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appreciation post for the psych episode titles

psych is one of my favourite shows ever and, in my distinguished opinion, the second best crime show of all time

anyway im rewatching it and i’m only now noticing the episode titles and they’re killing me

here are some of my favourites:

and, of course, the ever elegant:

Friendly Reminder

that while you can make jokes about Feyre manipulating Lucien in ACOWAR by using his mating bond with Elain, that will not make him change. It will make him worse. His condition will get worse as the female he saw as a friend, manipulates him again and again. Just as Tamlin did to him.  

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since I'm just getting into them, I need some more convincing..... top 5 gayest pristin moments? -kiss scene anon

ksajdghlkjadsglk what can be more convincing than their existence itself LMAO JK i’m glad you’re trying to get into them, I’m actually very happy for you bc askdjlgakl only good things are on your way ;) instead of doing a top 5 I’m just going to list you some gay stuff they’ve done

But first some pics as a warm up ;)

More under the cut!!!!

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Post-split Panic! At The Disco + memories

Just my thoughts here after reading the two chaps...don't mind me

Man no matter what happens Please…. for the Love Of God Keep Jellal Safe At All Costs. I also hope Erza since she seems concerned when he told her “ill buy us some time” hopefully she tags along with him i don’t want them to be separated again I seriously don’t want anything to happen either way this is gonna hurt really fucking bad at this point we don’t need any of that heartbreaking angst. You can keep it. We just wanna see them together married and finally gain that happiness those two truly deserve because that’s all they need. I understand Jellal is doing his best and hardest to protect Erza and also helping them out since they are in trouble I appreciate it a lot but as soon as I read that I started to stress out…. my heart dropped like we got acno chasing their asses I wanna think positive and count on them but I have mixed emotions right now. Even all the things Erza has gone through, don’t make her suffer anymore, not even the Love Of Her Life.

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Do you truly and honestly wish death upon straight people? If that's so, I'm dissapointed. When gays will be mass murdered I wont help you

you’re right this ask truly convinced me that straights are good people, thank you

Confrontational/Angsty/Other Starter Pack
  • “I KNOW you took my last yogurt.”
  • “How could you do that to me?!”
  • “You killed them, didn’t you?..”
  • “I trusted you..”
  • “You threw it away! You threw it all away!”
  • “Don’t come to me when you need help, you wont find any here.”
  • “I told you to meet me at the OTHER place! Why did you end up here?!”
  • “Why do you keep taking directions from your phone?.. This is the THIRD TIME I’ve had to come get you.”
  • “Hit me again and we are THROUGH!”
  • “I told you i would fight you and now I’m here.”
  • “Please stop, please stop..”
  • “Scream at me all you want but you know what you did!”
  • “I came to get back what’s mine, now give it to me!”
  • “I told you we were done!”
  • “Give me one more chance, please!”
  • “I said keep your HANDS out of my FRIES!”

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Do you have any tips for new fic writers? I posted a fic and no one has really read it yet :(

Um, good question! I understand how that feels though, see: The Easy Winners lol. Overall I have been fairly successful across my different accounts though so I do have some tips & hopefully it helps. But I am blunt here, I’ve been writing fanfic for too long to pretend any of this isn’t true.

  • AO3 speaking, if this is your first fanfic in the fandom then it is going to push your fic back a few pages, and by that time no one will see it. You might just need to wait for the next update, unfortunately, to see whether there’ll be any success there.
  • The days matter. Pity on the writer who posts on Sunday nights when Of Bright Stars and Burning Hearts or any of the other popular fics update. Also, weekends get more posts than weekdays. When I posted Meet Me by the River on a Wednesday, it stayed on the front page for hours. You’re going to have to have some strategy here.
  • Hype it. I’m shameless, alright, I hype my fics. I give updates on my blog about my fic. When I post, I make a post for it on tumblr with a pretty banner and tag it from here to kingdom come, with #victuuriwriters as my first tag bc goodness knows it might help. I reblog it on a sideblog of mine that has almost 3k followers even though it’s unrelated content because it’s exposure, and if you have a somewhat successful blog too, why not? It helps. Hell, send it into victuurificrec, they take anonymous messages & you’ll be featured in that fic rec friday posting. You know how when writers publish a book they get a frickload of marketing? Book readings, signings, even commercials, the like? So reblog that link 100 times. Authors worked hard on their writing and so did you, you’re allowed to promote yourself. Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. Be proud.
  • Speaking of hyping, setting a schedule helps. It gives your readers something to look forward to definitively instead of failing to notice when you give an update.
  • Also along hyping, sometimes giving sneak previews help. Like, posting an excerpt before the actual chapter. If readers see good writing right then and there, they might be more interested in the rest.
  • There’s just some stuff that the fandom prefers over other things. YoI is a happy fandom, people like happy stories with happy endings for most of it within fanfic. You’re going to feel like you have to cater to your readers. In a sense, you do. It sucks, my god does it suck. Ivan da Maria took a hit because it has that nice “major character death” tag and no one wants that. No one wants to look beyond that, because there’s the assumption of no happy ending right off that bat. And damn is this fandom thirsty for happy endings. Sometimes you kinda just have to accept that the subject isn’t popular within fandom and consider maybe moving on. I wish I could tell you something optimistic here, but it’s best just to acknowledge now that maybe your obscure history or w/e au isn’t going to get much interest from the fandom. Try and gauge what it does want.
  • This has only happened to me in this one case, but piggybacking on something else works oddly well. Let’s be real, Meet Me by the River probably wouldn’t have gotten so much attention without my Russian crash course reeling me in attention beforehand. And then, I somehow got hyped by 2 well-known people in fandom. It’s really unfair and for me it was pretty much plain luck that everything aligned like this, but piggybacking on something (or someone) else works.
  • Try and get it beta’d, because if they’re good and honest, they’ll tell you beforehand whether a chapter is exciting or not. Also, I guess being beta’d is supposed to be the prestigious trend now.
  • The I Know When I Need to Save Myself  Tactic: or in standard English, if you put all your effort into some fic week after week and it has little popularity, that one motivator for fanfic (bc goodness knows we’re not paid for this or anything, hits/kudos is all we get), sometimes you need to put it down before it hurts you more. Sometimes, it’s just time to move on, if you find the kudos count more disheartening than your story can uplift you. You think I put that “if this gets good reception I’ll continue this story” note lightly in MMbtR? I still agonize over it because it can come off as manipulative. But as someone who’s been in the fanfic game for 6 years, I know to have some respect for myself, sometimes even over how much I love the story sadly enough, and I make that clear. Thank you for reading, but if my work matters to no one, I have more productive things to do with my time. It sounds bad directly, but for goodness sake save your mental health. Have a decent amount of respect for yourself and your work. I’m really not trying to be mean/negative, I want the best for you.

I’m sorry I can’t give you more, that there isn’t some easy to follow algorithm for this. Sometimes fic popularity is just dumb luck, I wish I was kidding. I’ll try and help you in any other way I can, new writers deserve a chance. I wish you more luck in your hits/kudos, Nonny, seriously. Don’t quit writing over this (goodness knows I’ve seen a lot of good writers quit because of this exact problem), but do remember:  fanfic < your mental health.

Skate park / ed

I was going to a party with my family. Something i was dreading since the minute they told me we had to go. I was some birthday arty for my moms friend and I haven’t met anyone that will be there. Now, i not a shy girl but i am at the same time.

We arrived at the house and my mom, my 6 year old brother and i walked into the back yard. It was filled with screaming kids. Perfect. My brother ran to the other kids as I sat down at a picnic table and my mom talked to her friend in the kitchen. I walked my brother and the other kids until i noticed two teenage boys among them. They were almost identical, and very attractive. i smiled to myself and tried not to stare.

“Hi, I’m Cameron.” I heard a girl say as she sat in front of me. I smiled up at her.

“I’m Y/N” I said.

“How old are you?” She asked.

“16, and you?” I asked, shaking her hand.

“19, haha. So which one is yours?” She asked pointing at the pile of kids.

“They little boy in the blue shirt is my baby brother. What about you?” I asked, looking at the kids. The twins looked me and then at each other and smiled.

“The only ones who don’t look 6. those are my brothers.” She said laughing. I saw them stand up and start to walk over here. I quickly looked away and hid my blushy cheeks.

“Y/N, this is Ethan and Grayson. Guys this is Y/N” Cameron said. They sat across from me. I smiled.

“What are you doing here by yourself?” Grayson asked.

“My moms in the house and my brothers over there.” I said laughing nervously.

“Ah, baby watch?” Ethan asked.

“Not really, I’m just really protective of him I guess.” i said.

We all got to talking and i started to grow a crush on Ethan. The way he smiled at me, the way his hair laid perfectly on his head and the way he concentrated on who ever was speaking. Everything about him made me smile.

About an hour later. I was walking in the back yard with the twins.

“There’ a skate park not too far from here, you want to go?” Ethan asked me.

“i’m not that good at skating, but why not.” I said.

“You guys have fun.” Grayson said winking at Ethan.

“You’re not coming?” i asked

“I have to help Cameron with something.” He said. I shrugged my shoulders and looked back at Ethan.

“Shall we?” He asked. I nodded.

We walked to the skate park and he started skating as i watched.

“You want to try?” He asked skating to me..

“i’d hurt myself.” I said.

“no you wont, I’ll help you.” He said. He grabbed my hands and let me stand on the board. He stood in front of me and walked me along while holding onto his hips. He tried to let go but i almost fell causing me to grab onto his shoulders. he laughed at me and held me up again.

“Maybe you were right, but we can work on it.” He said. I smiled at him. He helped me off the skateboard and smiled at me. He went to go skateboard again and show off his tricks. I shook my head smiling and sat on the edge of the ramp.

Soon, more people were up there and he skated to me. He sat next to me.

“How did i do?” He asked kind of out of breath. He sat next to me, our shoulders touching.

“Good, except for that jump you almost missed earlier.” I said laughing. He laughed as well and smiled at me.

“Maybe we could do this again. This was fun.” He said. I nodded.

“You can teach me how to actually stand up on one.” I said. He laughed.

“I’d like that.” He said.

We walked back and exchanged numbers before i left. I couldn’t stop smiling on the way home. My mom wouldn’t stop asking questions.

I got home and laid on my bed, when my phone buzzed.

I had a really fun day with you. Maybe we could do that again. Maybe as a date? -Ethan


You guys been waiting for a, salty update,

And the next part,

Hoooo boi, the next part- Uuhhhhh…

It’s gon’ be long. Extra lengthy. Scroll-worth toilet paper roll.

And i Can divide it in two uneven parts, this way you’ll have the first part like, i mean, tomorrow.

If i post it in one time, i don’t even know if Tumblr would allow me to post that many images in one go, and it miiiight clog up your dash a tiny bit. Also it won’t be ready to upload right away, it’ll take some more time for me to actually finish the whole thing.

On the other hand, if i post it in two parts, the first part is not gonna be special. No punch line, no suspense, nothing. Kinda Short. Super boring. And it might not deliver the story the way i wanted it to.

So what d’you guys prefer? One or two parts?   

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Would going on estrogen effect broad shoulders? I have really broad, fairly masculine shoulders and they make me really dysphoric.

Chrissi says:
Unfortunately not my sweetpea…

Oestrogen does not alter your skeletal structure, unless taken pre puberty, and even then, if you have broad shoulders then it wont help you. I’m sorry lovely, there's a lot oestrogen can do, but it can’t do that… :(
However, if they make you dysphoric, there are some things you can do to help with that.
Here’s a Chrissi special top tips list peeps! ;

1. Emphasise your waist while balancing out your figure.

Think peplum, it cinches your waist but the flaring on the bottom balances out your shoulders. Also, omgosh pretty.

2. Avoid tops with detailing at the shoulders, or balance them out with volume on your lower half.

If you have a beautiful top with detail on the shoulder, pair it with a flowy skirt that balances out your shoulders and lower body.

3. Embrace the skater skirt, she’s your friend.

Skater skirts flare out to balance your lower body with your upper body, so even with a detailed top, proportions are balanced.

4. Yay to scoop and v-necks.

Wearing lower cut tops keeps the attention away from your shoulders, leading the eye down instead of from left to right.

5. Avoid structured shoulders and pads.

Shopping for the perfect blazer or jacket? Try finding one without structure or padding, or remove the pads for a sleeker look. If your favourite blazer or jacket is padded but awesome, pair with a flowy skirt or patterned pants to balance your lower half out.

6. Sport a long necklace.

Like v-neck tees, long necklaces bring the eye naturally downward.

7. Pair a dark top with light bottoms, creating the illusion of a narrower upper-half.

This doesn’t have to mean sticking to black on top and white on bottom, as long as the top is darker than the bottoms, your figure will appear more balanced.

8. When choosing tank tops and halter necks, the thicker the strap, the better.

The more material between the neck and shoulder, the smaller your shoulders will seem.

9. Know the types of tops that will accentuate the broadness of your shoulders.

Strapless and off-the-shoulder tops lead the eye to the shoulders, sometimes making them seem even wider than they naturally are. Avoid the extra attention by pairing one of these tops with a bottom that adds volume, or go for a full-bodied dress. Because sexy sexy sexy.

10. Make sure the seam lines on your shirts and jackets actually fall on the edge of your shoulder.

The seam lines on your shirts and jackets are made to fall on the edge of your shoulder, so if they’re anywhere closer in toward your neck, it will make your shoulders appear further extended.

11. Go for a diagonal cut sleeve, rather than horizontal.

Horizontal sleeves will add weight to your shoulders, while a diagonally cut sleeve will soften the area.

12. Choose jackets and cardigans that elongate your figure.

Cropped jackets look boxy, which can make your upper body look wide and short, accentuating your shoulders.

13. Sign yourself up for a drawer full of dolman sleeves.

A dolman top’s sleeve has a dropped seam and usually a wide top and narrow wrist opening. Due to the natural slouchiness of this garment and the dropped seam line, shoulders appear slouched downward, not outward.

14. Puffy sleeves, though cute as hell, will definitely draw eyes to your shoulders.

The puffiness extends the shoulder line and adds bulk to the top, so balance the perfect puffy-sleeved top with a patterned pair of bottoms or perhaps a skirt of a lighter colour than the top.

15. Invest in a kimono top.

The extra material in a kimono sleeve flares out past your shoulders to minimize them.

16. Choose dresses and tops with an empire line.

Empire lines cinch under the bust line, thus drawing attention to the smaller part of your torso rather than your shoulders. Dresses that are full and flared will give additional volume to your lower half, drawing the eye downward.

17. When sporting a collar or lapel, go for something thin and narrow.

For shirts and jackets: go collarless whenever possible to minimize attention to that area.
For blazers: a narrow lapel will bring the attention down and in, whereas a wide lapel brings attention outward.

18. Trick an observer’s eye downward with detailed bottoms.

Embellished skirts or patterned pants paired with a plain top will bring the attention down low instead of up top. Ruffles, pleats, beading, lace, and patterns all fit the bill on this one.

19. If you’re going to wear skinny jeans, pair them with a plain top.

While glorious for boots weather, skinny jeans taper your lower body, making your top half look more voluminous. Pair with a v-neck tee or a top like the one above that draws attention downward and you’ll be good.

But honestly, do what works for you, girl.

Own it. Work it. Love it.

WIP (Work in Progress) - Great Fairy Fountain (slowwww)

I have the first half of the piece up to speed and good to go but I need to slow down when practicing these measures that I have difficulty with… Hopefully I’ll have the full song ready (and of course smoother / faster than this) in a few days…

Okay so this video isn’t all that great but if you’d like nice audio quality / download links for future videos, please consider donating towards the audio equipment fund!

mystrade in thirty different AU settings (x):

  •   [17/30] Superpowers AU

In the world where everyone has more or less useful superpower Mycroft’s ability to freeze is nothing special and the title of The Ice Man nothing more than a childish invective. The fact that he never witnessed Detective Inspector Lestrade use any powers is much more fascinating.

Especially when Mycroft realizes it has nothing to do with Gregory’s lack of ability and everything with his firm statement against using mind control.