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…y times with exo-k! woo :^) ps this will be suckish because i’m on mobile. hopefully i don’t lose my work…. exo-m will come out eventually (lol) 

 suho: after he was done with his nightly routine (eating cold leftovers, showering and brushing his teeth), suho would bring you into his arms, stroking and playing with your hair. i think out of all the members, he’d be the most exhausted. his eyes would be half lidded, and as much as he tried to pay attention to you, he wouldn’t be able to. the TV would be on, but he wouldn’t even be able to pay attention. when you’d gasp at some infomercial, all you would get was a “mm” or “cool”. you would never judge, knowing how busy his schedule was. “junmyeon, sleep if you’re tired,” you would scold, taking notice of his slowing hand movements. he’d groan and mumble something about not wanting to. you’d bring up the covers closer to him, and he’d be out in an instant. suho’s also the type of guy to snore and talk in his sleep. so while you’re watching 2AM reruns of lilo and stitch, he’s mumbling something about the rehearsals. 

baekhyun: when baek would come home, i don’t think he’d even bother to shower. he’d just change, wash his face and fall into bed. he’d complain about being hungry, and without even realizing it, you have 2 pizzas on the way with liters of pepsi. he’d make sure you got plenty of kisses and affection in between, almost missing the delivery as he was too distracted by your lips. “it’s past 7pm, huh?” he’d ask, flicking open the box. “i think i’ll gain weight. fuck it, who really cares!” and he’d dig in. he’d complain about the nasty, cold food that the members made him out of spite. complain about how kyungsoo needed to lighten up because it was scary. baekhyun would not be the type to sleep until 4AM, just talking about his day and complaining about the…usual. and finishing both boxes of pizza while he’s at it. 

 kyungsoo: after he comes home, he heads straight into the shower and tries to make himself more presentable. after all, he wouldn’t want his s/o to smell his sweat. he’d climb into bed, greeting you with a kiss on the cheek. his voice would be soft as he got situated under the covers, asking what you did today, if you ate well and if you’re mother was doing well. & honestly kyungsoo is the boyfriend to read to you. he’d pull out the book from a few weeks before, letting you put your head into his lap. “all comfy?” he would ask, stroking your cheek with a thumb. after you would nod, he would start reading… something was about a war, that you knew. but everything else fizzled as you fell asleep. when you were asleep, kyungsoo would lift you up into a more comfortable position. he’d kiss your lips to say goodnight, reaching over and turning off the light. 

chanyeol: chanyeol makes an entrance when he comes home. shouting something like “i’m home, kitten!” as he slams the bedroom door open. he’d feel embarrassed if you were asleep, or changing. he’d apologize for being loud by bringing you water, then getting himself ready for bed. he’d sigh loudly as he hopped into bed, bringing your body closer to his. chanyeol would spoon all the time!!! ok anyway , he’d kiss along your neck, making all the hairs on your neck stand up. his hands would feel up your body, squeezing your boobs (lol) or squeezing his cold fingers to your inner thighs. he’d stop if you scolded him, laughing and snorting like a little kid. “why don’t you love me, kitten?” he’d joke, kissing your ear. all jokes aside, as you were about to drift off to sleep, he’d sing. it would be quiet, maybe because you were falling asleep or because he was embarrassed. either way, it was the bed type of way to sleep. 

sehun: sehun would take his time coming to bed. he would wear a face mask and moisturize, even offer you a massage. most of the time, you did give into his massage. he’d put on a creamy, jasmine scented lotion and rub it up and down your back. he’d press into the little tense spots, clicking his tongue in disapproval. “i told you to come get a massage with me,” he’d say. “i feel like we get too naughty.” you’d laugh at his comments, and at the feeling of his hands at your sides. massages were never something for you, anyway. as you sat up, you puckered your lips, expecting a smooch from sehun. he’d make you wait, applying chapstick and then kissing you. “diva,” you’d tease. “i have to take care of myself, y/n! i don’t wanna look ugly in front of you.” 

 kai: kai would open the bedroom door, half-asleep. he’d cry out “i’m hoomeee!” and then land in the bed. he’d trip over his own feet, groaning at his sore limbs. all 500 of your dogs would pile into the room, only making the scene more chaotic. “jogin! the dogs!” you would snicker as they attacked him, nipping and lapping at his hands and feet. you would get him to change, eat a little something and have him wash his face. it was like you were his mother more than anything. is this what suho had to deal with? you’d have him get comfortable in the bed, tucking him in and kissing his lips. kai would outstretch his arms, letting you fall on top of him. “y/n, you’re so kind to me…” and he’d pass out.


made some cute little embroidery friends!! 💕

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love ya guys <333