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Wonwoo| Without realizing, a smile had made it's way to the girls face, finding the scene before her a bit cute. "Then, do you want me to lead the acting?" Ahri asked, moving to also eat the same thing he was, hand covering her mouth as she chewed in to the donut. She waited until she had swallowed the food to speak again, this time, her voice was not so soft as the first time. "You're... older than me or younger? I'm 24." -Ahri

Wonwoo only momentarily acknowledged the other as they stood up beside him, too indulged in the food before him to really think anything of it, taking another one of the powdered donuts and popping it into his mouth, being much less graceful than she as he pushed the donut to the pocket of his cheek, another donut in his hand as she posed a new question, his eyes wandering away from the abundance of snacks before them to the girl beside him, a smile on his face as he simple bowed his head,  “Younger, Im only 21.” He explained using honorifics while addressing the older girl,  “Youll have to take care of my during filming then, Noona.”

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