woo yay i never have time for these

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Your art is so beautiful, I'm in love with it <3 <3 <3

this is really embarassing, “anon”. I actually reply your message after, like, 3 weeks? maybe? or more? sorrryyyyyy ._. but the good thing is, I can log in via PC yay!

anyway, thank you so much for your message. You will never be able to imagine how I freaking giggle every time I remember your message lol XD here to make up things; your specialty and also my favourite: tianshan parenting :3 

I actually wanted to finish the picture last week (on chinese new year) but I ended up having a high fever to the point I didn’t recover until I threw up.

enough about fever, enjoy!

cc @he-tian-woos-his-man


you’re lookin good! have you done something with your hair? new perfume? oh, those gotta be new shoes, right? whatever it is, it is working!

ahh wow, has it really been two three FIVE months? time sure does fly when you’re avoiding responsibilities. BUT but i’m back now and, in the spirit of the month of Halloween, i got a bunch of ~spooky~ caps all lined up and ready to go for all y'all! let’s get back to it!!