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pride & prejudice + mr darcy’s declarations of love

sometimes i think about how if the writers had given delphine an ounce of backstory they could’ve made the conflict so much more interesting.  if they had shown, not told or implied, that there was a figurative or literal gun to her head to become a monitor, to be cosima’s boss, to be the interim director, to do things for dyad that she didn’t want to do.  actually shown it.  the conflict would have been two women fighting for their own autonomy, the right to decide what they do with their bodies, who they do things for.  the conflict would have been two women finding someone who understood, who could help, who needed help, who was willing to help.  they would have found love and safety instead of more pain and fear.  who when they made one stride forward for one it was two backwards for the other.  the story would have been of two women fighting for each other instead of against.  it wouldn’t just be ‘what’s that crazy bitch delphine gonna do next’ because we would actually know her motivations.  we would know who she was outside of cosima and her own sexuality.  not only would she no longer be the untrustworthy or depraved bisexual but the conflict would have been deeper.  it would have brought up questions of who is right when neither party has a choice?  is there another choice?  whose priorities take precedence?  

it just would have been… more.

death has been… odd? i feel like im drowning in it no matter how i think or what im doing my head goes right back to her getting ran over by a car over and over and over and over and over and over and shes in a puddle of her own blood dead on the sidewalk while the media is taking pictures of her that she never agreed to be taken and her face is all over the news and every article has these disgusting 13 yr olds joking about it being the next gta and i cant breathe in it everyones talking about how the guys a terrorist and thats not relevant at all i dont care about him he killed her he killed her on purpose i dont care who he is i want him to die

someone murdered my best friend? what a thing to say out loud

a loved one getting run down in the middle of times square? what an abstract concept

in my mind theyre mistaking her with someone who looks just like her and shes actually ok but thats not true and i keep looking at pictures of her and ?????? i just dont understand

cnn took pictures of her mom crying over her sister and posted them all over the place and i cant stand it i cant stand it any mention of new york makes me want to claw my eyes out

i cant believe they posted video of him running everyone over i cany believe i watched him run her over what has to be probably 50 times now and i cant stop watching it and shes covered in blood and everyones taking pictures and videos but theyre all still alive why did only she die why did she die why did he only kill her

i dont know how to live in a world where both my mother and my best friend are dead and both of them dead so young without reason

ok no offense but Honeymoon Avenue will probably always be one of my fav Ariana tracks, right next to Tattooed Heart.

me: i really love berkuts character and design but my interest for him is quite average! i simply adore him but its not enough to make me Mcfreaking Lose™ it. if anything he gives me a big smile! :)

berkuts fucking existence in heroes:



The first bit of fanart I draw for @markiplier and it’s Dark - I mean, go figure, the guy really outdid himself this time. I haven’t stopped thinking about the ending since it got released. Dark has a backstory and I am absolutely floored by it.

Hats off to you, Mark - you’ve really inspired me recently. When you said “I want to make something I’m proud of” it hit me hard that my art and stories felt a bit lacking. Some day, I’m gonna make something spectacular. I can feel it.


i call this one: a moody and distant teen trying to decide whether it’s worth the emotional repercussions of buying and eating a 20 piece mcnugget alone

fixed the ask for u anon, since you made such a silly mistake 😘😘😘😘😘

I just had an idea

And I’m betting everyone has done it before but guess what, I’ll do it anyway :^}

I finished season 4 and immediately started sketching