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Since we’re all on the topic of mutual caring Ladynoir and Ladybug treating Chat Noir as her friend, let’s all appreciate the fact that every single time Chat Noir falls under an Akuma’s spell, Ladybug is always reluctant to fight him and only does so when it’s clear that he isn’t going to break away from the influence.

In spite of the fact that it happened before and how unlikely it’ll be for him to snap out of it, she still stops and tries to appeal to his better side.

Just in general, even though she knows she has to fight/hurt him, she clearly does not like it.

And she never blames him for it, never looked at it as something that discredited his competency as a hero, or mentions any of it afterwards (she told him at the end of Puppeteer, but only because Chat asked her).

And before anyone gets up in arms about her little rib there because I KNOW someone will, let me remind you that this was the same episode where Chat implied that Ladybug was ugly.

(look at that smug grin, he knows what he’s doing XD)

But we all know that he doesn’t actually mean that and that this and what Ladybug says to him above are all good-natured teasing two people who are friends do, and neither take the comments to heart.

So of course he smiles comforted that his Lady had everything under control and then quickly turns this into an opportunity to flirt with her.

And just. look at how he makes her laugh so happily!!

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Chat Noir may exasperate her a lot when he doesn’t take the situations seriously enough, and there may have been times where Ladybug was too curt with him, but she always apologizes to him for those moments and praises his feats. 

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Regardless of whether or not she reciprocates his romantic feelings for her she deeply trusts him and cares for him as a person and her partner, and that is very evident throughout the show!!

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Trying to draw as many chars as I can before my next con so they can be turned into stickers so here’s the dancestors. I’m juggling a lot of stuff rn and idk if I can do everyone but I’d at least like to have the kids done next

hi. i see you with your septiplier art. you’re talented, and it’s beautiful. and it is also romantic/sexual. they are either kissing or doing something explicit. and hey, that’s cool. you do you - it’s art and it’s good. it’s also fictional. so stop. fucking. tagging. mark. and. jack. in. pictures. that. show. them. in. these. non. platonic. positions.

It’s awkward. It makes people (jack and mark specifically) uncomfortable. Tag it as septiplier - people will find it. But stop tagging j*cksept*ceye and m*rkipl*er in these types of pictures. Like, please. I’m actually begging. This goes for fanfics too.

Also to the people who tag their girlfriends in these like what the actual FUCK is wrong with you like…. jesus.

me: i enjoy sherlolly, but i understand the odds of it canonically happening are not high and so will not become discouraged if i do not see it on screen. i will continue to enjoy fanworks and my own headcanons and continue to live my life peacefully

sherlock season 4 trailer: *airs* *molly cries* *sherlock says ‘i love you’*


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I swear to heaven I don’t know why I wanted to cosplay Krista lol why I wanted to cosplay in general  So how I added filters to make it look nicer. Actually looks ugly I swear. Still incomplete, tho :B

(warning: discourse)

Ya know…I never really see things like ‘queer is evil’ and ‘ace/aro people aren’t part of the lgbtqa+ community’ anywhere but on this godforsaken website.

Those are not controversial subjects, they never were. Queer has always been the word that the community has used, for over 100 years. Ace/Aro people have always been welcome since that orientation was given a name. These were never things we questioned. 

So why did a bunch of close-minded people on this website decide that they got the final say in how an entire world-wide community, that has been around for years longer than they have, gets to identify or who gets to be apart of it?

Like fuck get out of your bubble. This is the real world, and we are queer and we love ace/aro people and ya’ll gate-keepers and terfs and antis can fuck right the fuck off with your hateful nonsense. 

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