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how to not whitewash

Hi, so recently I looked through the #ouatmerlinedit tag and was upset to see so many edits which featured a whitewashed Merlin/Elliot Knight. (In this context whitewashing refers to a trend seen in edits where the skin colour of a person of colour is made to look lighter than it is.)
So with the help of magicallyturningbacktime, I decided to make a tutorial on how to not whitewash characters. The scene I will be colouring is from the most recent ouat episode (S05E05) and will be a Merlin/Elliot Knight scene.

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made some cute little embroidery friends!! 💕

these lil babies are currently on sale on my etsy store! also keep an eye out because i will be adding 4 more loops to my store this coming week! think cosmos, crystals, and more plants! woo!

also ps: i do custom designs, so if you would like your own customized loop, feel free to message me here

love ya guys <333