woo ji hae

Web Drama First Kiss for The SeventhTime

Lee Cho Hee as Choi Ji Woo
Lee Jong Suk as a top star
Ji Chang Wook as a sexy secret agent
Lee Jun Ki as a chaebol and church oppa
Park Hae Jin as a romantic coworker
EXO Kai as the adorable younger male friend
Taecyeon as a naive rich kid.
Lee Min Ho
Choi Ji Woo


7 first kisses teaser 

This is going to kill me. 

7 First Kisses WebDrama

7 First Kisses (ENG) Ep.1 Choi Ji Woo “Her Present”

7 First Kisses (ENG) Ep.2 Lee Joon Gi “First Kiss?”

7 First Kisses (ENG) Ep.3 Park Hae Jin “Dangerous Boss”

7 First Kisses (ENG) Ep.4 Ji Chang Wook “Till the End of the World”

7 First Kisses (ENG) Ep.5 EXO KAI “I’m your teacher. You’re my student”

7 First Kisses (ENG) Ep.6 Ok Taecyeon “Too much to handle”

7 First Kisses (ENG) Ep.7 Lee Jong Suk “How to fall in love with a celebrity”

7 First Kisses (ENG) CHOI JI WOO Ending

7 First Kisses (ENG) LEE JONG SUK Ending

7 First Kisses (ENG) LEE JOON GI Ending

7 First Kisses (ENG) OK TAECYEON Ending

7 First Kisses (ENG) EXO KAI Ending

7 First Kisses (ENG) JI CHANG WOOK Ending

7 First Kisses (ENG) PARK HAE JIN Ending

7 First Kisses (ENG) #8 Lee Min Ho “Last gift”

Right. Sun-won was raised in hiding by a noble born music prodigy and I'm supposed to believe his a mere peasant...

And he coincidently grew up along side the son of a disgraced noble man who happens to have a connection to the Queen?

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things we learned from today’s episode: 

-the official ending of WookSoo 

-queen yoo needs to die and burn in hell (i am so dead serious. she really needs to go) 

-court lady oh is an amazing person and she is WAY too good for the king 

-turning point of wook’s character. He is fucking dangerous and will definitely get worse 

-won is still a traitorous bitch 

-being the king sucks

-being an unknown lover of the king sucks 

-baek ah and jung are fucking real friends 

-SoSoo all day 


When Jung discovered that Baek ah sent a flute performer to spy on him

Jung: Would you please stop sending the performer to the troops as a spy? What’s with a spy that plays flute?

Baek ah: I can’t deal with you. You must have suffered a lot and became paranoid.

(After Jung leaves..)

Baek ah: That guy.. But.. How did he know? He sure is quick.

Woo Hee: He may be a great general, but he has a cute side to him.

Baek ah: Right? He is cute, isn’t he?

Hae soo: Did you really send someone?

Baek ah: I was curious if he was doing well..