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pairing: jimin x reader

genre: enemies to lovers | explicit smut, fluff and angst

length: 15k

summary: you had promised yourself; if you were to ever hook up with that asshole park jimin, it would be just a one night stand.

a/n: dis was a monster to write im so tired. i stayed up until 12pm to finish this and now its finally done :) also how does every new fic i write get dirtier and dirtier?? idk. 

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Based on their behaviour in the last video, I have a sorta angsty Prinxiety headcanon that Roman would initially try and confess in the most Extra™ and flamboyant way possible, with big bouquets of flowers or serenading him in the commons or other big and dramatic romantic gestures, hoping to bowl Virgil over with how much he loves him

But that Virgil would just be super embarrassed and flustered and stressed at all the attention, and would immediately flee the situation or try to avoid Roman and his loud romantic gestures as much as possible (even though he likes Roman back, he’s just not great with loud noises or PDA or being fawned upon cos it makes him self-conscious)

And that Roman would have to learn that sometimes thoughtful gestures like a gentle embrace or being nearby when Virgil needs it or giving him some space to recharge can be just as romantic and loving than leaving fifty red roses scattered around his bedroom

(Virgil definitely did not appreciate the roses scattered everywhere - he pricked his fingers at least a dozen times trying to clean them up)

  • Will agree with you anyway to avoid an argument, but will proceed interally scream forever: Cancer, Libra, Pisces
  • Will argue until you agree with them: Aries, Taurus, Leo, Aquarius
  • Attempts to make you to agree with them, but if you don't they MIGHT get over it: Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius
  • Tries to reach a compromise: Virgo, Capricorn

Warnings: G notes mentioned, emos screaming in the distance
Pairing: Prinxiety - Romantic or platonic
Prompt: https://youtu.be/5GN5k6voEQw
Songs: Duality by Set It Off, you losers all know Welcome to The Black Parade

It was well known to everyone that Roman was an exquisite singer.

As was Patton, surprisingly. And while Logan wasn’t a singer, he could rap better than anyone.

Virgil was good at art, they knew. They just assumed that was his “talent”. While everyone else had a vocal talent, Virgil was talented with paints and pencils.

He made gorgeous art of the other Sides, making them look realistic yet somehow with a stylistic spin on them that made Virgil’s art unique.

He had multiple sketchbooks, most of them full of doodles of animals or the other Sides, that were open to be taken and looked at. Virgil didn’t mind sharing his artwork with the others. Thomas was pretty surprised when he summoned Virgil one time and found him doodling on paper, and instantly the other Sides were all over him and bombarding him with questions on what he was drawing.

There was one book Virgil never let anyone touch, though.

It was a hardcover book, and it had music notes decorating the covers. The Sides just assumed it was a sketchbook themed on music and bands, but in reality, it was Virgil’s songwriting book.

He could sing with a heavenly voice; it sounded like the angels singing in a beautiful choir.

Virgil wasn’t better than Roman (hell, no one could sing better than Roman, especially when it came to Disney songs), but he could sing a hell of a lot better than anyone else. Though while Roman sang well in higher tones, Virgil could sing deep bass tones. Virgil sang the darker songs, that usually contained heavy bass or just a low tone of voice, and obviously, Roman was the complete opposite.

Virgil disliked this about himself, though. He disliked having two talents while the others seemed to have one.

Well, some of the others.

Logan had a secret talent for writing, but only he knew that.

He felt that he would be pushed away for having more than one talent. And while it felt great to know he shared something in common with them all, he didn’t want to be pushed away because “Oh, everyone could sing, you’re nothing special, Virgil.”

It genuinely hurt him to think that they would push him away like that, especially after they’d gotten so close lately.

So Virgil hid his singing from them. He hid the fact that he could play guitar, piano, and violin. (What? He doesn’t just sulk all day when he sits in his room 24/7. He has hobbies.)

He hid the fact that he wrote music, and songs, and poems. He hid the fact he could do anything other than draw.

And being able to express the fact that he could draw was great, too, honestly. If he was feeling particularly bad or didn’t want to talk, he could draw to express his emotions and get the Sides to understand how to deal with these moods that way.

But he wanted to express himself freely, every single way he could. He wanted to be able to just sing without worrying of judgement.

But.. he was Anxiety, right? So that was.. impossible.

Every time he felt even a sliver of courage enter him, genuinely contemplating just walking right out in the commons and breaking out in song, it died within seconds due to the cold claws of anxiety clutching at his heart and his lungs, convincing him that no, you cannot do that. They will hate you. Don’t ever do that.

But he wanted to. Oh, he wanted to get over this fear of his. He knew it was silly and nonsensical, but he couldn’t help it. He was Anxiety, and that fact would never change. He was the very embodiment of fear and reluctance. He didn’t think it was possible for him to actually get over that without severe repercussions.

But what if it was unintentional? What if.. he didn’t mean to let them know he could sing? Perhaps, that’s what he could do. Unintentionally let them know of this talent.

But that was impossible. He couldn’t plan out a perfect scheme, and then unintentionally do it.

Or, so he thought.

He had the idea of telling them in his mind for a long time. Perhaps during a Disney movie; Moana, maybe. He’ll join Roman in a duet of “Where You Are” and that’s when all is revealed.

Maybe he’ll just “accidentally” drop his songbook on the floor, and go to his room, and wait for them to confront him. (As much as Roman would try to deny it, he wouldn’t be able to resist peeking at a book that Virgil kept secret).

Or maybe, he’ll just have his headphones in and sing along to his music out loud, where the others were.

But it ended up being none of the above.

Roman, Patton, and Logan were all with Thomas, Joan, and Talyn. They were all playing games, telling bad puns, and having fun.

Virgil chose to stay behind.

Yes, he was invited. He didn’t feel ‘left out’ because he knew he got an invitation, and at any time, he was allowed to spontaneously join them at random.

But he felt like singing.

So, standing in the commons, with his headphones in, Virgil sat on the couch, turned on the television just so he didn’t feel totally alone, and started playing 'Welcome to The Black Parade’.

Virgil shut his eyes, just enjoying the first verse for a bit, before restarting the song to sing along with it, unknowing of the fact he had just been summoned to Thomas’ living room; too caught up in the music to notice the tugging feeling in his stomach as he was pulled from the mind palace.

“When I was a young boy,
My father took me into the city,
To see a marching band.”

Virgil was entirely unaware of his brand new audience, who were utterly stunned to see that, not only did Virgil look peaceful and happy, caught up in his music, but his voice was gorgeous, and he could sing? Since when was that a thing?

“He said, "Son, when you grow up
Would you be the savior of the broken
The beaten and the damned?”“

Virgil felt eyes on him and so he opened his own, immediately yelping a bit in surprise, not realizing he actually had an audience listening to him, his cheeks reddening as he ripped off his headphones and turned off his music, chewing on the inside of his cheek anxiously.

"Wh-What did you guys want?” He stuttered, trying to will the blush away from his face.

“Virgil, that was.. astounding,” Logan stated first, being the first to break out of his shocked state.

“I agree! That was so cool! I didn’t know you could sing, too!” Thomas gushed, a smile coming to his face.

“I didn’t know you sang so amazing, Virge! You’re so amazing at it!” Patton squealed, squishing his cheeks together in awe.

“You have such a lovely voice, Virgil, I’m surprised!” Roman said last, smiling at the blushing Side. “I didn’t think you could sing, to be honest.”

“Yeah, well..” Virgil mumbled awkwardly, “.. Surprise?”

“Can you sing something for us, Virgil?” Patton asked excitedly, “Please? Pretty pretty please?”

“I don’t know any other songs except for those "PG-13” ones you guys complain about,“ Virgil grumbled softly, self-consciously tugging at his jacket sleeve. He wasn’t used to having all the attention; usually, Roman stole the spotlight and kept it that way.

"That’s fine! Come on, sing just a little something for us, Virge!” Thomas urged, all of them sitting in an eager way, like children awaiting a show. Except for Logan, of course. Sophisticated as ever.

“Well.. fine,” Virgil sighed. He supposed this is what he’d been asking for.

I can’t quite contain, or explain my evil ways,
Or explain why I’m not sane;
All I can say, is this is your warning..

He hesitantly started, biting his lip a bit, but got nothing but encouraging looks from his little 'crowd’.

I can’t quite contain, or explain my evil ways,
Or explain why I’m not sane;
All I can say, is this is your warning; Duality-

His breath hitched a bit due to nervousness, but he was quick to suppress it. He had to get confidence. He knew he could sing well. He wasn’t gonna screw up at all. He was fine.

I have a confession that you will not believe;
That you could not perceive this freak, gonna set it off-
I have a confession, of a side that I hide,
It’s a cloak or disguise unleashed, gonna get it off,

Gradually, Virgil gained confidence, and his voice got steadier, expressing how confident he was beginning to feel. He got louder, not anxiously hushed.

No, I’ll never get away,
'Cause if I try to stray,
It only holds me closer.
No, I’ll never get away,
I love it anyway,
I’ll never stop.

His voice was steady and smooth like honey, and the Sides (and Thomas, Joan, and Talyn) noted how his tone of voice was deeper than all the others’.

I can’t quite contain, or explain my evil ways,
Or explain why I’m not sane.
All I can say, is this is your warning.
I can’t quite contain, or explain my evil ways,
Or explain why I’m not sane;
All I can say, is this is your warning; Duality!

Virgil’s voice began to take a different turn.

It was like there were two voices singing together in harmony. It made his singing sound even more entrancing. Was Virgil really hiding this talent from them this whole time?

I have an impression, in the back of my mind,
For the black in my tie, contains all your dirty thoughts.
Make me an obsession, when you lock me inside,
For the ride of your life unleashed, gonna get it off.

Virgil felt a swell of pride. He was so.. proud of himself, so happy that he could manage to do this. He loved it, he loved this feeling. Maybe he should sing more often.

No, can’t count the list of things,
I know are wrong with me,
No need to justify them.
No, I’ll never take the blame,
So I’ll just stay the same,
I’ll never stop-

This song really fit Virgil, Roman realized with a fond smile as he sat, entranced by Virgil’s voice, like everyone else.

I can’t quite contain, or explain my evil ways,
Or explain why I’m not sane.
All I can say, is this is your warning.
I can’t quite contain, or explain my evil ways,
Or explain why I’m not sane;
All I can say, is this is your warning; Duality!

As the chorus rolled around again, Virgil felt something inside burst, and his voice got even lower. He was getting into the song, which was unusual since he’d never really expected for that to happen when around the others.

I am good, I am evil.
I am solace, I am chaos.
I am human, and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be.

As Virgil’s voice dropped, the Sides collectively shivered. Virgil had such talent. Roman was swooning.

No, can’t count the list of things,
I know are wrong with me,
No need to justify them.
No, I’ll never get away,
I love it anyway,
I’ll never stop.

Was it possible to listen to one sing for hours on end without stopping? Maybe. Virgil would probably get a sore throat, though.

I can’t quite contain, or explain my evil ways,
Or explain why I’m not sane.
All I can say, is this is your warning.
I can’t quite contain, or explain my evil ways,
Or explain why I’m not sane;
All I can say, is this is your warning; Duality.

As Virgil finished the song, he carefully opened his eyes, taking in their expressions, since he’d had them closed the whole time. Why? He really didn’t know. Perhaps it was the fear of how they’d react. That seems the most.. logical answer.

Gah, now he was starting to sound like Logan.

“I-Ah.. I’m sorry, I got carried away, I didn’t mean to sing so much, I was only gonna go up to the chorus..”

“Don’t apologize; that was magnificent! I have no words for how stunning your voice is, Virgil!” Roman reassured with a large smile, and Virgil’s lips twitched, trying to hide his grin.

“Would it.. be a bad time to say I can also write and compose songs, play some instruments, and make poems?”

Perhaps he was just bragging, but he really didn’t get that often, and it felt good.

Besides, he wouldn’t mind playing a little piano for the Sides.

Maybe breaking out the old g note was a good plan.

“Bye bye baby blue 
I wish you could see the wicked truth
Caught up in a rush it’s killing you
Screaming at the sun you blow into
Curled up in a grip when we were us
Fingers in a fist like you might run
I settle for a ghost I never knew
Superparadise I held on to
But I settle for a ghost”


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Perfect Wife x Woman of Dignity parallels

Khh Crews

Buckwilds: J-Tong (leader), Fana, Psychoban, DJ Wegun, Giriboy, Ugly Duck, Lil Boi, Louie, Zico (Block B), Hanhae, Take one, DJ Eager, Andup, JV, Wonhyuk, Checkany, Kirin, Vida loca, Duplex G, Booba, DJ Dopsh, Gganmo, Hwaro, Kkalchang, Ddolbae

DNH/Daenamhyup: Marvel. J (leader), i11evn, Rap Monster(BTS), Kidoh(ToppDogg), Kyum2, Samsoon, Iron, DJ Snatch, Illipse, Supreme Boi

Club Eskimo:  Dean, Crush, Millic, Colde, 0channel, #punchnello, Chek Paren, 2xxx!, Jusén, Miso

VV:D: Zion.T (Leader), Gray, Crush, Loco, Elo

ADV/Angderville: JJK (leader) , Olltii, Chulgoo (Xitsuh), J7, Reflow, Drev, DJ Kendrickx, Lupi, gJ, Joyrain, 8dro, Raretongue, Huckleberry P

RockBottom: Iron, Don’tcallmeadog, Hongsamman, Supreme Boi, Type-C, Rwam, i11evn, Sunghyun K, Hashmate, Kidoh

Royal Class: Scotch vip, Taewoon(Speed), Sims (M.I.B), Mino(Winner), Kitti B, Roydo, Konquest, Chancey

All I Know Music: Miryo, BRAY, DUCKBAE, GiantPink, DJ Drev

Jiggy Fellaz: Vasco, Deepflow, Basick, Dead’P, LE (Exid), Joe Brown, Untouchable, Maniac, Duckdap, M.Blow, RMK, B-Dubb, Hella Dope, Jayrockin, Funny, Baby Nine, G-Hun, Groove Master, Yeb5, Chan, Mark-k, Khan, Mister JS, Woo-side, Soulsnatch, Essenti, Big Tray, Annie. J, Broken Lips,  illTong, Big Smalls, Funny, 용해, M.Blow

The Cohort: Oscar, Okasian, Kanggook, Reddy, Swidea, Jay All Day, Keith Ape, Coke Jazz, Bryan Cha$e (Play$tar), Sung Jin Park

New Block Babyz: Kimm, Gimm, Ven, New Champ, Znisuk, Young’N, Wutan

ATCN: i11evn, illinit, Justhis, Born Kim, Nucksal

BJS/Abnormal Life: Crocodile, Dino.T, Terry Kim, Kicksol, Jimyeol, Catcher, Su5kid, Zangano, Owni

Valen Crew:  BNa, D-9INE, 소연, MTP

Verification & Validation/(V&V):  Ahn Soo Min, BlackJo, ScAr, Hyesung, Chachu, and Kkuksae

Piraps:  LTAK,  Lafic,  Hash Swan,  ColaGom,  최정은

Billinism: ValorT, Pluto, Sickloo, Bakey

Amourette/AMRT: Kitti B, Hoody Kim, Nieah, Seri

Vismajor: Deepflow, Wutan, Nucksal, Don Mills, Odee, Buggy, Brasco, Digga, Kaadiq, Babynine, Stalliest, Mojo, Ven, Rockyl, Rowdigga, TK, Daeil (24k)

$exy $treet: Cjamm (leader), Bewhy, Keebo, J-Zo, Lazy Bones, Eumko

Rookies Game: Demento, Eeyu, Sexyhomme, J.Counter, Trump King, Sapo, Be-All

Yelows Mob: Sik-K, Lee Gwagmin, Jung Sungmin, Jung Gwangmin,  Lee Hwimin, Park Gyujeong, Naeezy, Thomas Lee, Mac Kidd, Onehunnit, Hyungun

Vyve:  JayFactory, IPTC, Deezy, Suiko, yubak, Yella Diamond, Konsoul, Cadillac, Mr.Yaboo, HardcoER, D.meanor, mang, Hanhae, Musky, Jogo, SpellJ, Mozaic

Overclass: Verbal Jint, San E, Swings, Rimi, B-Soap, Crybaby, Nodo, Delly Boi, Warmman, Xepy, Youngcook

Illest konfusion: Simon D, Jtong, Beenzino, Vida Loca, Beatbox DG, Rocky L, Techniccque, DJ Freekey, Swings, Louis Ali, Jae Hoodz, Mr. Jinx, Kklachang, E-sens

Soul Connection:  Jay, Csp, Maslo, Yongguk (B.A.P), KeyReal, Rhymics, Kwangyo, Slake, Still PM, DJ Tiz

AOMG: Jay Park, Simon D, Gray, Hoody, Loco, Ugly Duck, Elo, DJ Wegun, DJ Pumpkin, ChaCha Malone, Hep

Just Music: Swings, Vasco, Giriboy, Genius Nochang, Giriboy, Blacknut, Cjamm, Kim Wook 

Hi-lite: Paloalto, B-Free, Sway D, Reddy, Huckleberry Okasian, Keith Ape, G2, Soulfish, Camo Starr, Soul One, DJ Djanga

illionaire: Dok2, The Quiett, Beenzino

Bulhandang: Rhyme-A, P-Type, Garion, A.Jay, Artisan Beats, Che Young, Daephal, DJ Skip, DJ Pandol, Fascinating, Jay Kay, Kebee, Keeproots, MC Meta, Minos, Naachal, Nuck, Optical Eyez XL, Sean2slow, Snowman, The Z, Wimpy  

Movement: Drunken Tiger (leaders), Dynamic Duo, Insane Deegie, Dok2, Double K, Yoon Mi Rae, Epik High, Bobby Kim (Robert Do Kyun), Leesang, Sean2Slow, YDG, Snacky Chan, Swings, Maniac, XL, Eunjiwon, Microdot, Entice, Yankie, EXP, MC K, Thanos, 

Disclaimers: Some of these crews are no longer active. 

These lists also include past members.

It is also impossible for me to list all of the crews in khh, but I did my best with the knowledge that I have. I also listed some companies that have a crew like atmosphere and theme.

If you’re curious about something, or feel that I left someone out please feel free to ask/message me :3

  • Air Force ("Aim High... Fly-Fight-Win"): Cancer, Aquarius
  • Army ("This We'll Defend"): Aries, Gemini, Leo
  • Coast Guard ("Semper Paratus" / "Always Ready"): Taurus, Virgo, Sagittarius
  • Marines ("Semper Fidels" / "Always Faithful"): Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Navy ("Non sibi sed patriae" / "Not for self, but for country"): Libra, Pisces
Devil Side

Chapter 1


Chapter 1
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A new city. A new job. A new life. That’s how most of these stories start, right? And yours was seemingly no different; a budding journalist leaving her small-town life behind for the big city. This was your break. Your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. As cliché as it all sounds… you wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

You let out a sigh of relief as your last box of belongings thumps on the floor. You’re finally here and you can’t wait to start work on Monday; why did you have to move on the weekend? You decide to start unpacking your things. Grabbing a suitcase you move to your bedroom; you take in the minimalist design and whitewashed walls.

“Well, this won’t do…” You sigh as you reach for a different box, unveiling a plethora of knickknacks and fairy lights. “…Who said clutter was bad?” You chuckle as you pick out a variety of photo frames and ornaments. This was your first time living away from your parents and you were going to relish not having your mother nagging you about the condition of your bedroom. Y/N! You’re twenty years old… why do you need fairy lights? Your mother’s voice swims around your head.

“Because, mother…” You answer into the silence, “…they’re pretty.” You finish adjusting your belongings on your shelf before heading back to the main room. It was an open plan living and kitchen space with a sleek long sofa facing the glass wall and a shiny kitchen to match. As you stand near the window, looking down on the world below your high rise apartment, the silence finally hits you. No longer was there the familiar sound of your father humming to himself in the garden or the comforting clack, or smell, of your mother cooking something delicious. Instead, there was silence… well, apart from the background noise of the city. You run a hand through your hair with a sigh before moving over to the overtly complicated looking sound system sitting in the corner of the large space. After pressing a multitude of buttons, you find a decent radio station. You settle on the sofa with a glass of wine, already feeling the tension start to leave your body.

“Breaking news.”

The crackle of the radio snaps you back into reality; had you just dozed off? You check your phone; half an hour had passed. You tilt you head towards the sound system, resting your arm on the back of the sofa and supporting your chin.

“Notorious bachelors Woo Jiho and Song Minho, CEOs of Natas Corp., have just bought out leading rivals Samsung, leaving the ruthless business partners at the head of both the entertainment and technology industry in South Korea. After swallowing most of the industry sectors over the past two years; is there anything that this formidable duo can’t control?”

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