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Head Over Shoes
Head Over Shoes

Hello again friends!! I’m back with another original song. This is just something I threw together really quick last night after getting inspired. It’s kind of lame, but I wanted to do this is for Em ( @narootos ) because she’s the squad queen and she loves YD. Also, this is her AU and I’m in love with it like I’m literally so invested in this plot line. 

That being said, this song is written in the plot line of our human Steven Universe AU from the perspective of Basimah (or Blue Diamond) about Yvonne (or Yellow Diamond.) BD x YD, friends. That’s what this song is. A ship song. A really adorable ship song. Anyway! Please enjoy and share and ship. That is all.

Album art by @narootos.  

EDIT: Lyrics under the cut!! 

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