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For some reason, Siwon finds it very endearing when Qian calls him "Shiyuan".

“Shiyuan… Shiyuan! Are you even listening to me? SHIYUAN!”

“Huh?” Siwon snapped out of his trance and looked at the fuming woman before him and smiled.

“Wipe that silly smile on your face or do you want me to punch it off?” Victoria growled.

“Why so angsty?” Siwon approached the woman and embraced her. “Look, I really didn’t mean it. I already apologized and promised to never let it happen again. Can’t you forgive me?”

“Why should I forgive you? You were laughing at me while I was seriously lecturing you. How would I know you really meant your apology?”

“You were lecturing me about the importance of putting the toilet seat down after using the toilet. Do you really expect me to take it seriously?”

“Yes!” Victoria pushed away from him. I fell into the bowl… hard! I could have fractured ,my hips or something!“

“I know, that’s why I apologized.” he moved to embrace her once more. “Besides, I wasn’t smiling because I found your lecture funny or ridiculous.”

Victoria raised a brow. “Then why?”

“You called me Shiyuan.”

Confusion filled the woman’s face. “I always call you by your name. Ever since we began dating, I never called you oppa anymore.”

“You called me Shiyuan, not Siwon. I like it. Even if you were yelling, I still found it endearing.”

Victoria smiled and shook her head at the man’s randomness. “So you like it when I call you with your Chinese name? Should I use that instead of Siwon?”

Siwon nodded shyly. “That would be nice.”

“Call me Qian and you have yourself a deal.” She leaned up and a captured Siwon’s lips in a kiss, sealing their agreement.