite intimidated of him both while transformed, and wary while in civilian form.

Because their identities weren’t secret at all. Only their kwarmis kept in secret.

The town instantly assumed that Felicity was a witch and had summoned a demon to possess Damien, but were too fearful to do anything against their power.

They actually had a son together, an infant that was no more than three weeks old, the town never knowing about him when one night…

Their home was attacked by the villagers, chaining Damien’s arms behind his back and later to a wooden post as he watched Felicity burn at the stake, the villagers hoping that with her death, “the demon possessing him would return to hell”.

Damien disappeared that night, with the child the town never knew existed, never to be seen again by the people of Salem.

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(fancam) 140611 Happy Camp - Luhan trying to woo Xiumin at a bar and Xiumin rejecting him~

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I wish you would write fic where geno takes sid out on the most extravagant, indulgent, romantic, first date and he's so suave and there's jazz and incredible food and sid's mind is blown

okay there’s two ways this could go here:

one: geno malkin has figured out he is deeply in love with sidney crosby. (this is not news to like, anyone else, but is VERY MUCH A BIG DEAL FOR HIM.) he decides that the best possible course of action is to woo sid. like really woo him. like straight up no holds barred woo the shit out of him.

there are candles. there are roses. (sid’s allergies act up. the roses are quickly discarded.) there is live music! there’s is really fucking amazing food! there is creme brulee! after dinner there is a nice long walk along the river! it is very #romantic! geno is incredibly proud of himself!

sid spends the entire night half just sort of laughing, because of course this is what geno does, honestly g he would’ve been happy with regular italian, no really, and the other half is just incredibly charmed by geno putting in so much effort.

and so they finally pull up in front of sid’s place, and geno walks sid to the door, because of course he does, and he bends down to give sid a good night kiss, because of course he does

when sid just grabs on to his neck and gives geno the kiss of his life. like, top ten kisses. maybe top five. it doesn’t matter that they haven’t even opened the door yet.

needless to say, they roll into practice way late the next day.


two: so geno and sid have been dating for a while, yeah? like, you know, a significant amount of time. though, they gotta say, it’s not so much dating as, i like you, you like me, we spend literally 70% of our time together anyways, why don’t we just you know make out some during history channel marathons and fuck on the couch and then make lunch

which, you know, it works for them

only about six months into this – this thing, whatever it is, this sid-and-geno-thing – sid says absentmindedly, “oh, you know, that sounds like a nice place for a date,” not really thinking about it

which geno just takes as a Challenge

cue the flowers. the food. the venue-appropriate music. the special section of the restaurant. the incredible view. geno does not date casually, okay? he likes his gestures.

sid walks into the restaurant and can’t say anything for at least a minute.

finally geno’s like “sid, sid you okay?”

and sid’s like, “yeah, yeah, i’m – did you order an entire bakery?”

(geno might have. he takes his challenges very seriously.)

two hours of really fucking excellent food and wine later, sid says, “you know, this is probably the nicest date i’ve ever been on”

and geno says, “you deserve. you deserve best, always” and even as he says it he knows he believes it, every bit of it

and sid looks up at him, and says “oh.”

and then there is very definitely some making out in the car. and then trying not to have car sex. and then making it back to sid’s house and up to the bedroom because sid refuses to fuck in the front hall, and it is sweet, and it is tender, and it is actually on a bed, and geno’s pretty sure this is some of the best date sex he’s had.

because that was definitely a date. they’re dating.

(the next day, sid calls his mom to tell her about his boyfriend, smiling all the while.)

Last Minute Date

Written For: @leahmiddleton​ 
Written By: @jenlaurences
Pairing: Harry / OFC
Word Count: 6,097


Emmy likes to think that she can handle herself. She’s independent, smart, confident, and, if nothing else, not afraid to speak the truth… most of the time, anyways. There are two exceptions: anytime she has to interact with her family for more than a ten minute phone call, and absolutely anything to do with Harry Styles. So when she gets dumped two days before her sister’s wedding and has to convince Harry to be her date, the two exceptions collide, throwing Emmy through a loop. It’s safe to say nothing ends the way she thought.

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