These are hilarious for their time. And surprisingly violent!


“Strange things happen to people who don’t drink Wilkins.”

- Wilkins, spokes-Muppet of Wilkins Coffee

Welcome to House Doore: the newest (and drunkest) podcasters testing the ASoIaF RPG waters!

Meet the characters, as drawn by our amazingly talented Game Narrator wontkins​! From left to right:

grammarsaveslives as “Lady Splice”

chickren as “Chicky”

↳ ladyoftarth-posts as “Lot”

eonbluenegative as “Lady Rune”

yellowdelaney as “Maester YD”

(You can tell by these names we’re an imaginative bunch…)

To whet your appetite for our crazy, drunken role-playing antics, here is a preview clip from our first episode (full episode available to Patreon Patrons now!):

**Close the Door and Come Here - House Doore - Episode 01**