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monday, january 11 // 10:55

got up super early this morning!! and didn’t hit snooze or go back to bed or anything!! went grocery shopping, showered, got dressed, the whole thing. but i’ve definitely wasted the past hour and a half online, lol – this productivity thing is very hard!! now i’m enjoying second breakfast and trying to sort out my head. i’ve started doing some freelance graphic design work, but i’m having trouble figuring out rates. input would be greatly appreciated. 

i’m finally into my final semester of college; now is as good a time as any to level up! i feel like i’m on those final quests you do right before a big boss fight. LET’S GO WOO

// Donna Noble Appreciation Week

(Slightly Belated) Day 4: The DoctorDonna

“I was going to be with you. Forever.”

Book Horoscopes

Unfortunately I don’t have, and haven’t had, access to my master list of horoscope titles I’ve created, so I don’t know if I’ve already done something like this, and I am too lazy to look through my archives. Anyway, I have been a little MIA because I’ve been spending a lot of time focusing on other writing projects and taking breaks to play Panda Pop and Cookie Jam (I used to have major Snood and Candy Crush addictions, and these are like that but exponentially more). BUT because of my writing project (okay, yeah, singular, not plural), I thought of these horoscopes! WOO!! INSPIRAZIONE!

Aries – Biography. Real stories are better than fiction. You live your life by this, not that you don’t love some good fiction. You, however, don’t have time to put it in writing. Someone else will need to do that for you.

Taurus – Romance Novel. Swooooooon. You like to entice and strike a chord in people that make them want to go masturbate and long for something unattainable because unrequited love makes the best stories.

Gemini – Graphic Novel. Yay pictures! Communicating a story is more than just using words. A picture is worth a thousand of them, so let’s be efficient and use those. Stories are more easily understandable with pictures, which is why these are the best.

Cancer – Cookbook. If you’ve been reading my blog and didn’t see this one coming, shame on you. Not only do you provide helpful recipes and food inspiration, you spruce up a kitchen just by being there and looking pretty. Who needs stories when there’s food?

Leo – Autobiography. You do it for the story. Which story? Yours. You may not have always known what you wanted to do or be, but you knew you would later write a bestselling book about it because your story is the best story.

Virgo – YA. Why ay? Young adult books. Stories that are about young adults and for young adults. But what is a young adult? These books can be loved by people of all ages, which makes them the best.

Libra – Short Stories. Why have a book about one story when you can have a whole collection of stories?! It’s not just about quantity. Truth can be said simply and succinctly, which is why short form is the best.

Scorpio – Poetry. You don’t like to be bogged down with explicit details. You prefer to hide the details in the beats and the music of the language. Each word matters. The length of the line matters. It all matters, and you know this.

Sagittarius – Fantasy. Who wants to go on a journey of tripping balls? Sometimes you read these books and think, “What was the author smoking?” Fantastic, right? Who needs reality when you can make believe? Make believing is the best.

Capricorn – Epic Novel. In a time when information is served in quick doses and on constant rotation, there is something to be said about the longevity of the epic novel. These are the books that will remain after the apocalypse. Because they are the best ones.

Aquarius – Science Fiction. Fiction one day may be reality the next. Science fiction asks, “What could be?” along with a plethora of other questions with imaginative but tangible answers. It takes what is and re-imagines it. Isn’t that the best?

Pisces – Children’s Books. This section of the bookstore has some of the most complex stories out there. Children can handle dark subjects and understand a lot more than most adults give them credit for. But children’s authors know better, which is why they are the best.

5 Years

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader featuring Woo Jiho (Zico)

Genre: You guys decide :) 

Description: They say time suppose to heal you. Keyword: suppose. 

A/N: My first ever publicized scenario about the ever-amazing Min Yoongi. Hope you guys enjoy! This is the first part, feedbacks are much appreciated! 

*** Oh my god you guys I just realized while answering my Physics exam that I used the wrong equation here!!! Its supposed to be net force equals mass times velocity squared over radius. I feel so bad :(( BUT OMG THANK YOU GUYS FOR READING THIS I LOVE YOU ALL. *** 

“Alright, so based on the given, what formula should we use, Jiho?” You asked, waiting patiently for your friend and latest tutee to tell you the answer to your question. You watched as he furrowed his thick eyebrows together and pursed his lips together, focusing on the problem written on his text book. 

Jiho looked at you and you beamed at him. “Based on the given, we’re going to use net force is equal to mass times velocity squared over radius but we’re asked to get the mass so we have to derive the formula in order to do so,” He answered, tapping his pencil on the textbook. 

“You’re getting there, Jiho, now how do we derive the formula to get the mass?” You pressed, pointing the formula written on his paper with the butt of your red pen. 

“Well, you cross multiply it, right? I remember Professor Nam doing this,” He said and you nodded. “Alright, let’s do this.” 

“Take your time.” You said and leaned against your chair as you waited for Jiho to finish the problem. 

You loved tutoring. It wasn’t your full-time job - just a part time but you would drop being a waitress to help people out with their academics. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t pay half of your bills so it stayed as a sideline. Even back in high school, you were already tutoring some of your classmates and sometimes lower and higher years. 

“Done.” Jiho’s voice cut you off your thoughts and you took his paper from his hand and looked over it. You nodded as you go over it and Jiho tapped his foot impatiently. “Well? Am I correct or not?” 

You placed the paper on the table and opened the cap of your red pen. Gliding the pen on the paper, Jiho grinned as he saw you giving it a check mark. “You catch up fast, Jiho, I don’t know why you still need me to tutor you when all you need is to pay attention to Professor Nam.” You said, sliding the paper to him. 

“If his subject wasn’t first period then I wouldn’t have any problems, Y/N. I just have some more important things to do rather than listening to him ramble about Newton’s laws and shit.” Jiho replied, leaning against his chair and crossing his arms over your chest. “How do you do it?” 

“How do I do what?” You asked, fixing your things. 

“I’ve never seen you bored out of your mind during class.” He stated. 

“That’s because I never am; I love school, thank you very much.” You told him, a grin spread across your face. 

“Do you have somewhere to be tonight?” Jiho suddenly asked, leaning forward. 

“Uh,” You shifted uncomfortably on your seat. “I was planning to start on that essay due next week.” You said. 

“Can I take you somewhere?” He asked, smiling. 

“Jiho, I just told you I was planning-,” 

“Exactly. You were just planning to. Come on, please? I promise it would be worth it. I’ve been wanting to show you it for a while now.” Jiho grabbed your hands into his big, calloused ones and it caught you off guard; your cheeks blushing red from the sudden skinship Jiho initiated. “Please, Y/N, have I ever asked you for anything?” 

“You asked me to tutor you.” You pointed out, still flushed. 

Jiho rolled his eyes. “Besides that, stupid.” 

“I’m not stupid!” You huffed, yanking your hands back from his grasp. 

“You’re missing the point; it’s not a date, okay? I just want to show you another side of me that you don’t know.” 

You sighed. “Alright. What time, what should I wear and where.” 

Jiho’s face lit up. “I’ll pick you up at 6 and wear whatever you feel comfortable in. But don’t wear anything short and sleeveless so no skirts, dresses - best if you wear jeans and where? It’s a surprise.” 

“This better be worth my time, Woo Jiho.” You said, crossing your arms over your chest, glaring at him playfully. 

“Have I ever let you down?” He asked. 

You opted to wear your pair of black skinny jeans, your pair of black Chucks, a simple graphic tee and a flannel over it. Jiho said wear whatever you felt comfortable in and this was your comfortability. You hadn’t done much with your face - just foundation, one coat of mascara and little blush to give color to your face. As for your hair, you let it down for the first time in what feels like forever. You wanted to curl it, even just the ends but once your finger accidentally touched the burning iron, you let your hair be. 

You put toothpaste on the small burn and moments later, you left your dorm, bidding goodbye to your roommate who was too high to hear your farewell, and rode the elevator down to the lobby of your dormitory. 

The owner of the dormitory had a strict ‘no boys policy’ even inside the dormitory. So you had texted Jiho to wait outside. He replied with an okay. 

The elevator doors opened and you stepped out, walking towards the reception desk to sign out. 

“Woah, Y/N? You’re going out?” Your dormitory’s receptionist, Shin-hye, asked in surprise. 

“Uh, a friend invited me somewhere; couldn’t refuse.” You explained and handed her the pen back. 

“Well, I hope you enjoy tonight. Here,” She grabbed something from one of the desks and asked you to lean in. You furrowed your brows in confusion but did as what you were told. “If you ever get locked out, use this. There’s a back door entrance and here’s the key. You didn’t have this from me, okay?” She grabbed your hand, placing the small silver key on your palm and causing you to hit your boob on the counter and you wince in pain.

There’s a knock from the glass door behind you and you turned on your heel and saw Jiho. “My, my, Woo Jiho. Is he the friend, Y/N?” Shin-hye asked, wiggling her eyebrows. 

Your cheeks flushed red in embarrassment. “I’ll see you later, Shin-hye. Thanks for the, um, yeah. Bye.” 

You hurriedly walked out of the building and towards Jiho who was now leaning against his motorcycle. He looked different tonight. He was usually confident about himself whenever he walked around the campus and when he was with friends but tonight, he seemed to level up. He was wearing a black ripped skinny jeans, an white v-neck shirt with holes on them and a simple black jacket. As usual, he was wearing a snapback and his favorite black combat boots. 

“Where are you taking me?” You asked as he handed you a helmet. 

“Trust me, alright? This will be the night that will change your life.” Jiho said, hopping on his bike. You stood there, unsure of what to do. “Either you jump in here with me or you chase me while we go to the surprise place.” 

You quickly hopped on his motorcycle, and Jiho waited as you wore his spare helmet. “Hold on tight, we’re running late already.” He said to you before revving the engine and you screamed as he sped off, causing you to tightly wrap your arms around his waist and pressing your body closely to his. 

“Fuck you, Woo Jiho!” You exclaimed, your heart beating rapidly. Jiho just laughed in response and you could tell - this was really gonna change your life. 

Jiho parked his motorcycle in front of a rundown yet lively club. You could already feel the bass and you were just outside the building. You climbed off Jiho’s bike and took off your helmet, Jiho grabbing it from your hand as you looked at the building in front of you. In neon lights, the word Mystix lit up the dark and eerie neighborhood you were in. 

You felt Jiho’s hand wrapping itself around yours and you looked at him. “It’s gonna be crowded when we enter so hold my hand, okay? Don’t let go.” He said and you nodded. You and Jiho walked together towards the entrance of the building. There were people lining up, showing what seemed like passes to the bouncer but it seemed that the bouncer knew Jiho because he let you two in without hesitation. 

The blaring sound of EDM music, shouts of people and the blinding lights that varies from the colors red, green, blue and pink caught you off guard. You squeezed Jiho’s hand and he pulled you closer to him, wrapping his arm around you. “Come on, stay with me, okay?” He shouted to your ear and you could just nod. 

You hadn’t been into a club before. And quite frankly, after tonight, you had no plans in going to another one ever again. It was claustrophobic and the smell of alcohol, cigarette and sex in the air was making you gag. Clubs weren’t just for you. 

Finally, the bass, screams and the smells evaporated into thin air when Jiho opened a door and you two entered it. 

“What the hell is this, Jiho?” You asked, breathing heavily. 

Jiho led you two towards another hallway. He stopped in front of a door where you heard swearing and laughter on the other side. He let go of your hand and placed his hands on your shoulders. 

“So, these guys, they’re like family to me, okay? But they’re not the usual guys you see around campus - they grew up differently than us but I promise you, they’re nice guys. I want you to meet them.” 

“Jiho, why are you doing this?” You asked, confused. “You’re saying it as if we’re together and you’re introducing me to them like, I don’t know, you want to marry me or something.” 

“Well, what if I want to? What if I want us to be together? What if I want to marry you?” He asked, looking into your eyes. 

“Jiho,” You said in a stern voice. 

"Look, do you trust me?” He asked. 

“I do, more than anyone else.” You replied without hesitation. 

“Then, let’s go. Meet my fam.” 

Jiho opened the door, holding your hand. The swearing stopped as well as the laughter. There were way too many people for you to count in a single room - some were in front of a Playstation, others were stationed beside a beer pong table, and there were some who were talking at the corners. All their attention was placed on the two of you but mostly you. 

“Everyone, I’d like you to meet-,” 

“You didn’t tell us you have a girlfriend, Zico.” A guy with deep dimples and messy gray (obviously dyed) hair walked towards you two, wrapping an arm around Jiho’s (whom he referred to as Zico) shoulder. 

“That’s hyung to you, Rap Mon,” Jiho snapped at the dimples guy. “And she’s not my girlfriend.” Jiho looked at you apologetically. 

“Is she your sister?” A guy in a Hawaiian shirt with a red cup in his hand asked. 

“No, you know, maybe if you guys actually let me say something, you would know who she is.” Jiho said in frustration. 

“Then, by all means, Woo.” 

That voice. 

That voice. 

You would recognize that voice everywhere. It had gotten much deeper but you couldn’t be wrong. You hoped you were - you hoped that you were just imagining things, you hoped that it wasn’t him but some random guy who just happened to have the same voice like him but when you turned around and your eyes landed on the same eyes you once loved and thought held the same emotion as yours did; you knew this was real life. 




EW: And also led nicely to the end - the kiss between Hook and Emma, which I may have rewound multiple times…Tell me just about that kiss as well, it was a great one.

EK: Well for us we just, you know, we thought this was the culmination of two years of his wooing, and…those two actors just went for it on the set. You know it was really like, we just wrote that and they just kind of, you know… I think that’s just two years of character buildup there.

— Adam H. and Edward K. on TV Editor’s Hour on EW Radio Sirius XM 105 [x].


EW: “And also led nicely to the end- the kiss between Hook and Emma, which I may have rewound multiple times…Tell me just about that kiss as well, it was a great one.”

Eddy: "Well for us we just, you know, we thought this was the culmination of two years of his wooing, and…those two actors just went for it on the set. You know it was really like-we just wrote that and they just kind of-you know..I think that’s just two years of character buildup there.


Hey fandom, we need to have a talk.

There’s a few things I’ve been noticing that’s been affecting the people in my squad and others and it’s getting to the point where people are getting really uncomfortable and downright insulted.

While a lot of us content creators love to share our creations and have people appreciate them, it’s important that people also respect the limitations we put on what happens with our content. This is because we ae sharing something with you that is a part of *ourselves*. That’s something very heavy, especially when people have put years worth of development into their creations.

So here I want to create some guidelines to help you and others who want to expand upon content created by muns and how best to interact with their muses/creations.

1. Ask questions.

Seriously ask us about our characters, ask us about our species, ask us about everything. We love questions! But for gods sakes, be respectful.

Asking things like if a character if they have sexually assaulted someone is really gross and awful and completely wrong. Especially since there’s a possibility of potentially triggering a mun by asking deeply horrifying questions like that.

Chances are if you have to ask something on Anon like that, you shouldn’t be asking in the first place.

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2. Better safe than sorry.

If you want to interact with a muse or a mun, just be polite about it, i.e don’t just throw yourselves at them like they’re a pop machine in Death Valley or randomly abuse them. While the characters might not be real the muns are, and unless you know them really well and know what their limits are then don’t treat them as if they’re your best friends right off the bat and start overfamiliarizing yourself to them and their OC.

Really don’t expect anything, a lot of us have had our trust destroyed and are right cagey about interacting or having our characters interact with others.

If you don’t know or understand something, then ask.

3. “I didn’t make him for YOU”

Ultimately the mun decides what the character will do or not do and how they will react. Don’t expect an OC to fulfill your fantasies, be your lover, or your best friend. Shipping is fun, but don’t assume that the mun is going to approve of a ship or that they will be limited to just one ship. And please don’t make characters to ship with someone else’s unless everyone has agreed to it.

4. Fan creations.

You like our characters enough to make art of them, that’s great! Just ask permission first and let us know what you have in mind so we don’t end up approving something that is totally out of character or something that would cause a lot of discomfort. THIS IS ESPECIALLY TRUE OF NSFW/GORE. ASK FIRST. Even if it’s just writing, ask first. Muns are putting a lot of trust in you to let you make fan designs so please don’t abuse the privilege.

5. “I want to make an OC based on X”

I’ve had people want to create banshees before, and I was so honored I didn’t think of how potentially it could go wrong, and it blew up in my face big time. I neglected to make some ground rules and the next thing I knew I was seeing comissioned art of a replica of MY OC all over my dash. It was like getting punched in the gut. I almost shelved my OC and the species entirely.

Please don’t expect your character to be canon and please don’t create an replica of the muns OC. Make them unique, otherwise you’re just basically shoving the original in a copy machine, slapping some color on it and passing it off as your own. No bueno. Ask the mun all about the species and what is allowed and what isn’t. Not hard.

ASK ASK ASK ASK. As long as you ask politely it’s not going to be annoying or irritating ever.

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6. No means no.

Consent isn’t just for sex, it’s something of utmost importance in every aspect of life. If a mun says you can’t do something, don’t. If you do then you have broken a sense of trust and it is very unlikely you will ever get on the mun’s good side again. And if you find yourself blocked, don’t try to go around it to talk to the mun. Just let it go man. You dun fucked up.

7. “When You’re Evil”

Someone having an evil character doesn’t mean that the mun themselves are evil or that you can treat the oc or mun like shit. There are a million different reasons for someone to have an evil OC, it may be for cathartic reasons, it may be for therapudic reasons, it may be to blow off stream, whatever. But some of the sweetest people I’ve met have had evil characters. Don’t be an asshole to the mun or muse automatically. Just as there are multiple reasons to have an evil OC, there are a multiple of versions of what evil is.

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“You should play your OC like X”/“Why won’t you let me do X with your OC I should be able to do what I WANT”/“My character is more powerful than yours so I automatically win everything”





9. Muns are not Pokemon

Don’t treat muns as a means to an end, meaning they are not bridges to popular people in a fandom or things you collect to win fame points. They’re people. Human beings. Use your fucking empathy.

10. Don’t steal art.

Just don’t, come on man. We work hard on that shit.


Okay, enjoy having a life devoid of art and beauty and everything will be painted dull lifeless colors and the only font type accepted will be Times New Roman size 14 black. Every single thing you use started off as a design in someone’s head. My dad is a graphic designer and boy let me tell you I don’t take product packaging, ad posters, website layouts, or even coffee cup labels for granted anymore. Someone worked hard on that only to be underpaid and told about how useless art degrees are. Show some fucking appreciation.


Hey y’all! I know what you’re thinking: what an incredible graphic I have made for this occasion. I am truly skilled. 

ANYWAYS, with the upcoming holiday season already up our asses (woo!!), I’ve decided to do something I haven’t done before!

I’m going to be sending holiday greeting cards to anyone who would like one! Fill out this form if you are comfortable with it, and I can send you a little personalized card with a handwritten message inside!

Everyone deserves something in this season, even if it’s small, and even if you don’t necessarily have a holiday to celebrate. It is a time to spread love and happiness in any form you can!

I’m looking forward to sending one to anyone who would like one! Happy holidays ♡♡