Wonton Soup
  • Wonton Soup
  • Lil B "The BasedGod"
  • Blue Flame

TRAPAHOLICS OH MY GOD BASED GOD we have a classic on our hands.  Nothing sticks out on Blue Flame like WONTON SOUP.  this some real trap shit.  If you aren’t already listening to WONTON SOUP on repeat, you’re FAKE BASED.

  • “Bitches suck my dick because I cum like 36 ways”
  • “Young Based God dope my bitch like I’m cocaine / Bitches snort my ring that crackpipe like my chain”
  • “30 on my dick on the court like Spalding / Bitches suck my dick because I look like J.K. Rowling”
Jiu Li Qian Li Xiang, Shanghai

We were wandering around our neighborhood this weekend when the amazing smells wafting from the open window of this small restaurant stopped us in our tracks… 

We walked up to find the woman in the storefront kitchen ladeling soup into bowls of miniature dumplings. They looked as good as they smelled so we popped in for some ourselves…

The dumplings were delectable, the soup was savory and hit the spot, and the price was perfect… eighteen dumplings for $1.00!!

As with many chain restaurants around China, they use the phrase “Qian Li Xiang” in their name, which translates as “One Thousand Li Fragrance”, meaning that the smell of the food will make you walk one thousand li (Chinese miles) just to eat them. But all we had to do in this case was cross the street!


Xuanhua Lu, off Jiangsu Lu