32. Tales from the Pack: Wonwoo -- Protector (Part 7: About Time)

Characters: Wonwoo x reader (featuring seventeen and ocs)

Genre/warnings: werewolf au, fantasy, kinda fluff, smut, slight angst at the end

Word count: 3,081

Summary: Now that his sister is finally coming back home, Wonwoo can’t sit still until she arrives. Therefore, you find a way for him to get all of his energy out while also finally doing something that’s been long overdue.

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⇴ the stars above

pairing: jeon wonwoo x reader, appearances from 96 line

genre: formal/prom fluff, some feelings ensue, bullet point scenario, high school!au

synopsis: in which one of your best friends find a way for your night to get better.

author’s note: this is half based on real life and half on my imagination ayiee. some oc’s for the sake of this trash

Originally posted by bokdeongeori

  • december, a hectic month and summer for the students at your senior high school
  • assessments and exams are finished, the long-awaited formal is two days after grad
  • everywhere you go on campus, you would hear the talks of students about the formal
  • it’s the same with you and other members of the formal committee as y’all worked really hard on making that night unforgettable
  • “you’re smiling a lot today, something happened?”
  • you roll your eyes playfully, looking at wonwoo and nudging him as you slip your arm through his
  • “everything is coming together Won, the formal is going to be great, i know it”
  • wonwoo is like 1/3 closest friends u have and bc you were weak for his charm, you fell for him, LITERALLY
  • your dear friend aether knew about ur impending crush on him so she ends up laughing when u bump into him bc u were looking at ur phone
  • i mean,,, he caught u that time but you weren’t sure of that now
  • “honestly, you and others must’ve worked hard. i’m looking forward to it”
  • he gives YOU that full-blown grin, feeling your heart soar at his kind words

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Early mornings - Wonwoo x reader x Mingyu

Warnings: sexual content, (this doesn’t need to be in here but just in case) poly relationship.

Type: requested

Originally posted by iwonyu

You had woke up to the shower running. You knew it was early, because the sun still had risen and shined through your curtains yet. If it was that early, it meant that it was Wonwoo. Wonwoo was use to waking up early. Something about it giving him the whole day to torture his victims. Feeling a coldness on your left side, where Wonwoo normally slept, you knew your suspicions were confirmed. You still felt the heat from your other boyfriend on your right side.

Carefully untangling yourself from Mingyu, you made your way to the bathroom. Silently getting undressed, you walked into the shower and wrapped your arms around Wonwoo.

“You okay Wonwoo?”

“Baby, you scared me. Yeah, I’m okay. I just couldn’t sleep. Why are you up?”

“I’m not sure, I just woke up, so I decided to shower with you.”

“Oh? Maybe we could have some time between the two of us? Mingyu got time alone with you last week and I got time with Mingyu every other day. Maybe we just need some time.”

“I think you’re right.”

Wonwoo turned around to face you. His hair was slicked back and dropping from the water it had just been under. Your hands ran along his defined chest as you leaned up to kiss Wonwoo. Wonwoo kisses back aggressively, pulling you closer to him. His hands went down to your ass, gripping your cheeks as your hands travelled dangerously low on his stomach. As your hands made contact with his length, Wonwoo growled, loving where this was going. You started pumping along his length in the constricted space. Wonwoo took the opportunity to slide his hands down and slip a finger between your folds. Both of your moans were caught by the others mouth. Wonwoo added another finger, moving his lips to slowly caress your neck. Hickeys bloomed like flowers in his wake. Your voice provided a sweet melody for Wonwoo as he tried to restrain himself from taking you right then and there. His restraint lacked though and as soon as his fingers left you, you were jumping onto Wonwoo and being pushed against cold tiles. The coldness was a surprise and you released a shriek as Wonwoo laughed. Both of you were giggling as Wonwoo lined himself up and pushed into you. He waited for you to adjust before you heard a yell from the other room.

“Can you guys keep it down? I’m trying to sleep!”

“Make us!”

Both you and Wonwoo hollered in unison. Teasing both of yours other third.

Wonwoo started thrusting after yelling, attacking your neck again. Wonwoo jumped a little when he felt hands caress him that were yours.

“You told me to make you, so here I am.”

Wonwoo already knew too well what the best position was here. Wonwoo let you down from the wall after pulling out. As Mingyu made his way to lean against the tiles, you got in position. You had your ass facing Wonwoo and you were leaning over, becoming eye level with Mingyu.

Wonwoo was the first to plunge inside you.

“That’s it baby girl, take me all the way in.”

Mingyu was next to thrust into you. His dick went all the way in on his first thrust, making you gag.

“Choking on my cock already? I guess you shut up faster than I thought.”

That comment from Mingyu pushed you to do a good job through the pleasure. You had Mingyu moaning in minutes as Wonwoo continued to pound into you. You felt Wonwoo lean over you, his lips most likely connecting with Mingyu’s. Mingyu’s and Wonwoo’s moans were caught in each other’s mouths as you were muffled by Mingyu’s dick.

Wonwoo was first to release, his thrust becoming sloppy and his length twitching inside of you. You felt the hot liquid filling you up, making you groan in pleasure. Your groan vibrates as Mingyu’s length hit the back of your throat. Mingyu started twitching inside your mouth. As his hands tangled in your wet hair, you let your jaw go slack. Mingyu started thrusting into your mouth at a higher speed, hitting the back of your throat each time. You felt your stomach tighten as Wonwoo kept thrusting into you, even after his orgasm. Mingyu coming in your mouth was the last straw. You felt the knot breaking as your vision became a little hazy. You were so zoned out by your orgasm, that you didn’t even swallow the cum. As Mingyu looked down at you, he saw you. Your mouth had drool and cum around it as the water caught it and washed it down your face. He knew how undeniably hot you were in that moment.

Wonwoo and Mingyu pulled out, helping clean you up.

“You know, I was meant to have a session with Y/N today.”

“Bad luck, you told me to make you and would you look at that, I did. You can have her tonight though. Just make it up to me later. Both of you. Love you.”