Taiwan IV: The Last of It

Shilin Night Market

On my last night in Taiwan my friend and I went to Shillin night market so that I could eat all the delicious night market foods I had been missing so much. It turns out they actually changed the market and built some sort of weird marketplace hall and put the huge hawker’s food court in a basement. WTH?? Everything I loved so much about Shilin is gone! I used to love how the crowds of people hustled through the tight alleyways like a colony of ants and how you had to dip and dodge in the food hawkers building because there could be a fried pig’s foot flying past your face from the violent way the chefs cook in there. When I went the last time in 2011 you really had to watch your back, one reason was because it was serious street food meaning you were eating with everyone including the roaches and cats. The other reason was because the hawkers would try to lure you in with a good deal but then they wouldn’t have what you wanted and then they would try their best to keep you from leaving whether by flirting, having other chefs come over, or whatever. Either way the first stop at the market was the 大鸡排 stand. DJP is basically a huge piece of chicken the size of your face that is deep fried then sprinkled in a bunch of spices of life. Did I mention it cost me 50 NTD which is like $1.50? After the DJP we just walked around to see how much of the stuff had changed, it looked like all the shoe stores were now owned by the same franchise and there were less of the cart vendors that used to have walkie talkies to alert everyone to run when the police were coming. I was sad I couldn’t find the giant candy heaven that I always went to where the owner had a mic and would greet ppl/advertise with witty comments. After the DJP I had a 葱油饼 which is kind of like a fried beignet but it is fried with green onions and then they  slap an egg on top. Then it is also covered in spices of life. The CYB tasted like nostalgia it was so good! Then we went on the epic search for my 卤肉饭 which is rice topped with a meat stewed in a dark mushroom sauce. We found it at a random alley restaurant and it was life. I can’t find it in Beijing so I really needed that. After all that food I was too stuffed to think about anything anymore so we walked around a bit more then decided to go for a drink.

We went to Woo bar which is  the bar on the top of the W hotel, and once inside Woo bar we then went to the bar inside the bar called Wet. My friend knew the bartenders so we just chatted about life in Taiwan, how they got into bartending, etc. They were really nice guys and fun to talk to [I love good bartenders]. I told them I wanted to bartend one day and they told me to come back to TW haha.

The Flight Back
Literally the minute I left Taiwan, ish started to get cray. This time I had the most random airport plane transfer. I got off the plane and couldn’t find my flight ofcourse so I went to a check in desk and asked where it was they said gate 508. I was in a terminal where the gates were only letters and 500’s where no where in sight and was there a map? Ofcourse not! The desk lady said I had to go downstairs and take a shuttle bus? I was confused but I went through the transfer security check anyway which was in a small room with elevators and an escalator. Next to the elevators there was a little sign that said 500’s gates so I took the elevator [who the heck takes an elevator out of security] and went downstairs to what looked like a bus terminal (I swear this airport has every form of transportation in it, there’s also a ferry dock outside) and walked through the bus station area to find the gate for the shuttle I needed after rounding three corners. The doors were just about to close so I ran and hopped on and then this bus drove us across the airport to a terminal in the middle of the tarmac completely unconnected to the main airport [apparently called a satellite terminal] and we got off the bus and went upstairs.. that was one of the most complicated plane transfers I have ever encountered.


Lunatics on Pogosticks Tour

Lunatics on Pogosticks are going on tour!!! and they are bringing Buddy Holliday too so put your seat belt on and go catch are a show cus you can go see all these bands for an amazing $10 bucks, if you live on the east coast make sure you catch them!!!

Flyers by Doug Bennett

Chilling for sunset cocktails and deep house at Woo bar with homies. #spglife #spg #whateverwhenever #whotel #woobar #woobarbali #seminyak #bali #balicili #deephouse #likeforlike #picoftheday #photooftheday #mybest_shot #squaready #instagramers #instatrip #gopro #goprohero4 #gopro #explorebali #promotebali #beautifuldestinations by teddynatha http://ift.tt/1WjhSBe

Another frame from honeymoon photo shoot of Intan + Ali.

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