woo mod

guys: *exist*

my heart: boomp. boomp. boomp.

girls: *exist*

my heart: d-d-d-d-drOP THE BASS. BOW WOW WUBWUB WUBWUB WUBWUB WUBWUB WOOOW, BOW WOW WABWABWABWABWABWA bwaaaaw doo doo bowwwwwha da daaaaah DAAAA da, BWA (dee doo) BWa (dee doo) BWOO WAA WOO WEE

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Hi crush anon here! No I mean someone he's in love with and eventually begins to date.

Say no more, on it! Thanks for clarifying sweet pea!

-Mod Pinks

Pursuing/wooing his s/o (Sidon)

  • Okay, who wouldn’t want to be wooed by him?
  • He’d realize his crush after getting to know the person in question for a bit
  • Then one day he’d see them be really nice to a kid, or be really sweet to an elder, or come out of a battle exhausted but still be really nice to him despite their frustrations
    • Oh. Oh wow
    • It hits him hard
  • He’d try to play it cool
  • But the second the s/o is out of his sight
    • wheeze
    • Trying to catch his breath, processes everything as best he can
    • After some time, he realizes that, oh shit, this is real, he needs to do something about it.
  • The next time they see each other, he doesn’t act too different
    • He will, however, start to test to see if they like him back
      • Dropping a compliment or two
      • Flirting a bit
      • Standing closer to them
    • If he sees the slightest glimmer of hope from them, he goes for it.
      • Takes a deep breath, tries to play it all cool, asks if he may properly woo them
        • Because Mipha told him to always be polite and not too forceful and dang it he’s going to follow that advice!
      • If the crush says no, he’ll be respectful and do his best to be a good friend to them.
      • If they say yes though
        • Brace yourself.
      • He’ll be thrilled.
      • he’ll do the best he can. 
        • Take time out of his busy schedule to be with them for as long as he can.
        • Be supportive
        • Maybe find some really nice flowers
        • Or gift them with shells that “remind him of their beauty”
    • Essentially, he’ll be the ultimate respectful babu.

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Pipercabeth headcanons maybe?

I wasn’t aware of this being a thing? Is this a thing? I love it. Holy crap.

-Annabeth loves being in the middle, whether it’s in bed or holding hands. Piper and Percy love to have her in the middle too. Though, they like to be in the middle sometimes too

Percy and Piper are the annoying boyfriend and girlfriend who are always playing pranks on Annabeth and sending memes to the group chat.

-Of course, Annabeth gets them back with the most strategic, skillful prank ever

Percy and Piper sometimes jokingly compete to see who loves Annabeth more. Annabeth just laughs and kisses them both on the cheek, which makes them turn red AF

-Piper and Percy could be making out while Annabeth is reading next to them and she’s like"k". Actually, this happens every possible way. Pipabeth and Percy. Percabeth and Piper. Pipercy and Annabeth.

-Piper loves to put little flowers in her gf and bf’s hair. She totally made them flower crowns. Sea green for Percy. Red and grey for Annabeth. Blue for herself.

-Piper is really good at helping Annabeth and Percy and calming them down whenever they have nightmares about Tartarus.

-The cuddles man. You’ll walk into their bedroom and it’s just a big cuddle fest.

-They’re such competitive gamers. Piper always beats everyone’s ass at Mario Kart. Percy is good at super smash bros and first person shooters. Annabeth is good at challenges and games that involve strategy. (You can’t tell me she didn’t have a minecraft phase)

-They’re the three badasses of camp half blood and WILL fuck your shit up.

-Younger campers will go to Piper, Annabeth, or Percy with questions. They’d ask about fighting, fitting in at camp, sexuality, gender, anything. Piper, Annabeth, and Percy were happy to give advice.

-Anytime two or three of them are talking, the Aphrodite cabin will find them. (Well, mostly anytime)

-Percy takes Annabeth and Piper on trips through the ocean in a bubble. The ocean is a surprisingly good date space. (PERCY ANNABETH AND PIPER HOLDING HANDS IN A BUBBLE IN THE OCEAN WATCHING THE PRETTY SEA AAAAH)

-I like to hc that after the war, Piper realized being girly isn’t bad and actually really likes makeup. One time she wanted to give Percy and Annabeth makeovers. Annabeth refused, but Percy was happy to have Piper do his makeup. He ended up looking glorious. Annabeth finally gave in and that was the day the power couple slayed even more than usual. (They slayed without makeup too 😘)

Piper and Percy could listen to Annabeth ramble on about the book she was reading or plans for a building for hours. They found it enticing, even though they didn’t really understand what she was talking about most of the time.

-Imagine them waking up in the morning. A tired pile of arms and legs. Annabeth’s messy hair tied into a bun, groggy eyes, and an oversized shirt, Piper’s messy hair and raspy morning voice, also wearing an oversized shirt, Percy’s morning voice, scruffy hair, and yawning. You’re welcome.

-When they don’t wake up together, the person to get up first usually goes downstairs and cooks. The second person to wake up sneaks into the kitchen, places their hands on the first person’s hips and resttheir head on the first person’s shoulder. The second person asks what person 1 is cooking and hugs them for a bit. Person 2 eventually sets up the table. The third person awake comes down just in time for breakfast and makes a happy remark about how they didn’t have to do any morning work. They then kiss the two others on the cheek. Just imagine this with every scenario possible w/ Pipercabeth. Once again, you’re welcome.

-Everyone knows they like each other before they themselves know. (Wanted to say first that in this Jasiper broke up I guess.) Percabeth was already real but they were really both confused so they decided to take a break for a bit while still being best friends. After this, campers started to notice things. There were secret shipping wars between the Percabeth side, the Pipabeth side, the Pipercy side, and the Pipercabeth side. Of course, Percy, Annabeth, and Piper had no idea what was going on.

-After they were official, the Pipercabeth side won a lot of bets.

Just, Piper, Annabeth, and Percy in a cute relationship I love it

-This has officially ruined me, thank you anon


(at JUNGLE base)

Iwa: What’s wrong with Fushimi?

Sukuna: Alphabetically or in order of annoyance?

Fushimi: Are you even old enough to know how to alphabetize?

Sukuna: I know that F comes before T you Fucking Traitor!