wont forget these days

kinda sucks that u cant. unshare secrets there are people running around knowing shit about me n i can never ?? make them not know it Ew


take me back to this 😭♥

about paris, i don’t have words that could describe how chocked im, and just to imagine all that suffering… i’m really sorry for the families that have lost their loved ones. today is a day that we want to forget but it wont be possible at all

Hey guys!!! Well it has definitely been a while since I last uploaded but I’ve been working a lot in finding a new sound and I think I did it with this song and a few more I will upload in the upcoming month. During these 3 months away lots of things have happened, lots of things have come and then gone away because that’s what happens in anyone’s life. This song is about letting go but not everything, because with time I’ve learned that you can’t never forget someone completely, some things will always be with you till your life ends. And that’s totally okay. Keep the good things with you and let go the bad, and if you can’t that’s also okay but we gotta learn to live with it. Probably some day I will forget him… but I wont ever forget about those eyes. Enjoy!

When everything was bright
and the world wore a smile
you, decided to change my sight.
Grey started to appear
consuming me in deepest fears
and the darkness, was getting near.

Oh oh, oh oh
Was this your plan from the beginning?
Oh oh, oh oh
Having me here crawling, begging?

Now I’m just gonna let the time
Erase you from my mind
You know, I’ve lost the war against your pride
In the middle of the night
running crazy and wild
I, expect to crash
to forget about those eyes.

Like a black and white photograph-
In the past, out of line
Is the memory of you written in my heart.

I see you everywhere I go
I hear your words knocking at my door.

Now I’m just gonna let the time
Erase you from my mind
You know, I’ve lost the war against your pride
In the middle of the night
running crazy and wild
I, expect to crash
to forget about those eyes.

With lots of love and a little bit of fairy dust ;) ;) ;)
- Nacha

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I know you still love me,
And I hope you know that I still love you.
No matter where you go,
Who you’re with,
Or what you say about me
I know you still love me.
You’re not fooling anyone not even yourself,
What you’re thinking isn’t going to make it easier to get over me,
Lying to yourself and others around you wont help you forget the memories,
And all of those carless days giggling about nothing and everything under one of the same trees.
I figured out why you did what you did,
I’m not angry
I’m just worried about you.
Ill always be waiting for you,
But I don’t know how long ill be able to do it alone.
—  I’m getting better I am please come back im not the same man

This Tattoo you wrote, was for me and 2 people that have passed and you. I wont ever forget what u did that day for me. So i choose to write a positive date on the paper airplane. When I met you. Even though no one can read my tattoo , and people are mean about it , i don’t care. Its very special to me. I was even at the grammy museum when she passed away. So u’ve helped me alot that day. And now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, i hope you like this, Because it will be on me forever❤️ taylorswift

I have been really busy lately with tour , hubby and daughter and planning a bachelor party for Harry. I think I just easily summed up what I have been doing for the past week. Something pretty amazing happened when I walked into Amy´s room, she is four month old and can already sit herself up, she is very unsteady and has to have a something around her to not fall, but yes she sat up happily in her crib when I walked in, it stand in the book they should be between 4-9 month when they do learn to sit and she is so early and i´m so proud i´m running around bragging about it, now I think I bragged enough and when it comes to Harry´s bachelor party, this will be a day he wont forget!