Okay this has been sitting in my drafts for long enough, and I’ve procrastinated doing this cause errrr I just didn’t know how to go around thanking everyone without sounding so ineloquent about it, but I shall try my best & I hope I didn’t leave anyone out kay? <3

I’ve been wanting to do this follow forever for awhile now because all of you have been so sweet & I just can’t thank y’all enough.
But I shall divide this into TWO parts.
Part I is dedicated to my followers who I’ve been fortunate enough to talk to personally as they’re just the sweetest and nicest people ever on tumblr.
Part II is a SUPER JUNIOR TUMBLR GUIDE for all you ELFs out there. What tumblrs to follow & take note of if you’re a fan, just like us.

And here’s PART II ~ SUPER JUNIOR TUMBLR GUIDE. Here are some of the best tumblrs for Super Junior content. If you’re looking out for SJ tumblrs to follow, this is a comprehensive list. Some of the finest & up to date tumblrs about everything SJ.

For General Super Junior Content 
| @shirade | @mysilentmemory | @duckflyfly | @plincess-cho | @15-stars@xxjustshakeitupxx | @stringduo | @elf-support | @suju-lvr | @heesexual | @flowercrownedninja | @hae-eeena | @17mingyus | @sapphireblueish | @sonelf-159 | @teukiesangel | @super-juni-oeo | @clownfishae | @danime25 | @prettyheechul | @superjunior13plus2 | @sapphireinsomnia | @doyoung | @walkinwithsj | @shyukerjunior | @supersujulover | @nilysam | @super-junior | @sjeverlasting | @donghaesfantasy | @chokyutehyun | @lovelovelylaurita | @superjuniorsdevil |  @siwook | @welovehaehyuk | @hyukwoon@eunhae-holic | @mysilver-sea | @hyukk-jae | @gaemerkyu-ssi | @autumnguykyu | @gaemq | @mrs-hae | @vitamin-elf | @hyukjhaes | @kyu-the-applause | @ohmymyeolchi | @15ahjussis | @gaemkyu | @chorgasm | @eunhaelfishy | @leeteuktohenrytoelf | @silver-eunhae | @haehyukjaes | @squishiekyu | @donghaeguns | @donghaeyah | @izubizutizu | @mightykyu | @yehae | @leedonghei | @stillhyuk | @craving-for-eunhae-kyuwook | @kyukylie | @neverendinglove4suju | @yesungismylife | @heenimcat | @superhaek | @bonamama | @sj15leeteuk | @prettyheechul | @kyuteminwook | @kyuhyu-k | @heechul-ssi | @onlyloveeunhae | @solvxjae |

For Super Junior K.R.Y 
| @k-r-y-love | @krybiased |

For Super Junior D&E 
| @cutie-hyukkie-pie | @ishipthatfishycouple | @eunhaelthy | @dalhaenim |  @skulltoki | @damnhaehyuk | @loveiseunhaehyuk

For Henry Lau
| @henry-lau

For Cho Kyuhyun
| @choxide | @kyuaddicted | @chokyuwa | @chokyuhyun2013 | @fy-kyuhyun | @atkyuhyun | @kyucito

For Kim Ryeowook
| @ryeomashita | @sneezes | @lixukuixianlover | @lilichan9 | @bibianwook | @ryeong0621 | @ryeowooklvoe | @sjwookie | @ryeowookaddiction | @ryeongs9 | @naega2106 | @ryeowookk | @lovingmyryeowook | @thepockystick | @rainingspellforlovesj

For Lee Donghae
| @haekey | @haeface | @loveleedonghae | @fyeahae |

For Zhou Mi
| @zhoumiblr | @jenks0619 | @sunny-days2 | @mimizhou |

For Choi Siwon
| @siwonstorm | @wonkyu47 | @uniquelysiwon

For Lee Hyukjae
| @eunhyuklover | @monkeilii

For Lee Sungmin
| @themintimes | @mingbiased | @sungmln |

For Shin Donghee
| @shindongogi |

For Kim Youngwoon
| @youngwoonie |

For Kim Jongwoon
| @y3sung | @fyeahyesunggifs | @yeseex |

For Han Geng
| @gengwuolai | @hanfuckinggeng | @beautifulhangeng |

For Kim Heechul
| @caseyshades | @heenim-star | @heecorner |

For Park Jungsoo
| @tokkiteuk | @-leeteuk | @forleeteuk

OTHERS (Pairs, Groups, etc.)
| @sunmings | @royalgengchul | @wonteuked | @kyusung0324 | @heemin-n |

These are but some of the tumblrs that are mostly dedicated to the group / members that I’ve listed. 
However, please note that….

  • Some blogs mentioned above are personal + multi-fandom blogs but most of the content are devoted to the classifications above 
  • For some members, there really aren’t that many active tumblrs dedicated to them :(((  
  • Also, I’ve not listed SJ-M blogs because all of them are inactive. 
  • I wasn’t able to find any tumblrs for Kim Kibum. 
  • I’ve not included any inactive blogs (I think) :\ sorry! 
  • This list would be periodically updated. 
  • Additionally, I am trying to follow more SJ blogs so I would love it if y’all would recommend any blogs <3

(OMG this has taken me forever and a day to complete though seriously and yes, there are slightly more Ryeowook-centric blogs that I listed errr cause he’s my bias so please try to understand hehehe) 

For all the tumblrs that I’ve listed above, I really, really hope y’all don’t mind me listing you guys in here kay? If the classification is wrong or you’d like me to take you off the list, please let me know and I will do so immediately hehehe <3 
Thank You for being such awesome blogs!!! ^_^

~ Aqidah (camaraderiegems) / INSTAGRAM

This is not a follow forever

Take it as a reference, a recommendation or an appreciation, all these people are lovely and have lovely blogs so go follow them!! <3

Super Junior/+multifandom:

@elf-sj-oppa @k-r-y-love @shirade @plincess-cho @potatochul @camaraderiegems @kyuline13 @hyukwoon @ourbridgeisforever @heecorner @izubizutizu @sneezes @its-y0u @sonelf-159 @yehae @haekass @queerchul @stillhyuk @peachyhae @duckflyfly @hanbean-kyus @su-ju @asoomatic @pnturtle @sunny-days2 @sujuandgirls @shine-on-dbsj
@chokyuwa @llx–xll @heesexual @taesunamo @leninism @kyuyouretasty @atgwanghwamun @thesuperjunior @bunnyeowook @symphonyofshisus @f-v-a-l-s-k5 @superjunior15only @cassismydivisionanddesign @woaimi @l-o-v-e-0419 @talkdirtyto-mi @hyukk-jae @kkoming @leetuk @super-love-for-sj @sungmln @15ahjussis @15-stars @themintimes @miminey @dontletdonghaedrive @noirkat @ohmymyeolchi @prettyheechul @sherpabunbun @mingbiased @zhoumiblr @kyuhyu-k @mimizhou @wonteuked @kyuteminwook


@fyjjong @blondonew @herewegobebe @itsonewday @tuuzmorado @leemotherfuckingjinki @incorrectshineequotes @jjongs-key @professorjjong @letstalkaboutjinki @sleepyheaded @amigonew @minho-is-brad @shineetho @flamingpuppy 


@dobangshimki @waejoong @boonies @bambayasu @squishyshinki @chibisuz @marcusandmax @hayacall @mirotics @gamjoong @nk-21 @easterlystars @itschangminnie @pornshinki @chichangyu @o-jung-ban-hap @joongies

Female idols:

@fy-girls @femaleidols @femaleidol @ibleedpastelpink @awesomegirlcrush @pinkflowerbud @yeowangs @kgirlsquad @girls1k @girl-group @wonderqurls @exidx @hyotmess @functiongirls- @queensunyoung @kidleadertaeng @fxyun @boshi-love @sooyoungstuff @msburgundy @mumoos @hwaseulgi @iulicious @redvlvets @hyelinies @ailee-is-queen @darksoshi @sooyouhg @sooyyoung @younas @sooyoungnet @wheeinsmilkcarton @wheeimple