woo ps


we interrupt your regularly scheduled wincest for some harry potter art i was commissioned to do recently (it was from an rp the commissioner was doing, a lil tom riddle/harry potter dramatic time travel shinding thingy) - i rlly liked how it turned out and since this the only place i currently post my art wELP

*griffin mcelroy voice* BOYS

felt super bored so decided to draw out all(???) of @therealjacksepticeye‘s egos! also shhh there are a couple of “unofficial” egos but i needed to fill the empty space woo ps


To you… is that all we mean to you?! Do you think we’re better off than you?! If you’re like this, then what about me? Us? If you’re embarrassed once in a while, can’t you show that to your friends? Is that so? Does that really make us friends? Brothers? F4?! Tell me, you bastard!