Me: The constant pressure cooker of capitalism restrains our lives, relationships, and interactions heavily and keeps us in constant servitude to the market. Under these inhumane conditions many people grow both physically and mentally ill who might, freed from the stresses of daily life and abuse we all endure, have better experiences and outcomes wrt mental health. Psychiatry seeks to bandage this but does not offer us a longterm solution to the liberation of people from the hands of doctors who have TOO much power over their patients. Psychiatry regularly abuses people.

Some blogger: UGH you don’t care about mentally ill people at all obviously.

while working on this i sort of noticed how much they reminded me of an all grown up menma and jintan from anohana when i finished coloring everything except for hinata’s hair xD (if you ever decide to check it out i advise you to BE CAREFUL because it will make you depressed for days…)


I was comparing both The Cost and All Hail and I think this scene was the most interesting to me.

Chief’s scenery is very dark and in this scene, his statue is quite banged up, especially towards the left back side of his head. Maybe its linked to losing Cortana, maybe its how he sees himself or how he feels now. Broken. 

While Locke’s scenery is bright and the statue seems somewhat intact. Keeping the image of the Master Chief intact as a hero to humanity is important to his mission according to the trailer. A squeaky clean image of a savior. 

What do you guys think?

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Some of my friends don't think Taron Egerton is hot, what do I do?

First: Just accept people will always have different tastes than you

Second: Laugh, coz they be blind as fucccck