wont stop cant stop shipping this

  • me: *drawing a ship that isn't iwa//dai*
  • my brain: psst you should finish that iwa//dai nsfw
  • me: not now dude im trying to love my other ships rn
  • me: *continues drawing other ship*
  • me: hmm this doesn't look right...im kind of not really feeling it??
  • my brain: ooh you should totally draw some iwa//dai mafia au or actually anything iwa//dai would be good
  • me: but-
  • my brain: you should draw what you're in the mood for. it'll make you happy
  • me: ......alright
Ouran Au!

So my favorite anime in the entire history of anime is without a doubt Ouran High School Host Club. I’ve watched it about twenty times dub and sub and I’ve read the entire manga twice. I’m obsessed with it. So I was rewatching it again a few days ago when I realized that I could totally do an Ouran Au. And it’s hilarious because you can  imagine literally anyone as Haruhi but if you have-

Oikawa as Tamaki- the king who’s super pretty and charming and gets allll the girls

Suga as Kyouya- pretty boy who’s not so secretly evil and is totally in control of everything

Aone as Mori- who doesn’t say much but is secretly a big ol softie and loves everyone

Hinata as Hani- who is so fucking cute like what the fuck- and is always next to Aone who just carries him

Kuroo and Bokuto and Hikaru and Kaoru- swole mates who just troll the shit out of Oikawa and act hella gay for their guets

And like, no matter who you have as Haruhi it’s hilarious. Imagine Akaashi just totally done with all their shit. Yachi who is so flustered and confused at all times. Iwaizumi who kinda wants to punch Oikawa in the face kinda wants to kiss kiss fall in love. Kenma who is dragged in constantly by Kuroo and Bokuto and just wants to hide and die. You can literally put anyone as Haruhi and it will be glorious. The shipping possibilities are endless.

**EDIT** @ryroisnotonfire said Kenma is Nekozawa and I want it!!!! Imagine him being creepy in the shadows and Kuroo just like bribing him out with video games. Also thanks @sparklillian for those add ons they were beautiful!! 

**EDIT** Shimizu as Benibana from Lobelia. Imagine Yachi’s face when this hot lesbian just literally sweeps her off her feet.

thank you for one amazing year with askkaisoo!♡

i can’t believe we managed to reach this milestone together! this blog would have definitely not made it without everyone ; __ ; thank you so much for all the love and support you have shown for this blog, it fuels me with motivation to draw more for our ship!! i can’t believe it’s been more than a year since i tripped & fell into this hell *dies slowly* and i’m really sorry for the bouts of inactivity & lack of engagement with followers (i’m a pretty bad admin lol;;) but i will try my best to work harder in the future!! >< 

for the blog’s first anniversary, i’d love to hear from you guys on what made you ship kaisoo! please send in your asks and i’ll compile & publish them! it would be really lovely and interesting to hear from everyone ^__^

last but not least, i’m extremely grateful for all the asks and ideas you have sent in! it keeps the blog alive and overflowing with creativity. thank you!!! ♡♡♡