woo exhibition



Hello, I am B1A4′s Gongchan. It’s 1am and late but you were surprised right? I notified you on Twitter. Firstly, there are people who will go to work tomorrow and students who will go to school. Thank you for watching me on V-App so late. 

Hmm, now it’s time for me to explain. Yesterday on the 23rd, after 12, my first exhibition reached its conclusion. Clap clap~ everyone clap! There are people who know and those who don’t, so I will explain. For my birthday, from August 14th to 23rd, we had a photography exhibition on the 1st floor of WM Entertainment. It was short, and there are fans outside the city, as well as international fans who wanted to but could not attend. So, through this behind-story on V-App, I wanted to greet you. Woo~ Through this exhibition, I wanted to share photos I took in my daily life with our fans. Muahaha. How is it everyone, do you like it? Wow~ Then, thank you for watching this late at night. Let’s start right now. Focus on the photos now, please.  

Tadah~ When you enter the front doors of the building, you’ll see the poster for the exhibition. The moon, and “Gong Chan Sik Exhibition”, and the dates. Kyah. Now, let’s begin~

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