Analysis: Killing Stalking chapter 37

First of all, sorry if I make any mistake typing this but I need to be quick and English isn’t my first language.

I re-read all KS chapters yesterday, so I could refresh my memory a little bit and maybe think about the plot more easily. And with this chapter I’ve gotten some conclusions.

Since the end of season 1, we have seen how Sangwoo has been getting more and more attached to Bum.

He prepared the murder for him, so they could be “together forever”, as he said when he though Bum scaped. 

Some shit happened, but we started seeing Woo making more plans with him (taking him to the shopping centre) until the suicide attempt happened.

We all realized how Sangwoo went fucking crazy when he though Bum was going to die. I think thats an important part that shows us how fond Woo is of Bummi now. Even tho, as always, he lost his fucking self control and tried to drown him. 

We should remember this event is probably no more than a week ago from the current chapter.

After all, Sangwoo started controlling Bum, taking him to work just in case he would try to kill himself again. He doesn’t want to lose him, although i can’t say that he “loves” him. Probably its just that he can’t love him because he doesn’t feel things as a normal person would, so love isn’t applicable for him neither Bum.

Then the police stuff happened, and Sagwoo got fucking mad again, raping Bum. He lost his self-control again. (Its funny how Bum always starts a new season with his fucking ass broken, lmao)

But, I think I can say that since chapter 36 we have gotten some character development. Yeah, I do think that Woo is trying to avoid getting caught again without knowing anything about Bummi, but I do also think that theres some genuine stuff on his behavior.

At this point I think Sangwoo is aware that Bum is someone important to him, and that he does really mean something. And in this pannel, we can actually see how he even doubts about YoonBum adoring him even when all this shit has happened. He may be scared of him leaving after all.

Probably the theme park adventure it’s just all about people seeing them together, that’s why he says Bum is so easygoing, but I do think he also realizes how Bum is still very “pure” and “weak” even tho he has tried to make him stronger with his advices. He needs to protect him, because YoonBum even dissociated in the haunted house.

Woo is more aware of his behavior as chapters go by, and thats why he has realized that he will keep losing self control over and over again.

He has finally found someone who will accept him after all, but he can’t change, he’s afraid of becoming like his father. 

He has already lived on a situation like that, an maybe he doesn’t want it to happen again. Maybe he doesn’t want to be the bad boy in their story.

He can’t protect him. His laugh doesn’t even look like his normal one on this panel.

When he’s about to drop the picture, he seems ready to let Bum go, but as he sees him he realizes he isn’t able to feel that calm as when he’s with him.

I could be adventurous and say that the thing Bum feels on the park isn’t rain, but Woo’s tear, but maybe its just rain. With the big fall probably Koogi want to represent how things are about to go down, and I thing its very curious how Woo tried to let Bum go when they started to fall. The calm before the storm, they say. 

In the last panel, Sangwoo looks comforted by Bummi’s words, so he doesn’t let him go. Maybe this is the time to finally learn about his past. Maybe this is the time to struggle, but not in the way we’re all used to.

Yes, I think Seungbae is going to get things more difficult for them, but this could be the perfect momento for Koogi to turn the tables and obligate Bum to be stronger, and Woo to show his weak points. Maybe this is the perfect time for deeper character development.

Bum being the big spoon may confirm that he’s gonna have to take the lead. Koogi bases a big part of the plot in symbolism, after all.

Hope you enjoyed my gay ass talk for a while, and see you next week. Feel free to add your own theory down there.


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