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Something in the way she moves
Attracts me like no other lover
Something in the way she woos me…

A/N: so this was based off a bunch of posts on peach of my friends’ commentary of this picture. i sort of fell in love with the idea of an art school fic but i had a terrible time deciding between all the boys so this may become a series? we’ll see, but for now i hope you guys like this one! and i’m sorry i’ve been so absent but i’ve literally been working on this day and night since i finished the drabbles. i’m gonna do a few requests after this so if you’ve been waiting, i’m sorry but they’re coming soon!! love you all <3

wc: ~7.5K

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Hyuk Woo (Boyfriend 😚) talking with Jay about the journey he plans to make with you: Hyuk Woo - I’ll take her with me ! Jay - Where ? Hyuk Woo - Bahamas ! 🌴🌞 Jay - Really ? Hyuk Woo - Yeah , i think she needs more time for her and me. Last night , she was so mad at me because, according to her, I do not spend much time with her ! Jay - She can understand you , you working everyday, lol ! Hyuk Woo - Of course , i tried to comfort her with the lyrics of Simon D hyung “₩on and only ” lol. You know when he said “ They say behind great man is a woman. I know this so stop nagging me when i’m at work. Work vs love ? If you keep asking , i’ll answer , i do this shit for woman…” She didn’t even let me finish ! Jay - Bro, you are crazy , What did she say ? Hyuk Woo - Nothing…She gave me a slap ! Jay - Your girlfriend is a savage…What did you do after that? Hyuk Woo - Nothing…She came to me and starts to cry ! Jay - When do you plan to go there ? Hyuk Woo - Two days left and we will go to the Bahamas ! *smile* Jay - Hmm…Can i come with you ? Hyuk Woo - No thank you !

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HELLO!🙋 im like in total slump right now and I'm exhausted and in need of a good kdrama to watch !! Do you have any good suggestions!!😭 (if you dont watch kdramas then ooopps ignore me lool😂)also I'd like to say I finished hwarang a few days ago and I died 😭 I GOT TOO INTO THE DRAMA AND THOUGHT TAE ACTUALLY DIED LMAO

awww love please get some rest!!! <3 and yes i love dramas!!! i am currently watching Strong Women Do Bong Soon (everyone one was freaking out how good it is so i decided to watch it, i’m only on ep1)

but ones i have finished and LOVED are

  • To the Beautiful You

  • Cheese in the trap
  • School 2015
  • Weight lifting fairy
  • It’s Okay, That’s Love
  • Moorim School

my favorite actor is Lee Hyun Woo and he is coming out with a new drama soon so I am really looking forward to that! :)


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Wow, I've been seeing your art a lot lately And I gotta say, I LOVE IT! It's so cute ^^ Are you taking any requests? :3

Hey thanks! I’m glad you’re enjoying the arts that I produce! Unfortunately, I can’t do requests at the moment. I have a big list of stuff I want to draw, as well as stuff I need to draw, i.e. story updates for my ask blog.
And I gotta balance that with other distractions too. Woo!

Maybe when the list becomes smaller I’ll be open for requests. But usually when I finish a drawing, another three ideas pop up in my head on my never-ending list! So we’ll see in a few months time!


woo ! There is a lot of person who are following my blog now, more than I could hope, Thank’s a lot, it’s very encouraging for me, and I love the new messagerie ! Come talk to me if you want, I like to talk with you ;) !! I didn’t have so much time to do big finished stuff, but I’m working a lot on my personal sketchbook, Maybe soon … Love on you !