wont make me cry


if you have been brutally broken,
but still have the courage to be gentle to others
then you deserve a love
deeper than the ocean itself.

for @shiroganesm. i love you.

Fights w the Boys (headcanons)

Not to be like ~angsty~ but maybe headcanons for what fights with the individual Sincerely Three boys x reader are like pls?

dont worry abt being angsty lmao i live and breath for some angst 

under the cut bc its long

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yoonji going on the unit makes me so sad, its a show for ‘failed idols’ and she literally debuted this year, she hasnt even had a comeback yet!! i mean, she trained for so many years, and this is what she gets? not even a proper chance? its like wm gave up on her already i mean, they should of given her a comeback at least… im still gonna support her and everything im just super disappointed in wm 


Its hard for me to really cry over theatre but how raw “left behind” is and how it doesnt focus on deep and dark instrumental and how real it feels on how everything moves on and it wont wait and the guitar is so simple but it makes me cry and just so sad

SCREAMS this got long so im putting it under cut yehafhjsdgh

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i was looking for a song and actually found it and i was like “well it probably wont make me cry anymore haha”

and then i started having bad emotions bc fuck it actually was reminding me of some bad shit so i quickly looked for a way to avert that bc heck im already sick i dont wanna cry tonight

but now ive made a mistake bc im lowkey imagining like sephiroth singing it and that a lot better bc n ow its just fictional feelings im getting but i didnt ask for feelings at a l l 

So I decided it was finally time to make my first follow forever!!  ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ I hit 1k a couple of months ago so I thought it was about time to make one.
I’m just gonna go right ahead and add the urls. I want to thank everyone for following me and keeping up with my multifandom mess. ;u; Ily. ♥ (also sorry for this super lame edit I have no ps skills as you can tell)

p.s if we’re mutuals but you don’t see your url here please let me know! I’m very forgetful and have probably forgotten a lot of urls.  ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ so please don’t hesitate to let me know so I can add your url!

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athrach  asked:

👀 just drag my ass, you know what to do


has a cute dog but wont let him run free

everyday is Treat Yourself Day ACCEPT IT

will make you cry and laugh about it





will not let isabel live or kill things

too hot? hot damn. fight the police and fireman.

group Hot mom


stares at the sun

needs to pick a girlfriend

stop?? being?? so?? cute??