Today you’re turning 25, ah~ you’re growing up so fast. It seems like yesterday that I watched No. Mercy and saw you for the first time. When I first watched No. Mercy I felt in love for you voice at first, I didn’t see anything else but your talent. Then on episode 9 you caught me: when you cried over your mom, you make me feel so sad and then I realized what my mom is going through for me and that I want to give her the best just like you did (and are doing) for your mom.
I read your plan for the new year, ah~ you want to do a lot of things… Can’t you rest a little bit?
I just can’t say what i like about you, your beautiful eyes, your bright smile, you long and soft hands, your loud laugh, your screams when you’re scared, how caring you’re with the others and how much love you need.
So, oppa, I want to thanks your mom for giving birth at you because you give me the strength when I feel down, you push me in the right direction when I’m confused,you fought your fears for us, you also give me a lot of love with your letters to monbebe that I really can’t stop loving you. Hoseok oppa, you’re my idol, my person, my inspiration and even if you keep tearing apart I will be there and put you together cause you did this to me first.
정말 감사해요 그리고 사랑해요.