August 25th - Passing through Pleck, I noted the ‘legal name fraud’ posters are appearing again.

To me, it’s inconceivable that someone could have the wealth to pay for these, yet the stupidity and lack of insight to believe the moronic, pseudo-legal claptrap they espouse.

If you’re puzzled, read this article, and note that it’s all related to the Freemen of the Land muppets… 

Beware: googling any of this opens a whole world of rambling rubbish.


Christmas in the South is Like… ☃

How to Get Along With Your Slytherin Friend

From a Ravenclaw’s Experience

• they aren’t big talkers normally, but if they are then they talk your head off no in-between

• don’t let them plot world domination even if you want it too it’s just a bad idea

• have the second best parties behind Gryffindors

• they like practical things, so rethink the rainbow quill you were gonna get them for Christmas

• stay away from them until they get coffee TRUST me

• they’re FANTASTIC study partners and will never judge you for anything you may do to stay awake including sticking your head in a bucket of ice water

• SUPER competitive, will not hesitate to cheat or trick you into losing unless they just really like you

• they tend to have existential crises and think of the most random things to talk about but it’s alright because we like riddles

• if you can make them smile it’s the most brilliant thing to look at I promise

• Ravenclaws and Slytherins are dangerous together and are a force that no one can reckon with so stay woke bros


AHHH Happy holidays @ycmcguchi​, from your secret santa for the Haikyuu!! Christmas Exchange! 

I went with your 1st prompt about 3rd year Yamaguchi. It was super!!! fun!! getting to draw Sweet Baby Yams gettin’ dog-piled by other senior crows~ and getting to mess with their hairstyles and things. heheh