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we interrupt your regularly scheduled wincest for some harry potter art i was commissioned to do recently (it was from an rp the commissioner was doing, a lil tom riddle/harry potter dramatic time travel shinding thingy) - i rlly liked how it turned out and since this the only place i currently post my art wELP


To you… is that all we mean to you?! Do you think we’re better off than you?! If you’re like this, then what about me? Us? If you’re embarrassed once in a while, can’t you show that to your friends? Is that so? Does that really make us friends? Brothers? F4?! Tell me, you bastard!

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how would prince devitt try to woo his crush? (ps i luv ur writing and i stalk ur blog)

i may turn this into a full fic later, as a tie in to both Childs Play and Bad Intentions…

Let’s be perfectly clear, Devitt doesn’t have “crushes”. He’s the goddamn Junior Heavyweight Champion and the head of the most badass faction to ever hit New Japan. He’s shocked the delicate sensibilities of the Japanese public and taken everything he’s wanted, because he fuckin’ deserves it.

He doesn’t have something as juvenile as a crush. 

He has objects of desire, of obsession. 

And Devitt was so used to getting whatever he wanted. 

Until you that is. 

The Irishman remembered seeing you at a karaoke bar in Roppongi he’s been dragged to by Machine Gun, swaying to some J-Pop song he didn’t care to remember the name of. There was just something… untainted and pure about you that he just wanted to dirty, to get his fingerprints all over.

“I want that one.”

Fale looked up from his beer and followed Devitt’s eyes, only to snort and shake his head. “I ain’t going to jail for you. Get her yourself.”

You noticed him when he was getting into a fight with the bartender. You could make out the definition of muscles and the brightness of his eyes even a dance floor away. There was something about him that drew you in, even if he was an asshole to that poor bartender. You slid yourself between the harried bartender and the irate Irishman, so close that your body was pressed up against the front of the angry man.

He looked down to meet your eyes, anger still burning across his features, but there was intrigue and lust there too, in the way he nibbled at his lower lip and the way he straightened his posture. 

“He just wants to know if you wanted just a glass of whiskey or the bottle.”

The words came out more of a purr than you’d like and his eyes darkened dramatically. The predatory grin that spread over his lips made your insides churn pleasantly and then he ordered you a drink. And another. And another. 

His name was Devitt and he had hands like a damn octopus. It felt like he was touching you everywhere at once, arms pulling you closer to his side, hands sliding up the inside of your thighs teasingly, lips ghosting across the exposed skin of your shoulders and then neck. 

He was incensed when you didn’t go home with him that night. 

Devitt then took it upon himself to insert himself into your life. God, he was persistent. 

He would send you gifts, large and small. Your coworkers would make fun of you, for your dressing rooms filled to the bursting point with roses and giant stuffed teddy bears. Delicate tennis bracelets would be delivered to you by courier, books that he thought you might like delivered to your doorstep. 

Anywhere that you were, he would appear.

Sitting at a cafe, enjoying a cup of coffee and minding your own business? He was sliding into the chair next to you, close enough that his thigh was pressed up against yours. He would show up at your doorstep for work events as your date, dressed up to the nines.

Devitt said that he didn’t take no’s for answers, that he always got he wanted. 

In hindsight, you shouldn’t have been as charmed as you were then.

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hello!! can i request a headcanon of todoroki and kirishima having a crush on the same girl?? what would they do about it and how would they try to woo her? (ps i love ur blog so much have a great day sweetie! ❤)

todoroki shouto

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  • the quiet man, he would watch from afar
  • would try to like, lowkey sway her towards him by getting her small gifts
  • wouldn’t outright say he likes her until she confess to him first
  • when he sees kirishima with her, he gets soooo jealous
  • but never says anything

kirishima eijirou

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  • the overly affectionate one, he would be all over them
  • takes them on adventures (or dates in his eyes) to try to woo them over
  • if they are with todoroki, he’s not the type to be angry but he would be kinda sad
  • sends them good night/good morning texts