wont tell

The Devil

The Devil doesn’t come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. 
He comes as Everything you’ve ever wished for.

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im never gonna finish this rip but here’s an unfinished autistic!morty becoming nonverbal and signing

edit: i changed ‘speak’ bc someone pointed out it looked like ‘bitch’ lol thank u @middle1 !!

old fandom drama i remembered just now:

avengers fans taking “caw caw motherfuckers” and crediting themselves for it. there was immediate animosity bcuz homestuck fans can do a lot of things but one thing they wont do is not tell you something was from homestuck all along

The signs as “Date a boy who...” suggestions

-taken from the lovely @dateaboysuggestion !

Aries: date a boy who laughs at every one of your stupid jokes

Taurus: date a boy who likes looking at the stars

Gemini: date a boy with lots of freckles and beauty marks in unique places

Cancer: date a boy who loves his mom

Leo: Date a boy who fist bumps you after you bang him

Virgo: date a boy who can’t sing very well but will belt out all the lyrics to his favorite song in an instant

Libra: Date a boy who says ‘I want to kiss you, is that ok?’ and waits for you to give permission

Scorpio: date a boy who when he gets drunk wont stop telling you how much you mean to him and how much he loves you

Sagittarius: date a boy who’ll make you playlists of your favorite music

Capricorn: date a boy who loves history and will engage in a political debate at any moment.

Aquarius: Date a boy who ends every call with 'dont die’

Pisces: date a boy who wants to protect you

your fave is problematic: mbti


  • always flirting
  • is a giant nerd
  • takes too long to text back


  • too hot?
  • thinks they dance good
  • actually dances like a white dad


  • too nice
  • lives off cat videos
  • follows 74 food blogs


  • talks really fast
  • unfairly cute
  • cares too much


  • always beats you at tic tac toe
  • is a good boy
  • touches all the fruit at grocery stores


  • overly competitive 
  • nearly dead but not quite
  • road rage


  • uses pinterest
  • wears mismatched socks
  • is a dork


  • self labled hipster
  • fandom trash
  • self reblogs


  • a e s t h e t i c
  • sleeps for maybe 2 hours
  • still somehow survives


  • thinks he’s smooth
  • can sleep on planes
  • likes shiny things


  • freaking everywhere on tumblr
  • gives great advice
  • doesnt follow their own advice


  • <3
  • owns a unicorn but wont tell me where it is
  • drowning in tears


  • smol
  • questionable methods
  • is a weeb


  • has better hair than u
  • is trash
  • would do anything on a dare


  • absorbs ur life force
  • bites straws
  • suspected murderer


  • collects tears
  • seems responsible
  • is actually screaming inside

I need that moment when Jon meets Gendry, and his face lights up when he realises that this boy kept Arya Stark safe.

I need that moment when he realises Arya survived King’s Landing, and he desperately asks Gendry to describe her to him, his beloved baby sister.

I need Gendry to tell Jon that she hid herself as a boy, and see Jon smirk and look not surprised, affection across his face.

I need Gendry to tell Jon that she carried this thin sword, a child’s sword really, and that she was never parted from it - that she clung to it, always, as though her life depended on it.

I need Jon to hear this and whisper, “Needle,” in disbelief, as he realises that after all this time and all these years, strong, brave Arya Stark held onto the gift he gave her. She never forgot.

I need Gendry to look at Jon, this bastard born son who is a King, who is Arya Stark’s brother, and realise that when Arya said, “I can be your family” she meant it. I need Gendry to see Jon and see that being a bastard really truly means nothing to Arya.

I need Jon and Gendry to realise they are the two bastard boys beloved to their beloved Arya Stark.

And I need the two bastard boys beloved to Arya Stark to come back to her, together, and shower her in the love and warmth that she has lived without for so long.

How training prompto probably went down

Noctis: What are your strengths?
Prompto: I fall in love easily.
Noctis: Okay… and what are your weaknesses?
Prompto: Those beautiful eyes of yours.


Remember when I said I had a tattoo appointment for today? Well…Here it is!

I’ve been thinking about getting this for literally months and I finally decided to go through with it. I’m honestly so in love with it.

I’ve been watching Jack for years but in recent months, he’s helped me so damn much, both in terms getting me out of my creative rut and for making me happy when nothing else does. I could go into excessive detail but I’ll spare you the long read. All I’m going to say is that I’ve been so happy watching him and I can never thank him enough for all that he’s done. I met my best friend @megsiplier through the channel and tbh I don’t think I would have had the courage to talk to her if it wasn’t for him.

So…Thank you for everything Jack. :)


Edit: No, I’m not going to regret this. Yes, I thought about this beforehand.


“Isn’t this the same desk set…” “Yeah, yeah, they gave me the same thing as last year.” “Oh. Maybe they thought you needed another one.” “Maybe they weren’t thinking about anything at all. The funny thing about this is I didn’t even like it the first time.”