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Another au as a thank you for the kind words; bunny!Lance always super defensive, never relaxing all the way from instincts and everything, then Lance starts to date Kolivan. (Fluff and smut ensue)Then one day after training Lance still has some energy but Kolivan is just too tired so Lance just flops over on his side next to him. doesn’t understand the significance of it until Hunk and shiro come in and gasp lightly at Lance’s show of trust.

-We don’t mean to ignore you, we love you, but we all got horrid memories you absolute blessing of a person-

Imagine Lance’s skittishness only increasing as the war goes on, spiking after the explosion that nearly killed him. He can never seem to totally relax around anyone except for Hunk, and even then he can’t stay relaxed for long. Sometimes staying with Hunk is worse seeing as Hunk’s anxiety fuels Lance’s own, which is why Lance is a bit dismissive when Hunk begins to rile himself up, quick to try and shut down the panic before it spreads to himself.

Kolivan seeing how skittish Lance is and inquiring on why that is; Shiro explaining about the Bunny genetics as best as he can, but “You’re probably better off asking Lance.”

Kolivan asking Lance about it, learning about how the war keeps Lance in a state of near panic often. How even when he seems relaxed or excited its him turning his panicked energy into excitement so that he doesn’t focus on the fact that he’s vulnerable in the crowds. The fact that he does enjoy people’s company helps, but there’s still that fear…

That being said: Lance does omit that part about flopping over beside people. he’s only ever felt relaxed enough with his mother and father -his siblings were all little rascals. Like hell he’d relax around them- so when he does flop down beside Kolivan after training, Kolivan thinks nothing of it. They’re both tired, of course Lance is going to flop down like this.

I raise you this instead though: Hunk does come in eventually to tell them dinner’s ready, but the second the door opens Lance is sitting up in a more defensive stance, far less relaxed. -The door opening had startled him- Kolivan finds that semi-normal and doesn’t think too much of it. They’ve been in some sort of close relationship for awhile now, he’s learned some of Lance’s instincts.

That is until it happens again, and again, and Kolivan realizes that he’s never seen Lance actually relax like this around others. He asks Hunk about it, surely Lance’s best friend will know. Right?

That’s when Hunk flat out squeals because, “Okay, to be honest, I was still on the ledge about you two being together because like you’re an alien and leading a galran army, but you didn’t seem to bad, but omgs that’s so awesome that he trusts you so much! You have to take pictures, I need to see this-” And Kolivan has no idea what he just got himself into, but at least now he has Hunk’s 100% approval? Right?

The next time Lance flops down beside Kolivan, Kolivan can’t help but smile. He wonders how he can return the show of trust…

-And ooo baby, when they finally do the do and realize how fast bunnies can uh… get “re-energized” again… they have fun with that. They have a lot of fun with that-

- Mod Mizu 💙💜💙

Send Me “Hell Yeah!” for a Random Demon AU
  1. My muse is a fire demon
  2. My muse is a water demon
  3. My muse is an earth demon
  4. My muse is an air demon
  5. My muse is an energy demon
  6. My muse is a time demon
  7. My muse is a dark demon
  8. My muse is a light demon
  9. My muse is the King/Queen of demons
  10. My muse is the Prince/Princess of demons
  11. My muse is a noble demon
  12. My muse is a fallen angel
  13. My muse is a newborn demon
  14. My muse is a demon of misfortune
  15. My muse is a demon sent to harass yours
  16. My muse is a demon sent to take your muse’s soul
  17. My muse is a demon your muse accidentally summoned
  18. My muse is a demon disguised as an angel
  19. My muse is a demon disguised as a god
  20. My muse is a demon who is trying to be accepted in heaven
  21. My muse is a demon trying to blend in on earth
  22. My muse is an incubus/succubus
  23. My muse is a demon rebelling against Hell
  24. My muse is a demon trying to take over Hell
  25. My muse is a demon turned human as punishment
  26. Mun’s choice.
  27. Roll again except ‘my muse’ is replaced with ‘your muse’

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Pipercabeth headcanons maybe?

I wasn’t aware of this being a thing? Is this a thing? I love it. Holy crap.

-Annabeth loves being in the middle, whether it’s in bed or holding hands. Piper and Percy love to have her in the middle too. Though, they like to be in the middle sometimes too

Percy and Piper are the annoying boyfriend and girlfriend who are always playing pranks on Annabeth and sending memes to the group chat.

-Of course, Annabeth gets them back with the most strategic, skillful prank ever

Percy and Piper sometimes jokingly compete to see who loves Annabeth more. Annabeth just laughs and kisses them both on the cheek, which makes them turn red AF

-Piper and Percy could be making out while Annabeth is reading next to them and she’s like"k". Actually, this happens every possible way. Pipabeth and Percy. Percabeth and Piper. Pipercy and Annabeth.

-Piper loves to put little flowers in her gf and bf’s hair. She totally made them flower crowns. Sea green for Percy. Red and grey for Annabeth. Blue for herself.

-Piper is really good at helping Annabeth and Percy and calming them down whenever they have nightmares about Tartarus.

-The cuddles man. You’ll walk into their bedroom and it’s just a big cuddle fest.

-They’re such competitive gamers. Piper always beats everyone’s ass at Mario Kart. Percy is good at super smash bros and first person shooters. Annabeth is good at challenges and games that involve strategy. (You can’t tell me she didn’t have a minecraft phase)

-They’re the three badasses of camp half blood and WILL fuck your shit up.

-Younger campers will go to Piper, Annabeth, or Percy with questions. They’d ask about fighting, fitting in at camp, sexuality, gender, anything. Piper, Annabeth, and Percy were happy to give advice.

-Anytime two or three of them are talking, the Aphrodite cabin will find them. (Well, mostly anytime)

-Percy takes Annabeth and Piper on trips through the ocean in a bubble. The ocean is a surprisingly good date space. (PERCY ANNABETH AND PIPER HOLDING HANDS IN A BUBBLE IN THE OCEAN WATCHING THE PRETTY SEA AAAAH)

-I like to hc that after the war, Piper realized being girly isn’t bad and actually really likes makeup. One time she wanted to give Percy and Annabeth makeovers. Annabeth refused, but Percy was happy to have Piper do his makeup. He ended up looking glorious. Annabeth finally gave in and that was the day the power couple slayed even more than usual. (They slayed without makeup too 😘)

Piper and Percy could listen to Annabeth ramble on about the book she was reading or plans for a building for hours. They found it enticing, even though they didn’t really understand what she was talking about most of the time.

-Imagine them waking up in the morning. A tired pile of arms and legs. Annabeth’s messy hair tied into a bun, groggy eyes, and an oversized shirt, Piper’s messy hair and raspy morning voice, also wearing an oversized shirt, Percy’s morning voice, scruffy hair, and yawning. You’re welcome.

-When they don’t wake up together, the person to get up first usually goes downstairs and cooks. The second person to wake up sneaks into the kitchen, places their hands on the first person’s hips and resttheir head on the first person’s shoulder. The second person asks what person 1 is cooking and hugs them for a bit. Person 2 eventually sets up the table. The third person awake comes down just in time for breakfast and makes a happy remark about how they didn’t have to do any morning work. They then kiss the two others on the cheek. Just imagine this with every scenario possible w/ Pipercabeth. Once again, you’re welcome.

-Everyone knows they like each other before they themselves know. (Wanted to say first that in this Jasiper broke up I guess.) Percabeth was already real but they were really both confused so they decided to take a break for a bit while still being best friends. After this, campers started to notice things. There were secret shipping wars between the Percabeth side, the Pipabeth side, the Pipercy side, and the Pipercabeth side. Of course, Percy, Annabeth, and Piper had no idea what was going on.

-After they were official, the Pipercabeth side won a lot of bets.

Just, Piper, Annabeth, and Percy in a cute relationship I love it

-This has officially ruined me, thank you anon


the girls going out with their s/o to try out new clothes with them?

Sure! Hope you like!

Maki Harukawa

  • You honestly didn’t quite expect her to be the kind to want to do this kind of thing
  • Hell, you don’t even know if she likes getting her clothes from stores and assumed that she preferred to order online.
  • But to your surprise, when she confronted you one day and hesitantly asks you to come along, you were more than happy to agree.
  • You imagine that it would be a nice, calming experience where she would calmly ask your opinion on a few select items of clothing, in which you would provide feedback on.
  • You were oh so wrong. 
  • As soon as you reached the store she immediately stormed inside and made her way to a select table and began to sloppily throw aside articles of clothing as she attempted to find the perfect one.
  • All the while she snaps at you under her breath and mutters curses to the heavens, occasionally growling in frustration.
  • When she finally picks out a few articles of clothing, she storms to the changing rooms to pull them on, showing you with an annoyed expression every once and a while.
  • She eventually just ends up throwing anything she doesn’t like into a corner of the room, which to her dismay, turns out to be everything that she had chosen.
  • Something’s always wrong with it in her eyes
  • The color is off, it’s too tight, too short, too tacky and many other complications 
  • She ends up sulking out of the changing room, muttering complaints complaints to you as she claims that she’ll give to store one more shot.
  • She goes to a table display, fishes around for a bit before commenting that she likes a certain shirt, holding it up for you to see.
  • To her utter dismay once more, she eventually realizes that it’s two sizes too big, and has to surpass a pure scream of frustration.
  • She ends up flipping the table display in her fury and sending clothes flying everywhere
  • Long story short, you two won’t be returning to that store.
  • Ever

Kirumi Toujou

  • You don’t expect her to be one to obsess over clothes, but when she requests that assist her in shopping, you are happy to oblige
  • You expect her to be into one of those high class shops with fancy, overpriced places with posh furniture and displays.
  • But to your surprise, she pulls you into a department store, claiming that although it may not seem like much, they have good prices for quality clothing.
  • She requests that you accompany her to every rack and display, showing each and every thing they have on sale to you and getting your opinion.
  • You would think that her taste in fashion when shopping would match her formal taste, but she surprisingly is interested in a large variety of clothing.
  • At one point she holds up to you a shirt with a cat face on it and asks for your honest opinion about it.
  • You tell her that it looks lovely, and that she’d look hella cute in it, but she eventually dismisses it as childish and stows it away.
  • She ends up picking out a few articles of rich-colored clothing before bowing to retreat to the dressing rooms without you.
  • She mostly has it covered, but will appear to ask you to zip a zipper or button a button every once in a while
  • At one point, she appears in a gorgeous black dress and you have to hide your face as you begin to burn up
  • She quickly finishes and picks out a few articles before leaving the store with you and tow, not commenting much on it afterwards.

Angie Yonaga

  • She loves wearing bright colors and her fashion sense is quite diverse!
  • She has to go shopping quite often, for she usually stains or burns her clothing when expressing heavenly will through beautiful masterpieces of art.
  • She loves it when you come along with her, and invites you along every time the thought crosses her mind.
  • She totes you along to a store one day, one she claims that God has blessed divine, and eventually tugs you into the brightly-colored boutique.
  • She demands that you attempt to carry her around on your back to every display, and you attempt to with full enthusiasm
  • She loves to go shopping for jewelry! Long necklaces and bracelets of shells are her favorite thing to buy at stores.
  • So of course she drags you over to the jewelry section and starts pointing out several beaded options.
  • She ends up scooping one of the necklaces she had her eye on and then tugging you away to go look at other departments.
  • She tells you that God is suggesting that she buys a new dress, one so bright that he can see her wearing it from the heavens.
  • She goes through so many options, trying to determine the perfect one -
  • You didn’t even know that one store could even have this many dresses
  • She eventually pulls out what could possibly be the most ugliest dress in the store
  • It’s so old fashioned and bright, daffodil yellow
  • But she way she seems so excited about it, and how she absolutely falls in love with it overpowers your wish to tell her how unfavorable it might be
  • The cashier gives you a strange look as you exit, but Angie is far too overjoyed to notice as she drags you out of the store
  • Her good mood sticks around for the rest of the day, and she thanks you endlessly for coming with her

Kaede Akamatsu

  • It was you who asked her to accompany you on a shopping trip
  • You know that she has an eye for cute things and wanted her opinion on what you should purchase
  • You bring her to a quaint store next to a creamery, promising her that you would get her a treat after you finish browsing
  • She laughs and says that you would not have to do that before grabbing your hand and leading you inside
  • She takes over for you and takes you around the store, pointing out shirts and accessories that she thinks would suit you best -Of course she points out a few objects that fit her taste with a subtle wink
  • You laugh a bit at her actions before letting her stuff a few articles of clothing into your arms before she places your hands on your shoulders and steers you over to the changing room.
  • She perches herself on a stool outside and begs you to give her your own version of a fashion show and show her each and every one of the outfits she picked out.
  • She’ll clap and cheer for each one and gush about how adorable and cute you look in each outfit.
  • You accidentally get a couple of looks when she cheered just a b i t too loud 
  • A few minutes later you get thrown out of the store
  • At least you still got ice cream out of the trip

Miu Iruma

  • She arranges to meet up with you one day and offers you a ride there.
  • You’re tempted to say no and that you’ll meet you there, but she begins to give you the doggy-eye look and you eventually cave in.
  • She is a terrible driver as she is reckless and easily angered by the ways of the road, and you fear for your life at least four times on the way to the mall.
  • During the trip you have to somehow convince her to not take you to a place with inappropriate clothing as it’s best seller and to a regular mall instead.
  • You somehow end up at the mall alive and as soon as she zooms into a parking space, she hops out and runs as fast as she can inside, completely leaving you in the dust.
  • You follow her inside and see that she had already rushed inside a store and began practically throwing clothes out of the way as she searched for a certain article of clothing.
  • You watch her for a few moments with a knowing smile on your face before you explore to pick out a shirt or two of your own.
  • She eventually returns with a few garments and other articles of clothing draped over her arm before she grabs your hand and drags you into the changing room with her.
  • She strips in front of you completely, much to your embarrassment, grinning at your flustered expression with a wink and her tongue poking between her lips.
  • You have to excuse yourself from the room afterwards, being a bit too flustered and having the need to cool yourself off.
  • You return and wait for her to finish swapping and trying on outfits, sitting down and staring at the door.
  • That is, until she tells you that she had picked out a special outfit to show you.
  • She slowly cracks open the door, revealing herself to be fully naked aside from her undergarments in which you immediately flare up in a blush, dash over and slam the door shut to protect the eyes of the innocent.
  • She laughs, dresses herself before returning in her normal gear and slapping a tacky hat she found on the head before walking out.
  • You end up ditching the clothes, except for the hat, which you pay for, and leave the store before you got in any sort of trouble.
  • It was a wild night

Yumeno Himiko

  • She doesn’t go shopping much, seeing that she spends most of her free days inside in the comfort of her sleepwear.
  • In fact, it is you who must remind her to go shopping for new clothing every one in a while for you know she would likely forget if you were not there to remind her.
  • You somehow coax her into accompanying you to your local store to buy her a new set of tights and maybe a dress of her choice.
  • She reluctantly agrees and you practically have to drag her there with her complaint about being low on mana the entire time.
  • You have to guide her to each and every rack and display and pick out the clothes for her to examine with a lazy eye
  • She pouted the entire time and would spend every moment there either clinging to your arm, or giving you a lazy hug as you attempted to sort through clothing.
  • You have to nudge her awake a few more times that you would have expected
  • She claims that it’s due to a low level of MP, but you suspect that she hadn’t slept well the night before.
  • You purchase her the tights before scooping her up and carrying her back to the car and driving her back to her house.
  • You then take her inside and place her on her bed as she murmured that your short shopping trip had wiped her out completely, and that she was sorry for forcing you to leave so early.
  • You end up laying with one another and chatting until she drifted off into a nap.
  • Despite having to cut your trip short, it was an overall pleasant experience

Tsumugi Shirogane

  • She loves visiting little boutiques and stores and admiring the of colors, designs, stitches and textures.
  • She also adores the friendly, cute aura that some of them seem to radiate, and it absolutely entrances her and draws her inside each and every one.
  • When you go shopping to one of her favorite stores one day, she practically talks your ear off about how she may want to open one herself.
  • Sure she specializes in cosplay, but she has been designing a few prints and outfits of her own, and she would love to have them spread throughout the fashion community!
  • Plus she could pour her entire heart into creating her own little heaven, which could be her own little pocket of herself.
  • She could paint the walls blue or light pink with white trims and have plush seating…she can’t stop talking about it!
  • When you actually reach the store, she’ll eagerly rush in, ditching you completely.
  • When you follow her inside, you find that she’s already rushed to the racks to shift through each shimmering or pristine piece of clothing.
  • She works fast, muttering about how either the color is too bright, the stitching is unfavorable, or the design is simply unflattering.
  • She picks out a hefty amount of shirts, skirts and pants before grabbing your hand and excitedly tugging you over to the changing rooms.
  • She, to your curiosity, sets aside a few separate outfits before whisking away into the room and pulling on an outfit at a record time.
  • When finishing, she’ll practically throw the door open and present herself to you, asking for your brutal opinion on each and every thing.
  • She’ll mix and match several outfits together and admire herself in the long mirror, cupping her face in her hands with a frown.
  • You see that she chose a few flashy outfits, and when confronting her, she tells you that it is to bring out her otherwise drab and plain face and go prevent her from blending into the background.
  • You tell her that that’s nonsense, and she’s plenty pretty enough to stand out, in which she’ll wave a hand in dismissal before picking up her separate pile of clothing and presenting it to you.
  • She tells you that she chose the outfits for you, and would love it if you tried them on for her.
  • She claps when you show each outfit to her, smiling and seeming absolutely radiant.
  • She ends up ditching a few clothes but buying most of them, and when you question her, she tells you that it is just a gift for her favorite person in the entire world.
  • You offer to take the bags for her, and she refuses in favor of splitting them between you, and you hold her hand as you walk home, eventually noticing a happy bounce in her step and a sparkle in her eyes.
  • It turned out to be a pretty nice time.

Tenko Chabashira

  • She’s rather flustered when you ask her to go out shopping with you, and she eagerly agrees, nearly stumbling over her words as she gushes about how she would adore to do so.
  • She makes sure to pack everything you could need when you go out, treating it as if it was more of a date with you than just simply going out for shopping.
  • She doesn’t do much shopping considering her fashion sense is a bit too farfetched for most stores and she can never find anything that fits.
  • Whether she can’t fit it around her bust or it is stiff to move in, there is always some sort of problem.
  • She claims that it is some sort of curse she has had for a while, for she is simply just unlucky with finding the right fitting outfit.
  • You browse quietly with her as she flits between rack to rack, excitedly flipping through each and every garment they had on display.
  • She will energetically show you each and every shirt or skirt that catches her attention, either color or design wise, with a long string of laughs.
  • You help her pick out a dress at one point, and send her off to change into it, and when she comes out it is like the entire world lit up for you.
  • It is a simple green dress, but she looks too happy in it to care about the simplicity and tells you over and over that she wanted to spend her money on it.
  • You can’t resist such a cute face and eventually cave into helping her afford it
  • She hums a song as you leave, noticeably happier than when you came in and the smile she has could outmatch the light of any star.