wont tell

The thing that bugs me the most about this whole Miley and Nicki thing is that Miley thinks it’s about losing an award when it’s not that at all. And Miley is too closed minded to figure it out or even begin to figure it out bc she doesn’t really want to understand. She thinks she’s right and she wont anyone tell her otherwise.

i reallllllly love gerame beach dates tbh,,,,,,,
during the summer every couple of days there are firework shows on the beach at like 9pm or so and i bet my ass alfred would take ludwig to them– but lud wouldnt know about the fireworks part.
during the day theyd be at the beach and walk on the piers and watch the sea turtles and sharks and dolphins. (alfred would also probably take ludwig shopping and spoil his ass despite luds “protests.”)
then theyd lay on the beach at night and ludwig would start to get irritated because alfred wont tell him why theyre staying so late and there are so many people and the sands getting *everywhere* on him (if you catch my drift). but alfred being the little shit he is just smirks and shrugs.
when the fireworks start ludwig would be dumbfounded and alfred wouldnt even watch the fireworks tbh. instead hed just look at the amazed and happy expression on ludwigs face because damn. alfred does love that man and his smile


It is actually impossible to watch this without smiling….JUST.TRY. 

remus playing bongo au

im such a wolfstar trash i cant help it

  • so remus, being his classic stoner self, learns how to play bongo over summer and joins this band with indie vibes and he is actually pretty good but god help him if marauders find out
  • but then school starts and he obvs tells lily but she promises she wont tell anyone
  • but then the unexpected happends and lily starts dating james and remus can literally see his end bc he knows lily is gonna tell james
  • She does
  • And the next day remus is woken with marauders banging and smashing pans and pots they stole from the kitchen while screaming ‘MOONY IS SLEEPING WHILE IM PLAYING BONGO’ sheldon cooper style
  • And sirius just cant stop laughing like dear lord how did he end up falling in love with such a nerd???
  • Remus thinks they will eventually forget about it and james and peter do but sirius? Never!!! There isnt a day in which sirius doesnt make a terrible bongo pun
  • And one day remus had it enough and he just screams oH YEAH SO YOU THINK THIS IS STUPID for your information we are haVING A CONCERT NEXT WEEKEND AND JUST COME AND YOU WILL SEE HOW BLOODY GOOD I ACTUALLY AM
  • the whole common room goes quiet because remus finally exploded!! there were actually bets on how long will it take remus to lose it and smash sirius with bongo and 'OI EVANS U OWE ME 5 GALLEONS’ and 'remus whY COULDNT YOU KEEP CALM FOR ONE MORE WEEK???’
  • sirius is just baffled (and kinda turned on bc hell moony is swearing)
  • the next weekend finally comes and remus expected there to be people bc their band is kinda popular but he most certainly did not expect the whOLE FUCKING HOGWARTS TO BE IN THREE BROOMSTICKS????
  • and he swears he saw dumbledore with like flower crown waving at him and oh god is thAT PROFFESOR MCGONGALL FILMING HIM??? more importantly where did she get the camera and how is it even working?
  • he is very very nervous obviously and there’s so many people and he is going to embarass himself BUT THEN he sees sirius smirking and aw hell no remus is going to wipe that arrongant smirk off his face
  • Suddenly remus goes all confident, wearing henna tattos and tank top so you can see his scars and tattos, and the room quiets and reflectors turn and then remus blows sirius a kiss and then totally straight-faced starts playing bongo
  • meanwhile in audience sirius is completelly losing it because did moONY JUST BLOW ME A KISS AND WHY IS MOONY SO HOT AND WHY CANT I BREATH E
  • and everybody kinda expected the band to be, well, shitty but it turns out that the band is so damn good like these are the next weird sisters and everybody is drunk and it’s beautiful
  • you can see muggle borns teaching lucius malfoy how to moonwalk and slughorn and dumbledore are doing YMCA moves and mcgee is filming them and yep thar’s peter drinking (butter)beer pong and dorcas is totally making out with marlene and james and lily are practically devouring each other
  • but in the middle of the dance floor you can see unmoving Sirius Black gaping at remus like he is seeing him for the first time
  • too soon (around 3am) the concert is over and remus getting off the stage and there are people throwing themselves at him and hugging him and kissing him on the cheek and screaming in his ear about 'how gorgeous he looks’ or 'can i touch your bongo’ and he is so overwhelmed
  • sirius is watching mary macdonald almost snogging remus and she better take her dirty claws off his moony. He storms in crowd and he punches anybody who tries to get in his way (james is woken with black eye the next day) and he finally gets to remus and they are staring at each other and there is so much sexual tension
  • Sirius says something absolutely idiotic like 'how can you tell when a drummer’s at the door?’ 'how?’ 'he doesn’t know when to come in’ *colective groans from everybody*
  • remus is too happy to even correct him that no, he is not a drummer. but instead he licks his lips and blood drains from sirius’ face and suddenly BAM! they are snogging each other senseless
  • The room erupts in applause and cheering and mcgongall is screamin because 'mister longbottom get out of my WAY I GOTTA FILM THIS’ she is wolfstar trash #1 and peter yells fucking finally u too lovs birds got together
  • wolfstar is ruining my life

so i’m a writer and i like having face references for my characters as i write them, but i’m having a really hard time finding actors who inspire me and who are diverse.

so if it’s okay for me to use a picture of you as a reference for a character (or any other writer who might want to) post a selfie with the tag #CharactersAreAnyone