woo I had fun with this


THERE’S A PIRATE-THEMED TAG-TEAM SHOOTING GAME IN THERE AND IT’S PROBABLY THE MOST FUN I’VE HAD IN AGES.  I wish I could remember what it was called–Taylor and I kicked ASS on it.

Hope we get to go back soon.  If any of y’all haven’t been to Dave & Buster’s before, I HIGHLY recommend it!

I was debating on whether or not I was going to talk about this, but I’ve been getting countless messages on my tumblr telling me, and some hate from people obviously coming from the website, etc. when I got the first message that I had been put on there, I sat there and thought about how I should react.

I don’t know remember the website name, I think it’s a Reddit page or something? That people just post pics of fat ppl and make fun of them. Well, looks like pics of my Idol Steven cosplay made it on there! Woo! I read through some of the comments, and aside from the constant misgendering, a lot of them were just attacking my appearance (like my mustache and the fact that I don’t do my eyebrows and well of course, me weight lol) and I actually started laughing? I know that I’m supposed to be upset, and while I’m upset that a website like this exists, I just don’t care that I made it on there. And I’m like sitting here thinking like if this had been any other time in my life, I probably would have let this get to me. I probably would have been really upset. Even when I was at my smallest, I was still unhappy with my appearance and probably would have been put on that website and wouldn’t know how to handle it.

But now so much has changed. I’ve learned about empowerment, and have learned to empower myself with the very many labels I use to identify myself with. Fat, mixed, transgender, nonbinary, mentally ill, queer, to name a few. And look back at all the years I used to cut myself cause I hated myself, my body, and all these labels that I would soon use to empower myself. There are times where I do hate myself, think I’m worthless, etc but it’s been a really really long time I have had those thoughts cause I hated how I look.

And I just. Guys, I’ve come so far. So so far. I once got a message on tumblr from a mutual, saying that I inspire them, cause they’re also fat, mixed, and nonbinary. And THATS what came to mind when I was told I made it onto the website. And I just. I realize, this is the kind of shit I wanna do in life. I want to empower people. Cause hell if I had people to look up to for empowerment.

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                        IRONIC ; how the two least cautious & secretive people managed to mingle behind masks &
                        backs. it wasn’t plannednot exactly, anyway. a few run-ins & frankly, bart hadn’t been WOOED.
                        ( not quite how dick had so often BRAGGED about being capable of ) teasing in all good fun played
                        out as better pick-ups line than ANY. a relationship was overwhelming - even for an allen with the
                        ability to manipulate YEARS & experience them all in SECONDS. let alone a relationship with
                        someone who’s rather NEUTRAL on the morality scale. dick responds & a shrug comes as he
                        apologises. ❛ if i wanted to LEAVE, i would’ve just zipped out the door. ❜ ( albeit, in embarrassment
                        he may have forgot that was possible ) frame is pushed back against cushioned mattress ; but
                        expression strains to remain at least a little UPSET.    – bart fails to keep it up. pout breaks into a
                        smile, rainbow eyes accompanying as a LAUGH is let out ; mostly out of something of sheepishness
                        from his boyfriend’s figure weighing down on him. ❛ & your bed’s comfortable. so if i end up on your
                        super COLD floor again - can it at least be part of your make-up plan ?

so i was watching some of albert brooks’ cameos on the simpsons over the years, and each one had me d y i n g because all i can picture is marlin tbh.

the jacques role killed me the most. picture this: marlin, dork that he is, trying to WOO coral in an embarrassing french accent. while bowling.

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My head is in a lot of places at once because of recent attacks in Germany so bear with me if I’m not super positive and brief in this post.

I’ve had a lot fun this weekend, on Friday and Saturday we had Pokemon Go centered outings but today was spent resting up since I got some pretty nasty blisters on my right foot. That’s what I get for walking for over 6 miles straight, haha.

I would say that I’m Team Cap with all the walking and self care resting I have done. Woo, Cap!

Question time!

Debriefing Question: (jul 22)
Speed and Wiccan are an incarnation of the Scarlet Witch and Vision’s twin boys. Speed ended up with similar powers to his uncle, Quicksilver. If I were Pietro, I would have a few things to teach young Speed about how to wield his powers and use them effectively. If you could have a chat with your teenage self, what would you want to teach them about patience, especially when it comes to health (Everyone’s on about a get-fit-quick scheme, but it doesn’t quite work like that)?

I would sit wee-er Tasha down and tell her that it is okay to suck and that she will suck because we are not gifted athletes with the ability to fall into a perfect wheel pose.
I would tell her that she will love all of the fitness endeavors she tries to do but it will only work out if she takes the time to suck at the thing until one day it clicks and everything just falls into place.
I’d say that it won’t happen in a month, six months or even a year, since this is a life long journey, but it is entirely worth it.

Debriefing Question: (jul 23)
As a teenager, your prefrontal cortex isn’t fully developed. This means you can make really stupid decisions and think they’re the best idea ever. The first lesson we learn from Patriot is ‘don’t do drugs, kid’. Anyway, Patriot risked his (human) life to shield Captain America from a barrage of bullets. While Cap was grateful for the save, he and Iron Man eventually forced the disbanding of the Young Avengers so that they could train the kids properly in the art of battle to prevent them from getting hurt while they’re out being stupid and saving the world.

Everyone has made some stupid mistakes as a teen. If you could go back and tell yourself ‘hey, idiot, don’t go and [_______]’, what would you warn yourself against? How could you redirect your headstrong self to do the right thing in that situation? Do you think you would listen to yourself?

I would tell myself to not eat gluten and dairy no matter how delicious it is. My only regret about my teenage years is not knowing about my allergies and devouring all of these foods that fucked with my system and probably fed into my terrible, terrible depressive/anxiety episodes.
Poor, wee-er Tasha for her lack of knowledge about her allergies.

Debriefing Question: (jul 24)
Coming to terms with his identity as a twin, his mutant genes, his sexuality, being an incarnation of Scarlet Witch’s children…it’s a lot to handle for a teenager. Billy figured out how to handle things, remembering the words his ‘mother’ told him: “You can take care of yourself”. And he has! He’s adjusted to his powers, found the Scarlet Witch to get answers about his past, got himself a loving boyfriend, and is coming to grips with having a twin brother.

If you could go back and tell your teenage self how to “take care of yourself”, what would that look like? What did you need most in those formative years? How are you able to take care of yourself now?

The three things I would teach my younger self is how to eat better, how to love myself right and how to move my body in a way that will lead me to being proud of myself.
I’d tell her about the power of eating the right food and avoiding the foods that only cause you long term pain despite the short term happiness.
How vegetables aren’t the worst and that there is such a thing as too much rice/meat. Also, EAT ALL SORTS OF PRETTY FRUITS. VARIETY IS KEY!
I’d show her how gorgeous her hair will be with more natural products, how there is no shame in spending money to find the best things for your body because it leads to having fun in taking care of yourself when everything you use feels right, and I would show her the natural beauty that she has always had but, since she’ll be stubborn about it, I’d shake her silly until she sees how happy I am now in the wonderful body that I own no matter how far from my ideal I may or may not be.
Lastly, I would encourage her to play more, run more, walk more and lift more! I’d tell her to never quit moving no matter how sad or miserable she feels and then introduce her to the power of yoga/meditation so that she could feel the awesome gift of breath that will only aid in any emergency situation that may come her way.
Ultimately, I want her to see the contentedness she will gain and push her towards the steps I took to get there a bit faster.

not-so-hakuna-matata  asked:

I was literally cackling out loud from your matchmaker fic it was so good :') And THAT ENDING HAAAH. Totally something Obi would do. Thank you for your wonderful stream of fics while we all wait for the next Seven Suitors chapter (and soon the new AnS chapter woo!!)

Man, writing that fic was hilariously fun, like if I wasn’t already working on Chapter 6 I would have made that 10K of meddlesome matchmaker Yuzuri and Obi being On Top Of That, and probably would have ended with both obiyuki and suzu/yuzuri. Maybe I’ll extend that fic someday into full length, WHO KNOWS.

When I was talking over the fic with ISM, the #1 thing we both agreed on was that it had to lead up to them getting locked in a room (c’mon. C’MON), but since you literally can’t lock Obi in a room, the story would have to be spent convincing him that being locked in a room with Shirayuki was an opportunity. But it also had to be like 90% told from Yuzuri’s point of view, because that’s just funnier. And thus this fic was born.

Writing all the prompts had been SUPER fun, I’m glad I did it, especially since Chapter 6 has been taking sort of forever to get a first draft of. I’m hoping to have that up next weekend (too much of life got in the way this week!)

Fun Times

So, it’s been a hell of a week and it’s only Wednesday. 

I’m just saying that university is back on (woo!) and has started with a kind of intensity I’ve never before encountered so I’m swamped.

I’ve had some family stuff to do deal with that has been draining. 

I had a mini crisis about Tesla’s health but he looks fine. A friend who used be a vet nurse came over and said that he looks like he’s going to make a full recovery and not relapse so thank the lord. 

I’m behind on basically everything and I’m not even out of the gate it seems like. 

I’ll probably even worse at keeping up on tumblr that usual for a while. But I want to say that the messages of support I’ve received this week have made me feel really loved. 

Anyway. That’s me. 

“I Quit Shorts”

Yesterday found Lovey and I at Costco. Now, before you think, ‘What a mean thing for a nanny to make her charge go on a Costco run,’ let me explain that it was not a shopping trip. I just had to make a quick stop at the optical department to drop off my glasses.

There was no wait, it went really smoothly, and I didn’t have to pay for the repairs! Woo hoo! I practically skipped away from the counter, clicking my heels.

“Let’s go look around - just for fun!” I said to Lovey.

She was game, so off we went.

“Do you think these jeans are cute?” I asked, holding up a pair.

She thought they were cute. She also liked the little girls dresses and thought that I should look into getting myself a vest.

Then I picked up a pair of pants and said, “These look cute. Oh, no. Nevermind. They are shorts.  I don’t wear shorts.”

Lovey said, “I don’t wear shorts either. I quit shorts.”

It is true that she has not wanted to wear shorts every time I have tried to put them on her this summer. I just hadn’t realized that she “quit” them entirely.

I love the way she phrased that - “I quit shorts.”

She is done with them. As am I.

Lovey and I wear what makes us comfortable. If that means “quitting” shorts, then so be it.

BTS Question Tag

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I’m not much of a bts fan so sorry if my answers are stupid >.<

1. Who was your bias when you first started stanning BTS?

2. Who is your current bias?
I still like Jhope

3. What is your favorite Bangtan Bomb?
idk what a Bangtan Bomb is, sorry >.<

4. What is your favorite BTS song?
I need you

5. Which member is your bias wrecker?

6. Which member appears in your dreams the most?
I’ve never really dreamed about them, but i’ll say Jhope

7. What is your favorite BTS MV?

8. What is your favorite BTS choreography?
uhhh idk

9. Which BTS choreography do you dance to most often?
bapsae is a bop

10. How long have you been an ARMY?
I wouldn’t consider myself an army but i’ve known about them for a while

11. Which album tracklist is your favorite?

12. Which album art is your favorite?
Idk (sorry)

13. Which member would you choose to be your husband?
um jhope, bc he’s silly

I’ll tag @tallyiaboo @jengajin @peachyyjimin