wont remember me

i spent half an hour making this why do you do this to yourself cam


thank u all so much for 400 !! (im at like 450 now lmao cam’s late as usual) i thought i’d be stuck at like,,, 50,,, forever !  

Here are some of my favorite pals that I’ve been lucky enough to get to know during my time on this hell site: (if i’ve forgotten you feel free to come to my house and punch me in the face three (3) times and message me so i can add you!!)

first, the phleurnet mcphleurries
i’ll always remember to stop watching phil ✋🏽 :’)

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thank you all so so much ily !!

the way you workin’ that motion, boy you got me in a trance


THIS guy,,,


brought to u by moi and mostly @dangoemojis
y’all thought it was gonna stop at lavi and lena?? foh

ok so we know he’s canon got that giant scar from CC and his curse duh, BUT
honestly. this boy should be way more marked w/the kinda shit he been thru

The burns are from when he dove into the fire to rescue lavi. only the bottom half of his face is burnt b/c he was wearing the mask, and his uniform was tattered on the left side of his chest from when he reached critical point. so. exposed flesh, burnt up all nice & crispy. his arm gets saved b/c of CC

TALKING ABOUT CC, you cannot tell me he didn’t get nasty bruises from where CC puppeteer’d him around. Hoshino says he didn’t have a belt around his neck, i say ok but what if. His arm didnt get wrapped up since it’s already covered w/CC, but boy his legs got McFucked up. they fade away before he gets the wound at paris though, since theyre just bruises. but i wanted to put them here anyway

and considering just HOW MANY TIMES this boy been shot, like he’s gotta have some star that just never faded 100%. They’re super faint, honestly fainter than this they’d be impossible to tell apart from his skin tone from a distance, but if u pay attention. theyre there. mostly around his chest since he tends to get shot there the most

I revived an old character to play in Stardew Valley, which of course I’ve been playing WAY too much.

So my farmer Sawyer and the demon void chicken, Muffin.


                          We can chase the dark together
                                         If you go then so will I…xxxx

am I the only one who thinks it’s weird to wish a one year old a happy birthday like why would he care, it’s not like he’s gonna remember it and I feel pretty fucking stupid because that child cannot even talk back

yo @coffeewithjoywave tagged me in this. so imma do it,, thanks matty!!!!


1. always post the rules

2. answer the questions given by the person who tagged you

3. write 11 questions of your own

4. tag 11 people (or however many you want)

1. do you like musicals? well some of my fave films are musicals but im usually not a fan

2. what is your favorite fruit? nectarines but mangoes have a special place in my heart !!!

3. beach or pool? beaches i think

4. favorite color? soft tans and oranges

5. if you met an alien what would your first question to it be? well i’d probably b really confused so i imagine it would be “what the fuck”

6. what’s your favorite meme? respecting women!!!

7. most read book? i don’t usually read books more than once? idk

8. do you wear socks in bed? depends!!

9. would you buy me a pizza? yeah if i wasn’t broke i’d totally but you a pizza

10. favorite flavor of candy? lemon

11. what’s the cutest pokemon in your opinion? this might sound stupid but ,,gastly

my 11 questions!!

1. someone you admire?

2. what time do you wake up?

3. do you have any pets?

4. zodiac sign?

5. biggest pet peeve?

6. what color is your toothbrush?

7. what’s your favorite season?

8. the stars or the moon?

9. most recent movie you saw?

10. if you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

11. favorite thing about yourself?

i’m tagging @oph4 @emolouie @aukaro-arts and @in-cold-bloodhangyouup !!!!

“Thank you to CARATs who have given us a happy week as a present” 

trans credit

MCU: Bucky and Steve are soulmates

MCU: …but in only a platonic brotherly way

MCU: Guess who’s gonna kiss in CACW

best-in-za-warudo  asked:

Ally-San! it's me again (you probably wont remember me, but i love you ;w;) anyway, i am here for two things. First, fat mira HOLY SHIT YOU ARE FUCKING FABULOUS, and second, im kinda confused with your FT childs, i mean, luna and storm like each other, but what about the rest? any posibilites that we can get a relationship chart? keep up the good work, we love you and remember, if you think you are having a bad time, come to Argentina and experience the real hell xD

Ahaha I remember you dearie! (Esp bc of your very impressionable icon, HAHA) Here is a chart I drew up! Nash doesn’t have anyone for the moment, OR DOES HE? C: 

An anon that told me how they shipped Nash with Reiki made me think a lot about it. <3