ok but what if they made the seelie court kiss between two other characters so they don’t have that weird clace incest thing? like imagine simon eating the faerie food by mistake instead? i mean it makes sense, we’re talking about simon “clearly i have made some bad decisions” lewis here. then, when the seelie queen tells him that the kiss that will free him is the one he most desires,  clary is like “ugh okay lets get this over with” and the queen says “uhm no honey he doesnt want you.”(except in a more seelie queen-ish way) and the queen points to where jace is standing and jace just kinda gives simon the strangest look (hey, it’ll please the jimon shippers and just having them look at each other wouldn’t really get in the way of clace or sizzy) before moving out of the way because he’s blocking the view of izzy. like they can make this a cute sizzy moment instead with maybe a weird jimon eye sex bit before hand, instead of gross incest. also, it can start some drama with meliorn and simon if he’s still dating izzy when it comes time for this scene

Hannibal Episode 308: “The Great Red Dragon”


“Mr. Reitzell’s cacophonous musical creation, layered with dozens upon dozens of unique percussive sounds, coupled with Richard Armitage’s physically powerful depiction of Francis Dolarhyde, result in an arresting pre-credits scene that illustrates the making of a monster in way that words could never suffice.” (x)


“…please don’t think for a second that there’s nothing more to Hannibal than style, spectacle, and blood spatter. It always has been, and remains, a supremely well-acted show […] More impressive still is Richard Armitage’s instant-classic work as Francis Dolarhyde — aka the Tooth Fairy, aka the Great Red Dragon — whom he doesn’t so much play as inhabit.” (x)


“The role of The Red Dragon‘s primary antagonist, “The Tooth Fairy,” or Francis Dolarhyde, was previously played by masterclass actors. […] But if Armitage’s chilling but charismatic first appearance is any indication, then like the rest of Fuller’s brilliant series, Armitage plans to take The Tooth Fairy’s primary attributes from the book and spin them in a way that is unique to the series.” (x)


“what an entrance Francis Dolarhyde (Richard Armitage) makes! […] It’s only 10 minutes in, and he hasn’t spoken a word yet, but it’s hard not to be already loving this character and performance […] EVERYONE ELSE IS BORING!” (x)


“Witnessing [Armitage’s] transformation was nothing short of stunning and fans loved it. […] there is no doubt Fuller got his money’s worth when he signed on Richard Armitage.” (x)


“Armitage does not have a single line of dialogue in the entire episode, making our introduction to Francis Dolarhyde totally visceral. It’s a wholly physical and impressive performance, and a striking way to communicate his psychology to the audience.” (x)


“The opening five minutes of Hannibal‘s “The Great Red Dragon” featuring Richard Armitage’s introduction set the tone for the remaining stretch of the series. It was dark, twisted, and torturous, a new beginning, the becoming of the Dragon, […] This recap cannot do justice to the performance that Richard Armitage gave to the role of Francis Dolarhyde.” (x)


“Richard Armitage transformed into “The Great Red Dragon” in Saturday night’s episode of Hannibal, and it was visually stunning. What viewers saw on their television sets last night is unlike anything we have seen before and showed why Armitage is considered one of Britain’s jewels. The 43-year-old certainly lived up to the expectations and then some. […] What is even more outstanding about Richard Armitage’s transformation into “The Great Red Dragon” is that he did not utter one single word, and we could already feel the power of Dolarhyde’s complex persona.” (x)


“Richard Armitage made a memorable introduction in the opening as he prepared for his first set of kills. […] Armitage is sure to be a standout of the series once all is said and done.” (x)


“[…] to say [Richard Armitage] blew me away in the role is an understatement. He doesn’t even do much in this episode really. […] Even with all these seemingly unimportant things happening, it’s fascinating to watch. […] Armitage is great so far, a strong addition to the cast.” (x)


“We meet Dolarhyde in the first five minutes of the episode, and it was a fantastic five minutes. […] It was mesmerizing and disturbing all at once, and Armitage was positively captivating without saying a word […] One of the first scenes we saw was Dolarhyde working out in his attic. […] Dolarhyde is an attractive, physically appealing man. He is strong, ripped, and I swear they made him flex his right pectoralis major on purpose in one scene.” (x)


“Francis Dolarhyde, played with menace and fragility by Richard Armitage […] Richard Armitage working out in tiny shorts. I have nothing to add to that, really.” (x)


“In less than five minutes, veteran horror director Neil Marshall has established the character, tone, and motifs that will make up the next (and final) six episodes of Hannibal. It’s a spectacular bit of filmmaking, a dialogue-free introduction to a character before whom we will inevitably tremble.” (x)


“In just five minutes, Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller and his many collaborators, including this episode’s director, Neil Marshall, capture an element of Thomas Harris’s novel Red Dragon that has mostly eluded its two prior film adaptations: Francis’s pitifulness and operatic self-loathing.” (x)

Not long ago, my psychologist told me a story that I’m going to keep with me forever, and I wanted to share it with you.

She told me about this time when she and her 6 year old grandson went for a coffee with a same sex couple. The two men were always very sweet and kind, however they didn’t really show any signs of romantic affection between them. They could be two friends to the kid’s eyes. 
Once at home, the kid asked her grandma if they could have a baby, knowing that only girls could get pregnant, and got really upset because of it. He knew they were together and cried because they couldn’t have a baby of their own, and after my psychologist explained to him about adoption, he understood and was happy once again.

She said to me:
“Love is something you can feel, you don’t need eyes to see it ”

“malia isnt as smart as the rest of the pack!!!!”

  • helped derek figure out a way to find satomi’s pack (”instead of asking where werewolves hide, we should be asking-” “-where buddhists hide”)
  • helped figure out a dead pool code when even lydia was thinking it was impossible (”what if its like math?”)
  • was able to pass and get into senior year without prior years of education studying and sheer force of will
  • read and finished an entire book about the dread doctors looong before the others, even when they were (and still are) having difficulty getting through it

basically shut up about malia tate

if you like punk!cas and harry potter we are automatically bffs sorry I don’t make the rules :-)

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you drawing for all these people but who’s drawing for you???

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refs!! 1 & 2