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fionlimworld  asked:

Hi may I ask how would Hau and Kukui react to a s/o whom enjoys seeing their partner in a skirt or dress from time to time cause they find it both amusing and sexy.


-He would have a lot of fun with it actually and would even help his s/o find him a cute skirt to wear 

-When his s/o says that they find it sexy he would be like “Damn right! Just look at these legs!” 


-He would be a little more confused by the whole thing but still find this whole thing amusing. 

-His response to being called sexy in a dress/skirt would be “I can be sexy in just about anything woo!” 

~Mod Litten

        The Official PJO/HOO Femslash Week is Coming!

The time you’ve all been waiting for has finally come. This August 22-28 will be the official pjo femslash week! If you’re interested in participating, information is under the cut.

Dates: August 22-28, 2016

Content Accepted: Anything! As long as it is a pjo/hoo femslash and related to the day’s theme, any form of art, story, playlist, edit, song, cosplay, etc. is accepted! AUs are welcomed, and stories do not have to line up with canon!

Themed Days:

  • Monday- Firsts (First kisses, first meetings, first dates, etc.)
  • Tuesday- Fantasy 
  • Wednesday- Domestic
  • Thursday- Science Fiction 
  • Friday- Time Periods (ancient Egypt au, Victorian era au, etc.)
  • Saturday- 10 Years in the Future
  • Sunday- Free Space! 

Tagging: If you would like to have your content reblogged onto the official @pjosapphicweeks blog, please tag it pjofemslash . If the content is nsfw, please tag it as such*

Mods: The mods are @perseasalt, @lanileia, and @the-artsy-oracle (the last of whom made this lovely banner!) However, please contact the official @pjosapphicweeks for any questions and do not contact the mods’ blogs

Rules: Must be a wlw pairing with characters from the pjo/hoo universe. Do Not submit any content that contains or supports pedophilia, rape, or incest. It would also be very appreciated if you followed our official blog @pjosapphicweeks if you want to submit or just view content!

Please Spread the Word: Even if you will not be participating, please reblog this post and/or promote the event! We want as many people participating as possible

*Additional Information: Although we will accept sexually explicit content, we will not be reblogging it onto the official blog so as to make it a safe & age-friendly environment for all. If a piece contains graphic depictions of violence, the mods together will decide if it is appropriate for the official blog. 

If you have any additional questions, or simply would like some prompt ideas, please send an ask to @pjosapphicweeks

Trip to Space!

In celebration of reaching the 100 followers milestone, Miki and the mod are planning a trip to outerspace! We are taking any applicants who would like to join us! Openings for applicants close on the 26th of this month.

(To celebrate 100 peeps [0oO] I’m planning on joining the bandwagon and drawing a group picture. But, imma give myself time cause im still p new to digital art. The artstyle is most likely gonna look like my previous pic i drew of Oku and Miki. I’ll also try to get it done by the end of the month. Either like or reblog this post so I can add you in the picture.)