some JJBA sketches i did today ;;; i feel really rusty haha

but im laughing at this tho: ‘Lazar, emerging from under the wagon with a smudge on his cheek pronounced it a broken axel. Damen, who was a prince of blood did not excel at wagon repairs, nodded knowledgably, and ordered his men to fix it.’ what a fake. he probably doesnt even know what an axel is

* I still giggle like an idiot over the joke that me and @neskybo made about our Sans’ making reverse fart noises as they teleport from place to place and normal farts when they pop out the other end.

* Also I have found my most favorite UF!Skelebro voices ever and I feel like sharing them with you.

*I have the strongest desire to draw the second one-

Mental illness, neurodivergence, and roleplaying.

It’s been brought to my attention that I accidentally deleted the original post on this subject, so I’m going to retype it. Because I’m tenacious like that.

First, a disclaimer: I do not use the term mentally ill and neurodivergent interchangeably. They are two different things and will hopefully be addressed correctly below. Our topic today is mental illness and neurodivergence and roleplaying in conjunction.

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