woo kris!


*week before*

*night before*

*pulling an all nighter*

*morning of*

*sitting at desk*

*looking at paper*

*half-way warning*

*five minute warning*

*realizing you misread the question with one minute left*

*turning in exam*


*logging in to check grade*

*seeing grade*


anonymous asked:

Asian FCs with 300+ gifs? Preferably not singers or models- I can't really use those gifs for the group I want to join. (:

All of these FCs are actors with at least 300 gifs in their tag. Quite a few of them are singers or models in addition to acting, but are still actors, so you’ll have usable gifs:



EXO Reaction to YOU Trying on Their Clothes {Requested}

“Is it possible to ask for a exo gif reaction when they see you trying on their clothes and doing an impersonation of them i do a kick ass yifan impersonation”

Here you go anon! :)

Xiumin: “She’s wearing my pajama bottoms…Should I be Minseok or Xiudaddy? Minseok would tell her she was cute and give her a playful hug. Xiudaddy wouldn’t speak and just get straight to business…I’ve gotta make a move soon….XIUDADDY IT IS!”

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Luhan: “Oh don’t mind me, just sipping my juice and watching an Angel step out of the shower and put my robe on. Don’t feel like you have to rush. The view is fine by me. No i’m not making seductive sounds at you this juice is just so sweet and tasty…”

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Kris: “You’re wearing my caps? Woo! Okay calm down Kris be cool, be cool. Do you know what this means babe!! We’re like real couple goals right now! I gotta tell the guys! Wait that would be lame..I’ll be back gonna call my mom!”

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Suho: “Okay babygirl this is a nice surprise. No don’t get embarrassed you look great! I could get use to you wearing my special baking apron. I always loved your “cakes” anyway.”

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Lay: “No i’m perfectly okay with you wearing my blazer umm I’m just sweating because it’s…HOT! Yes hot! NO don’t adjust it! Augh! This is too hard. I need to take a cold shower real quick brb.”

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Baekhyun:“The only place you’re going in my T-shirt is into my arms….even though I’m smiling i’m so serious right now. Come let me feel just how soft that cotton is.”

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Chen: “Ahh sorry sorry! I didn’t mean to interrupt you! Is that my hoodie? Ohmygosh you look so good right now! That’s all you’re wearing?! *squeals* …No I have no problem with it at all!”

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Chanyeol: “So you think it’s okay to slip on my “History flashy baggy pants” and just walk around the house? Well I want those pants back annnd everything that’s currently in them.”

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D.O.: “Why do you make this so hard Jagi? I was just coming in to pick up my lunch I forgot and I have to see you here lying in the bed with only my robe on! How am i suppose to go back and rehease when images of you will be im my mind all day!”

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Tao: “Uh uh don’t try and hide girl! Come out and give me a twirl! That shirt is from the Dolce & Gabbana 1995 collection, I don’t care if that’s all you’re wearing. I’m the only one looking anyway.”

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Kai: “Oh Jagi you look so cute in my jacket, I think it should be yours now. I could watch you wear it all day.”

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Sehun: “Oh sorry um I wasn’t expecting to see you in my T-shirt….no don’t take it off. *blushes* It looks good on you.”

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Exo Reaction To You Being A Better Gamer Than Him

Baekhyun: He wouldn’t want to admit the fact because of his boyish genes. So when he sees you easily passing a level/mission he spent all night to complete, he would be like “Nu-uh, I’m just gonna sip my tea, I did not just witness that.”

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Chanyeol: Similar scenario to Baekhyun, he would be rather shocked. You would be killing all the enemies easily and stuff, and he would watch from afar, being like “Wha– how– even– what did you just do jagi?”

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Chen: Damn son. He would make it a huge competition. We all know this fucker would do. You two would be playing some game and obviously you would be winning, so he when was out of lives, he would try his hardest to distract you by acting overly dramatic or maybe by seducing you.

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D.O:  He would be dumbfolded. But he would accept the fact easily and it would make him happy to play games with you. His favorite moments would be when  you sit between his legs and put your hands over his and direct his fingers squishsoo yes.

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Kai: He wouldn’t mind it that much but would be embarrassed when you catch him googling stuff like “Assassins Creed how to call horse”. And one day you would come home to find him struggling to get two Sims to have children and you would help him to get his Sims woo-hooed and he would turn to you like “Soooo… you wanna woo-hoo a little?”

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Kris: We all know Yifan is a playful little puppy. He wouldn’t mind you winning against him at all but when it’s his favorite game or some game that he says he is good at, he would make it a competition too. He would go like “Okay baobei its going down for real, and so will be your panties when I beat your character.” because well smooth Fanfan is smooth. But yeah let’s all agree he will lose lol.

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Lay: He would go easier than the other guys and would enjoy watching you playing and would get excited. When he misses you playing due to his schedule or has opinions about the game, or shortly when you two want to talk about the game, he takes you on a cute date and tells you his crazy theories about the story plot. And sometimes he just sits next to you and goes like “JAGI ON THE LEFT. YEP THAT’S THE ONE!”

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Luhan: He wouldn’t make it a competition. But he would enjoy playing games with you in general. Sometimes you would be watching him or maybe vice versa. Some games where there are some sexual scenes he would go cheeky on you but wouldn’t stop playing, so when the sexual tension just builds up, you both explode when the game ends so let’s say you two stay up all night and toTALLY FORGET THAT YOU HAD A FLIGHT AT 6 IN THE MORNING. So when he wakes up he just judges his life choices and says “You just have to be so irresistible right?”

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Sehun: He wouldn’t let you play with him so often because how much of a brat he can be but he would be a cocky bastard because he saw you playing some game he would challenge you to a PvP (player versus player/multiplayer) game, such as CS:GO, he wouldn’t expect you deSTROYING his character so he would be like “okay what the straight up fuck?”.

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Suho: He wouldn’t mind you being more successful than him at all. He would actually spoil you with new games and watch you play them, the console being exchanged between him and you mostly. And when you’re playing a scary game like Outlast or Until Dawn ahem my favorites ahem during a scarecam when you hide in his chest, he would enlighten and be like “Oh so that works!” 

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Tao: Oh my god he is such a young blood so he would be competitive at some points, but supportive at some points as well. He is a smol, unstable son. But one day, literally out of the blue, he would hack into your computer and he would start playing Sims, just to see that you named two characters after yourself and him. BUT he would nearly have a breakdown just because the game you have going with good-looking houses and happy people everywhere is way more better than his AND the character you named after him is nothing like Tao himself. So he would start being like what you created, not in a bad way though, just some new hobbies.

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Xiumin: Well when it comes to this sunshine, he is probably the maturest out of all. He wouldn’t mind watching you, listening you talking about the game, rubbing your back when you’re being sad over not being able to save a character, talking about an upcoming game, taking you to gamecons or whatsoever, overall, seeing you so into a game will make him wonder how he got so lucky.

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PROOF kevin (UKISS) and kris  (EXO) are the same person

  • kris went by the name Kevin when he lived in canada
  • kevin Woo . kris Wu yi fan 
  • both had blonde hair before
  • need i say more?